US prescription market hamstrung for 9 days (so far) by ransomware attack
Patients having trouble getting lifesaving meds have the AlphV crime group to thank.
01-03-2024 21:59

Hugging Face, the GitHub of AI, hosted code that backdoored user devices
Malicious submissions have been a fact of life for code repositories. AI is no different.
01-03-2024 18:02

Advanced Cyber Defence Systems (ADCS) to Showcase Innovative Attack Surface Management Solution at Cloud & Cyber Security Expo
Continuing on from their popular webinar series, Advanced Cyber Defence Systems (ACDS) are taking their ‘Think Like a Hacker’ series to The Cloud & Cyber Expo. At the event, the team will be demoing their cutting-edge Attack Surface Manag
01-03-2024 13:49

Keeper Security Joins the AWS Partner Network
Providers of cloud-based zero-trust and zero-knowledge cybersecurity, Keeper Security have announced that it has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN). The APN is a global community of AWS Partners that leverage programmes, expertise
01-03-2024 10:37

HP wants you to pay up to $36/month to rent a printer that it monitors
"Never own a printer again."
29-02-2024 22:51

AI-generated articles prompt Wikipedia to downgrade CNET’s reliability rating
Futurism report highlights the reputational cost of publishing AI-generated content.
29-02-2024 22:00

HDMI Forum to AMD: No, you can’t make an open source HDMI 2.1 driver
Linux users can't hit the same resolutions and speeds as Windows—or DisplayPort.
29-02-2024 19:03

Self-pay gas station pumps break across NZ as software can’t handle Leap Day
"We'll add it to our Outlook reminders..."
29-02-2024 18:00

GitHub besieged by millions of malicious repositories in ongoing attack
GitHub keeps removing malware-laced repositories, but thousands remain.
28-02-2024 22:12

Microsoft partners with OpenAI-rival Mistral for AI models, drawing EU scrutiny
15M euro investment comes as Microsoft hosts Mistral's GPT-4 alternatives on Azure.
28-02-2024 20:48

Wendy’s clarifies plans for dynamic pricing experiment after backlash
Company speaks out after reports of "surge pricing" test led to calls for boycotts online.
28-02-2024 18:08

Cato Networks Announces 59% Revenue Growth In 2023 Business Results
Cato Networks, the leader in SASE, today announced strong 2023 business results including 59% revenue growth, the addition of more than 700 new enterprise customers, ongoing channel expansion, and continued innovation across Cato’s pioneering SASE platfo
28-02-2024 14:23

Synopsys Report: 74% of Codebases Harbour High-Risk Open Source Vulnerabilities, Up 54%
Synopsys has unveiled the ninth edition of its annual “Open Source Security and Risk Analysis” (OSSRA) report, indicating a significant surge in high-risk vulnerabilities affecting nearly three-quarters of commercial codebases compared to the
28-02-2024 13:25

Wendy’s will experiment with dynamic surge pricing for food in 2025
Surge pricing test next year means your cheeseburger may get more expensive at 6 pm.
27-02-2024 21:37

Hackers backed by Russia and China are infecting SOHO routers like yours, FBI warns
Six years on, routers remain a favorite post for concealing malicious activities.
27-02-2024 20:57

Cops called after parents get tricked by AI-generated images of Wonka-like event
Dull in-person warehouse for kids doesn't live up to technicolor AI-generated promo images.
27-02-2024 18:02

Cato Networks to Present on AI and SASE at Cloud Expo Europe and DevOps Live
Cato Networks, provider of the world’s leading single-vendor SASE platform, today announces that Senior Director of Security Strategy, Etay Maor, and ​​Director of Product Marketing, Greg Duffy, will be speaking at the upcoming Tech Show London, within i
27-02-2024 14:04

Avast ordered to stop selling browsing data from its browsing privacy apps
Identifiable data included job searches, map directions, "cosplay erotica."
23-02-2024 20:37

Tyler Perry puts $800 million studio expansion on hold because of OpenAI’s Sora
Perry: Mind-blowing AI video-generation tools "will touch every corner of our industry."
23-02-2024 16:42

MIWIC24: Plexal Alumni Receive Multiple Nominations From Peers at This Year’s Awards
Plexal work with some of the UK’s most exciting start-ups, entrepreneurs and scale-ups who are building emerging technologies and operating across multiple sectors. Plexal help build community, foster talent, and launch graduating companies and pro
23-02-2024 09:49

