OneWeb goes bankrupt, lays off staff, will sell satellite-broadband business
OneWeb says pandemic ended chance of getting enough funding for full launch.
30-03-2020 16:32

WireGuard VPN makes it to 1.0.0—and into the next Linux kernel
It's a good day for WireGuard users—DKMS builds will soon be behind us.
30-03-2020 15:20

>4,000 Android apps silently access your installed software
Android API lets apps collect a list of all other installed apps, no permission needed.
28-03-2020 15:41

No, Microsoft isn’t killing the Control Panel off just yet
It's as if millions of sysadmins cried out and suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.
27-03-2020 22:24

Control Panel isn’t dead yet—but the System applet is looking nervous
It's as if millions of sysadmins cried out and suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.
27-03-2020 22:24

Broadband speeds fall in dozens of big US cities during pandemic
Download speeds fell at least slightly in 88 of 200 most populous US cities.
27-03-2020 18:08

Charter gives techs $25 gift cards instead of hazard pay during pandemic
Instead of bonus pay for risky work, techs get weekly $25 restaurant gift cards.
27-03-2020 15:16

Google sent users 40,000 warnings of nation-state hack attacks in 2019
Government-backed hackers target journalists, dissidents, gov't officials, and others.
26-03-2020 21:05

New attack on home routers sends users to spoofed sites that push malware
Attack, which uses DNS hijacking, is the latest to capitalize on pandemic anxiety.
25-03-2020 20:10

The exFAT filesystem is coming to Linux—Paragon software’s not happy about it
The proprietary filesystem vendor unleashed a '90s-level torrent of FUD yesterday.
25-03-2020 18:49

How to get Verizon and AT&T data-cap fees waived during the pandemic
Verizon, AT&T waive mobile fees if you tell them pandemic hurt your finances.
25-03-2020 16:20

Never-before-seen attackers are targeting Mideast industrial organizations
WildPressure uses malware and targets organizations not seen in other campaigns.
25-03-2020 10:45

Google Play’s malicious app problem infects 1.7 million more devices
Apps went undetected by Google and antivirus scanners.
24-03-2020 19:51

Comcast wins Supreme Court case over interpretation of civil rights law
Black-owned TV network alleged racism in Comcast decision not to carry channels.
24-03-2020 16:44

Comcast defeats Byron Allen in Supreme Court case over alleged racism
Black-owned TV network alleged racism in Comcast decision not to carry channels.
24-03-2020 16:44

Here’s the Netflix account compromise Bugcrowd doesn’t want you to know about [Updated]
Weakness allows attackers to steal browser cookies used to authenticate Netflix users.
23-03-2020 22:37

SpaceX gets FCC license for 1 million satellite-broadband user terminals
SpaceX now licensed to deploy 1 million of what Musk calls "UFOs on a stick."
23-03-2020 20:49

Windows code-execution zeroday is under active exploit, Microsoft warns
There's no patch available now. Here's what to do until Microsoft issues one.
23-03-2020 19:40

Critical bugs in dozens of Zyxel and Lilin IoT models under active exploit
DDoS botnets abuse IoT flaws to conscript vulnerable devices. Are yours patched?
21-03-2020 15:55

Charter grudgingly lets up to 40% of call-center employees work from home
Charter to consider employee health and job performance in work-at-home decisions.
20-03-2020 18:36

Netflix, YouTube cut video quality in Europe after pressure from EU official
Netflix reduces bit rates while YouTube makes standard definition the default.
20-03-2020 15:41

Charter employees beg for work-at-home rights during pandemic
"Good people at a bad company": employees describe breeding ground for germs.
19-03-2020 20:19

Charter employees beg for work-from-home rights during pandemic
"Good people at a bad company": employees describe breeding ground for germs.
19-03-2020 20:19

Here’s the Netflix account compromise Bugcrowd doesn’t want you to know about
Weakness allows attackers to steal browser cookies used to authenticate Netflix users.
19-03-2020 17:15

Comcast aggressively moves to work-from-home during pandemic
Comcast embraces remote work while Charter resists employee complaints.
19-03-2020 15:49

Windows Subsystem for Linux is making inroads with developers
With Redmond—and large gatherings in general—a no-go, WSLconf went virtual.
19-03-2020 10:45

Android surveillanceware operators jump on the coronavirus fear bandwagon
An 11-month-old surveillance campaign is the latest to exploit pandemic fears.
18-03-2020 18:19

How China built facial recognition for people wearing masks
Hanwang says its technology has reached 95% accuracy in identifying mask wearers.
18-03-2020 13:45

Reputable sites swept up in FB’s latest coronavirus-minded spam cleanse [Updated]
Facebook acknowledges issue, which could sow distrust in urgent crowdfunding efforts.
18-03-2020 00:06

