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Wed 21 Jan 2009

In windows form, if you have richtextbox or multiline textbox then usually enter key use to enter a new line.

But if AcceptButton property of Form is set for some action/button press, then pressing enter key in richtextbox or multiline textbox doesn't enter a new line rather AcceptButton calls.

To supress this set the property AcceptsTab to true in richtexbox. In case of multiline textbox / control set AcceptsReturn and AcceptTab property to true.


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Wed 21 Jan 2009

Tonight in windows form, using C# language I required to use key combination like we use Ctrl+S to save form, CTRL+F to find etc.

In windows form, its quite easy. Just enable KeyPreview property to true. This property makes the form get the key events before the controls, so you can set the KeyPress event on the form.

Form1.KeyPreview = true;

After that, set the form event for the keypress/key down

this.KeyDown += new KeyEventHandler(this.Form1_KeyDown);

Now shortcut part comes here, follow like this

private void Form1_KeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)
 if (Control.ModifierKeys == Keys.Control && e.KeyCode == Keys.S)
 else if (Control.ModifierKeys == Keys.Control && e.KeyCode == Keys.F)

Hope it helps some one.


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Thu 1 Jan 2009

 Microsoft Application Architecture Guide 2.0‏.  Nice stuff for those who are interested in Application architecture at

Summary :


Part I, Fundamentals
Part II, Design
Part III, Layers
Part IV, Archetypes


*   Foreword by S. Somasegar

*   Foreword by Scott Guthrie


*   Introduction

*   Architecture and Design Solutions At a Glance

*   Fast Track

Part I, Fundamentals

*   Chapter 1 - Fundamentals of Application Architecture

*   Chapter 2 - .NET Platform Overview

*   Chapter 3 - Architecture and Design Guidelines

Part II, Design

*   Chapter 4 - Designing Your Architecture

*   Chapter 5 - Deployment Patterns

*   Chapter 6 - Architectural Styles

*   Chapter 7 - Quality Attributes

*   Chapter 8 - Communication Guidelines

Part III, Layers

*   Chapter 9 - Layers and Tiers

*   Chapter 10 - Presentation Layer Guidelines

*   Chapter 11 - Business Layer Guidelines

*   Chapter 12 - Data Access Layer Guidelines

*   Chapter 13 - Service Layer Guidelines

Part IV, Archetypes

*   Chapter 14 - Application Archetypes

*   Chapter 15 - Web Applications

*   Chapter 16 - Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

*   Chapter 17 - Rich Client Applications

*   Chapter 18 - Services

*   Chapter 19 - Mobile Applications

*   Chapter 20 - Office Business Applications (OBA)

*   Chapter 21 - SharePoint Line-Of-Business (LOB) Applications


*   Cheat Sheet - patterns & practices Pattern Catalog

*   Cheat Sheet - Presentation Technology Matrix

*   Cheat Sheet - Data Access Technology Matrix

*   Cheat Sheet - Workflow Technology Matrix

*   Cheat Sheet - Integration Technology Matrix

Errata Page

*   Errata Page


*   Core Dev Team: J.D. Meier , Alex Homer, David Hill, Jason Taylor , Prashant Bansode , Lonnie Wall, Rob Boucher Jr, Akshay Bogawat

*   Test Team - Rohit Sharma, Praveen Rangarajan, Kashinath TR, Vijaya Jankiraman

*   Edit Team - Dennis Rea.

*   External Contributors/Reviewers - Adwait Ullal; Andy Eunson; Brian Sletten; Christian Weyer; David Guimbellot; David Ing; David Weller; Derek Greer; Eduardo Jezierski; Evan Hoff; Gajapathi Kannan; Jeremy D. Miller; John Kordyback; Keith Pleas; Kent Corley; Mark Baker; Paul Ballard; Peter Oehlert; Norman Headlam; Ryan Plant; Sam Gentile; Sidney G Pinney; Ted Neward; Udi Dahan