Cyber Mindfulness Corner Company Spotlight: Jamf
At the IT Security Guru we’re showcasing organisations that are passionate about making cybersecurity a healthier, more mindful industry. This week, Aaron Webb, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Jamf, spoke to the Gurus about how leaders can approach t
23-02-2024 09:45

Ransomware associated with LockBit still spreading 2 days after server takedown
LockBit's extensive reach is making complete erasure hard.
22-02-2024 22:28

Stability announces Stable Diffusion 3, a next-gen AI image generator
SD3 may bring DALL-E-like prompt fidelity to an open-weights image-synthesis model.
22-02-2024 21:28

Google’s hidden AI diversity prompts lead to outcry over historically inaccurate images
Inserting depictions of diversity into AI images creates revisionist history, critics say.
22-02-2024 16:43

70,000 AT&T customers were without service this morning across the US
Cause of outage is unknown, but some suspect it's network-to-network "peering."
22-02-2024 14:18

70,000 AT&T customers are without service across the US
Cause of outage is unknown, but some suspect it's network-to-network "peering."
22-02-2024 14:18

New Cybereason ‘True Cost to Business Study 2024’ Reveals it Still Doesn’t Pay to Pay
Cybereason has today announced the results of their third annual ransomware study, commissioned to better understand the true impact of ransomware to businesses. This global study reveals ransomware attacks are becoming more frequent, effective, and soph
22-02-2024 13:46

Top 10 Best Purple Teaming Companies
Purple teaming in cybersecurity refers to a collaborative approach that aims to enhance an organisation’s security posture by integrating the efforts of both the red and blue teams.  This approach enables real-time learning and adjustment, enhancin
22-02-2024 11:19

iMessage gets a major makeover that puts it on equal footing with Signal
How Kybers and ratcheting are boosting the resiliency of Apple's messaging app.
22-02-2024 00:37

Google goes “open AI” with Gemma, a free, open-weights chatbot family
Gemma chatbots can run locally, and they reportedly outperform Meta's Llama 2.
21-02-2024 22:01

ChatGPT goes temporarily “insane” with unexpected outputs, spooking users
Reddit user: "It's not just you, ChatGPT is having a stroke."
21-02-2024 16:57

Adarma Collaborates with Scottish Enterprise to Unveil Neurodiversity Strategy
Adarma has today announced its neurodiversity strategy in partnership with Scottish Enterprise, Scotland’s national economic development agency. The strategy supports Adarma’s continued commitment to attract, support, and empower people from diverse back
21-02-2024 14:35

After years of losing, it’s finally feds’ turn to troll ransomware group
Authorities who took down the ransomware group brag about their epic hack.
20-02-2024 21:29

Will Smith parodies viral AI-generated video by actually eating spaghetti
Actor pokes fun at 2023 AI video by eating spaghetti messily and claiming it's AI-generated.
20-02-2024 14:50

LockBit ransomware group taken down in multinational operation
Thousands of domains and servers seized from group responsible for thousands of attacks.
20-02-2024 14:30

Reddit sells training data to unnamed AI company ahead of IPO
If you've posted on Reddit, you're likely feeding the future of AI.
19-02-2024 21:10

New app always points to the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy
iPhone compass app made with AI assistance locates the heart of the Milky Way.
19-02-2024 18:15

OpenAI collapses media reality with Sora, a photorealistic AI video generator
Hello, cultural singularity—soon, every video you see online could be completely fake.
16-02-2024 17:23

DOJ quietly removed Russian malware from routers in US homes and businesses
Feds once again fix up compromised retail routers under court order.
16-02-2024 16:37

ISC2 Collaborates with IBM to Launch Entry-Level Cybersecurity Certificate
ISC2 – the world’s leading nonprofit member organization for cybersecurity professionals – announced a partnership with IBM (NYSE: IBM) to launch the IBM and ISC2 Cybersecurity Specialist Professional Certificate. The new entry-level program, available e
16-02-2024 13:06

Meet This Year’s Most Inspiring Women in Cyber Nominees: Part 2
The nominations for the Most Inspiring Women in Cyber awards are out! It’s always wonderful to read about the incredible women in our industry, who are making fantastic contributions and paving the way for others. This year we had so many exceptional nom
16-02-2024 12:10

Meet This Year’s Most Inspiring Women in Cyber Nominees: Part 3
The nominations for the Most Inspiring Women in Cyber awards are out! It’s always wonderful to read about the incredible women in our industry, who are making fantastic contributions and paving the way for others. This year we had so many exceptional nom
16-02-2024 12:07

Meet This Year’s Most Inspiring Women in Cyber Nominees: Part 1
The nominations for the Most Inspiring Women in Cyber awards are out! It’s always wonderful to read about the incredible women in our industry, who are making fantastic contributions and paving the way for others. This year we had so many exceptional nom
16-02-2024 12:00

Doing DNS and DHCP for your LAN the old way—the way that works
Are you a sysadmin with control issues who needs a weekend project? Look no further!
16-02-2024 11:30

VMware admits sweeping Broadcom changes are worrying customers
Broadcom has cut VMware products, perpetual licenses, and its partner program.
15-02-2024 21:33

Google upstages itself with Gemini 1.5 AI launch, one week after Ultra 1.0
Google confusingly overshadows its own pro product a week after its last major AI launch.
15-02-2024 20:45

Nginx core developer quits project in security dispute, starts “freenginx” fork
Disagreement over security disclosures and bug-fixing priorities led to split.
15-02-2024 20:04

Nvidia’s “Chat With RTX” is a ChatGPT-style app that runs on your own GPU
Nvidia's private AI chatbot is a high-profile (but rough) step toward cloud independence.
15-02-2024 16:54

The Cyber Scheme launches training course for IoT/ICS security testers
The Cyber Scheme has announced availability of a new CSII Practitioner Training Course that has been developed as a comprehensive IoT/ICS hacking course. The aim of the course is to teach candidates all the skills they need to securely test and assess co
15-02-2024 14:47

Salt Security API Protection Platform Now Available for Purchase in the CrowdStrike Marketplace
Today, API security pros Salt Security have announced that the Salt Security API Protection Platform is now available for purchase in the CrowdStrike Marketplace. Salt Security integrates with the industry-leading CrowdStrike Falcon® XDR platform to prov
15-02-2024 14:32

“Dr. Zero Trust” Chase Cunningham Joins Keeper Security Public Sector Advisory Board
Today, Keeper Security have announced the appointment of Dr. Chase Cunningham to its Public Sector Advisory Board. Cunningham’s appointment reflects Keeper Security’s commitment to zero-trust security. Keeper’s early adoption of zero-trust ar
15-02-2024 13:08

USPTO says AI models can’t hold patents
Inventors must be human, but there's still a condition where AI can officially help.
14-02-2024 20:41

US says AI models can’t hold patents
Inventors must be human, but there's still a condition where AI can officially help.
14-02-2024 20:41

Cyber gaps in the supply chain — Bank of America breached in another vendor cyberattack
Third-party cyber-attacks remain one of the most significant threats facing organisations across the globe. Most recently, Bank of America, a multinational investment banking and financial services corporation, began notifying customers that a November 2
14-02-2024 15:42

The Channel can help SMEs protect themselves from increasing security threats
Recent reports indicate that SME resellers specialising in security are optimistic about the future, expecting a better year ahead than the challenges they faced in the previous 12 months.  With increasing cyber threats and the need for secure and reliab
14-02-2024 14:11

Broadcom-owned VMware kills the free version of ESXi virtualization software
Software's free version was a good fit for tinkerers and hobbyists.
13-02-2024 22:27

OpenAI experiments with giving ChatGPT a long-term conversation memory
AI chatbot "memory" will recall facts from previous conversations when enabled.
13-02-2024 22:01

Nvidia CEO calls for “Sovereign AI” as his firm overtakes Amazon in market value
Driven by AI boom, the two companies are neck-and-neck behind Apple, Microsoft, and Google.
13-02-2024 16:41

Ongoing campaign compromises senior execs’ Azure accounts, locks them using MFA
The wide range of employee roles targeted indicates attacker's multifaceted approach.
12-02-2024 23:41

The Super Bowl’s best and wackiest AI commercials
It's nothing like "crypto bowl" in 2022, but AI made a notable splash during the big game.
12-02-2024 19:37

Canada declares Flipper Zero public enemy No. 1 in car-theft crackdown
How do you ban a device built with open source hardware and software anyway?
10-02-2024 01:24

Canada declares Flipper Zero public enemy No. 1 in crackdown on car theft
How do you ban a device built with open source hardware and software anyway?
10-02-2024 01:24