*   Microsoft Contributors / Reviewers - Ade Miller; Amit Chopra; Anna Liu; Anoop Gupta; Bob Brumfield; Brad Abrams; Brian Cawelti; Bhushan Nene; Burley Kawasaki; Carl Perry; Chris Keyser; Chris Tavares; Clint Edmonson; Dan Reagan; David Hill; Denny Dayton; Diego Dagum; Dmitri Martynov; Dmitri Ossipov; Don Smith; Dragos Manolescu; Elisa Flasko; Eric Fleck; Erwin van der Valk; Faisal Mohamood; Francis Cheung; Gary Lewis; Glenn Block; Gregory Leake; Ian Ellison-Taylor; Ilia Fortunov; J.R. Arredondo; John deVadoss; Joseph Hofstader; Koby Avital; Loke Uei Tan; Luke Nyswonger; Manish Prabhu; Meghan Perez; Mehran Nikoo; Michael Puleio; Mike Francis; Mike Walker; Mubarak Elamin; Nick Malik; Nobuyuki Akama; Ofer Ashkenazi; Pablo Castro; Pat Helland; Phil Haack; Reed Robison; Rob Tiffany; Ryno Rijnsburger; Scott Hanselman; Seema Ramchandani; Serena Yeoh; Simon Calvert; Srinath Vasireddy; Tom Hollander; Wojtek Kozaczynski


To download go to following link.




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Thu 1 Jan 2009

Today I need to convert between string and hexadecimal in C#...

         public string StrToHex(string plainText)
            char[] charArray = plainText.ToCharArray();

            StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
            int num;
            string hex;
            for (int i = 0; i < charArray.Length; i++)

                if (i > 0)
                num = Convert.ToInt32(charArray[i]);

                hex = num.ToString("x");

             return sb.ToString();


         public string HexToStr(string hexaText)
           string[] strArray = hexaText.Split(new char[] { '-' });
            StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
            for (int i = 0; i < strArray.Length; ++i)
                sb.Append((char)Convert.ToInt32(strArray[i], 16));
            return sb.ToString();


Implementation as

string str = "TestString";
string hexStr = StrToHex(str);   // => 54-65-73-74-53-74-72-69-6e-67
str = HexToStr(hexStr); // => TestString



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Wed 31 Dec 2008

Sample Code Oracle stored procedure - In this simple implementation, call commit at the end of work done, and Rollback if any exception occur.








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Wed 31 Dec 2008

Today I need to implement transaction in .NET. Front end language was VB.NET and database was Oracle.

This transaction is being implemented using Oracle Data Access Provider - ODP.NET.

Simple implementation is that create and open a connection, begin transaction using that connection, create command using that connection, call stored procedures or statments using command(s), if every thing gone fine and success then call commit of that transaction else rollback, and in last close and dispose connection and transaction.

Be sure not to use commit, rollback or statement that causes transaction invalidate inside the procedure that is being called within .NET transaction, otherwise that .NET transaction scope will no longer valid as within that connection commit or rollback have been called.

Sample code that make my work done is :-


Private Sub Save()
Dim conn As New OracleConnection("ConnString")
Dim trans As OracleTransaction
Dim success as Boolean = False

 trans = conn.BeginTransaction
success =  saveThingOne(conn)
If success Then
success = saveThingTwo(conn)
End If

If success  Then
End If

Catch ex As Exception
End Try
End Sub

Private Sub saveThingOne(ByVal conn As OracleConnection) As Boolean
Dim success as Boolean = False
Using comm As New OracleCommand("Save_Thing_One_Stored_Procedure", conn)
   comm.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure
   comm.Parameters.Add("IN_ID", OracleType.Number).Value = intID
   comm.Parameters.Add("IN_THING_ONE", OracleType.VarChar, 60).Value = strThingONe
   comm.Parameters.Add("OUT_RESULT", OracleType.Number).Direction = ParameterDirection.Output
‘Here if that procedure successfully perform action then will return 0 in case of success and 1 in case of failure
success = Iif(comm.Parameters(“OUT_RESULT”).Value.ToString().equals(“0”), True, False)
Return success
End Using
End Sub

Private Sub saveThingTwo(ByVal conn As OracleConnection)
Dim success as Boolean = False
Using comm As New OracleCommand("Save_Thing_Two_Stored_Procedure", conn)
   comm.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure
   comm.Parameters.Add("IN_ID", OracleType.Number).Value = intID
   comm.Parameters.Add("IN_THING_TWO", OracleType.VarChar, 60).Value = strThingTwo
   comm.Parameters.Add("OUT_RESULT", OracleType.Number).Direction = ParameterDirection.Output
‘Here if that procedure successfully perform action then will return 0 in case of success and 1 in case of failure
success = Iif(comm.Parameters(“OUT_RESULT”).Value.ToString().equals(“0”), True, False)
Return success

End Using
End Sub



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Thu 25 Dec 2008
This is good for those who are interested in linux
GNU + Cygnus + Windows = Cygwin
Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows
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