London Underground is testing real-time AI surveillance tools to spot crime
Computer vision system tried to detect crime, weapons, people falling, and fare dodgers.
09-02-2024 19:02

Report: Sam Altman seeking trillions for AI chip fabrication from UAE, others
WSJ: Audacious $5-$7 trillion investment would aim to expand global AI chip supply.
09-02-2024 18:21

Own Company Unveils New Channel Partner Program
Own Company, a leading SaaS data platform, today announced the launch of a global Channel Partner Program aimed at empowering resellers and system integrators to proactively prevent their customers from losing mission-critical data and metadata. With aut
09-02-2024 13:12

Quantum computing: The data security conundrum
One of the biggest challenges of digital technology today is around security systems and data. In response to this, sophisticated algorithms have been designed to encrypt data and protect it through frameworks known as symmetric cryptography. While this
09-02-2024 12:45

Verizon Breach – Malicious Insider or Innocuous Click?
A household name among American media companies, Verizon Communications on Wednesday began notifying employees that an insider may have gained access to their data. According to the breach notice to the Maine Attorney General, an unauthorized employee op
09-02-2024 09:20

A password manager LastPass calls “fraudulent” booted from App Store
"LassPass" mimicked the name and logo of real LastPass password manager.
08-02-2024 22:16

Keeper Security Available on Apple Vision Pro
Password manager Keeper Security announced this week that users can log in to applications on the new Apple Vision Pro™ with Keeper, providing secure and seamless access to content on the revolutionary new device. As spatial computing becomes a reality a
08-02-2024 20:48

Google debuts more powerful “Ultra 1.0” AI model in rebranded “Gemini” chatbot
Confusing name shuffles aside, "Gemini Advanced" vies to catch up with ChatGPT-4.
08-02-2024 17:43

Centripetal and Platform 94 Join Forces to Bring Cybersecurity Defence to Irish Companies
Almost one in five Irish firms experienced a significant cyber attack or data breach in 2022, according to research by Aon. It’s no wonder that Irish businesses are concerned about cybersecurity, with ever evolving threats and new and novel attack
07-02-2024 10:33

Critical vulnerability affecting most Linux distros allows for bootkits
Buffer overflow in bootloader shim allows attackers to run code each time devices boot up.
07-02-2024 01:37

Meta will label AI-generated content from OpenAI and Google on Facebook, Instagram
In a big election year, Meta details plans to label AI-generated media on its social media sites.
06-02-2024 18:04

Safer Internet Day: Cybersecurity Experts Weigh In
Happy Safer Internet Day to all those who celebrate! Cybersecurity experts from across the industry have weighed in on how we can use the internet in a safer way, both professionally and personally, in an age of increasing attacks and novel attack vector
06-02-2024 16:42

Fragmented cybersecurity vendor landscape is exacerbating risks and compounding skills shortages, SenseOn research reveals
The majority of large enterprises spend an average of 3-5 months integrating and training teams on each new security solution – at the expense of threat hunting, vulnerability scanning and security awareness training  However, major contradictions
06-02-2024 11:14

ThinkCyber and Plexal Join BT as Sponsors of The Most Inspiring Women in Cyber Awards 2024
Eskenzi PR are proud to announce that ThinkCyber, the innovators of measurable secure behaviour change with their Redflags® software, and Plexal, the innovation company solving society’s challenges through collaboration with government, start-ups a
06-02-2024 10:13

As if 2 Ivanti vulnerabilities under exploit weren’t bad enough, now there are 3
Hackers looking to diversify began mass-exploiting a new vulnerability over the weekend.
06-02-2024 02:30

Microsoft in deal with Semafor to create news stories with aid of AI chatbot
Collaboration comes as tech giant faces multibillion-dollar lawsuit from The New York Times.
05-02-2024 19:01

Deepfake scammer walks off with $25 million in first-of-its-kind AI heist
Hong Kong firm tricked by simulation of multiple real people in video chat, including voices.
05-02-2024 15:54

A Comprehensive Overview Of Nanotechnology And Applications Of Nanotechnology
What Is Nanotechnology? Nanotechnology is concerned with nano-scale materials and structures. Nano-scale refers to particles and devices that are less than 100 microns in size. A sheet of paper has a thickness of 100,000 nano-meters, while a person who s
05-02-2024 10:11

A startup allegedly “hacked the world.” Then came the censorship—and now the backlash.
Anti-censorship voices are working to highlight reports of one Indian company’s hacker past.
02-02-2024 19:26

Agencies using vulnerable Ivanti products have until Saturday to disconnect them
Things were already bad with two critical 0-days. Then Ivanti disclosed a new one.
01-02-2024 23:45

What is HTTP Request Smuggling and HTTP/2 Downgrading?
Have you heard of the term HTTP Request Smuggling? What about HTTP/2 Downgrading? Well, these are vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cybercriminals when there are issues between the front-end and back-end of websites. If left unresolved, these can
01-02-2024 14:55

Salt Security Joins AWS Lambda Ready Program
Today, API security company Salt Security has announced that it has been accepted to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda Ready Program. Salt now supports and simplifies deployments to AWS Lambda, allowing customers to capture API traffic flowing through
01-02-2024 10:18

Chinese malware removed from SOHO routers after FBI issues covert commands
Routers were being used to conceal attacks on critical infrastructure.
31-01-2024 23:34

ChatGPT’s new @-mentions bring multiple roles into your AI conversation
Bring different AI roles into the same chatbot conversation history.
31-01-2024 22:34

ChatGPT’s new @-mentions bring multiple personalities into your AI convo
Bring different AI roles into the same chatbot conversation history.
31-01-2024 22:34

AI-Powered Attacks and Deepfake Technology Fuel Cyberattack Concern
Today, password security pros, Keeper Security have released the key findings from its latest survey about the state of cybersecurity and the burgeoning threats that are keeping cyber professionals up at night. The survey of more than 800 IT security lea
31-01-2024 13:26

Introducing meaningful AI features for information security in 2024
Nick Graham, Chief Technology Officer at information security software business Hicomply discusses the recent surge in interest around artificial intelligence. He explains why his company is focused on developing AI tools that deliver benefits over media
31-01-2024 11:11

Ars Technica used in malware campaign with never-before-seen obfuscation
Vimeo also used by legitimate user who posted booby-trapped content.
30-01-2024 21:24

Rhyming AI-powered clock sometimes lies about the time, makes up words
Poem/1 Kickstarter seeks $103K for fun ChatGPT-fed clock that may hallucinate the time.
30-01-2024 20:16

OpenAI says mysterious chat histories resulted from account takeover
User shocked to find chats naming unpublished research papers, and other private data.
30-01-2024 20:15

Raspberry Pi is planning a London IPO, but its CEO expects “no change” in focus
Eben Upton says hobbyists remain "incredibly important" while he's involved.
30-01-2024 19:35

Ransomware Research Reveals Millions Spent Despite Do Not Pay Policies
Research commissioned by Cohesity, a leader in AI-powered data security and management, reveals the majority of companies are paying ransoms and breaking their ‘do not pay’ policies. The research polled from over 900 IT and Security decision-makers, 301
30-01-2024 14:49

SAS joins fight against cybercrime as NCRCG National Ambassador
This week, the National Cyber Resilience Centre Group (NCRCG) – a strategic collaboration between the Home Office, policing, academic and National Ambassador partners – has welcomed AI and analytics leader, SAS, on board as a National Ambassador. In taki
30-01-2024 14:03

Navigating the Landscape of Advanced Email Security Threats with Optimism
In the contemporary digital era, email remains one of the most predominant forms of business communication. With its unrivalled efficiency and ubiquity, email bridges gaps between organisations and their global workforce, facilitating seamless collaborat
30-01-2024 12:25

ChatGPT is leaking passwords from private conversations of its users, Ars reader says
Names of unpublished research papers, presentations, and PHP scripts also leaked.
30-01-2024 01:43

OpenAI and Common Sense Media partner to protect teens from AI harms and misuse
Site gave ChatGPT 3 stars and 48% privacy score: "Best used for creativity, not facts."
29-01-2024 23:12

Q&A – Dr. Ryan Heartfield: 3 things to remember when securing your Industrial OT environment
For as long as digital systems have exerted control over physical machines and their output, the need, and associated questions in how to proportionately secure them have existed. Manufacturing, agriculture, critical national infrastructure, and healthca
29-01-2024 13:59

Previous Most Inspiring Women in Cyber Winners: Where Are They Now?
Over the last four years, The Most Inspiring Women in Cyber Awards have celebrated some of most inspirational women from across the cybersecurity industry. From CISOs to students, the awards aim to celebrate everyone, no matter what stage of their career
29-01-2024 12:03

source : arstechnica, darkreading, itsecurityguru