Amazon hiring 100,000 warehouse workers amid coronavirus boom
At least five workers in Amazon's EU warehouses have contracted COVID-19 so far.
17-03-2020 21:08

Study ranks the privacy of major browsers. Here are the findings
Upstart Brave browser gets the highest ratings. Chrome, Firefox and Safari fall between.
17-03-2020 20:08

Charter engineer quits over “reckless” rules against work-from-home
Charter workers apparently face choice in pandemic: work in the office or resign.
17-03-2020 17:58

The Internet is drowning in COVID-19-related malware and phishing scams
Emails and websites promise info about the pandemic. In reality, they're shams.
16-03-2020 21:02

Microsoft Teams went down for two hours as Europe logged in
MS Teams seems unprepared for the unprecedented high number of remote workers.
16-03-2020 16:30

Amid pandemic, T-Mobile gets emergency access to Dish’s 600MHz spectrum
FCC grants 60-day access to 600MHz spectrum controlled by Dish and Comcast.
16-03-2020 16:15

High-stakes security setups are making remote work impossible
Some staffers at power grids, intelligence agencies, and more can't work from home
15-03-2020 10:55

Comcast and T-Mobile upgrade everyone to unlimited data for next 60 days
Comcast also opens Wi-Fi hotspots to all and T-Mobile boosts mobile-hotspot data.
13-03-2020 23:18

Bill Gates steps down from Microsoft board
Microsoft co-founder exits the board 45 years after starting the company.
13-03-2020 21:46

After deregulatory blitz, FCC scrambles to prevent ISP abuse during pandemic
ISPs agree to waive late fees and service disconnections, but data caps remain.
13-03-2020 17:50

Pentagon to “reconsider” parts of controversial $10 billion JEDI contract
Amazon says it lost deal because Trump hates Bezos; DoD will now review.
13-03-2020 16:05

AT&T waives data cap during coronavirus; Comcast keeps charging overage fees
We asked 10 ISPs if they'll waive caps as pandemic forces people to stay home.
12-03-2020 22:12

Microsoft delivers emergency patch to fix wormable Windows 10 flaw
Attackers got a head start when critical SMBv3 flaw details leaked 2 days ago.
12-03-2020 20:35

AT&T CEO pay rose to $32 million in 2019 while he cut 20,000 jobs
Stephenson got stock-driven pay bump after battle against investor firm.
12-03-2020 19:15

Comcast accidentally published 200,000 “unlisted” phone numbers
Comcast made the same mistake once before and had to pay $33 million.
11-03-2020 21:26

Yahoo Mobile: The Verizon phone plan that no one asked for
Why combine Yahoo Mail and Verizon cell service? The word "synergy" is involved.
11-03-2020 16:49

Ars readers share their stories of coronavirus-related hardware shortages and more
We asked readers if the epidemic has affected their work. We got stories back.
11-03-2020 14:45

Windows has a new wormable vulnerability, and there’s no patch in sight
Critical bug in Microsoft's SMBv3 implementation published under mysterious circumstances.
11-03-2020 12:01

Microsoft—and Ars—advise split-tunnel VPNs to minimize coronavirus woes
Don't waste limited local bandwidth on VPNing remote users' Office365 traffic.
11-03-2020 10:45

Intel SGX is vulnerable to an unfixable flaw that can steal crypto keys and more
Just when you thought it was secure again, Intel's digital vault falls to a new attack.
10-03-2020 22:40

Ubuntu 20.04’s zsys adds ZFS snapshots to package management [Updated]
ZFS for the masses is on the way with Ubuntu's zsys management system.
10-03-2020 19:05

Elon Musk: Starlink latency will be good enough for competitive gaming
Musk: Starlink great in rural areas but won't have enough bandwidth in big cities.
10-03-2020 18:28

Amazon offers no-checkout technology to other retailers
New licensed version uses a credit card for check-ins instead of an Amazon app.
09-03-2020 20:42

Ubuntu 20.04’s zsys adds ZFS snapshots to package management
ZFS for the masses is on the way with Ubuntu's zsys management system.
09-03-2020 18:55

Sonos decides bricking old stuff isn’t a winning move after all
Software support for the products is ending, but you can still pass them along.
09-03-2020 16:33

Comcast, Charter expand broadband domination as cable hits 67% market share
Cable soars again as telcos fail to deploy enough fiber to offset DSL losses.
09-03-2020 16:03

Porn, gore, and gambling habits aired in Virgin Media breach
Virgin says the information accessed was limited. Some customers would beg to differ.
07-03-2020 15:30

Hackers can clone millions of Toyota, Hyundai, and Kia keys
Encryption flaws in common anti-theft feature expose vehicles from major OEMs.
07-03-2020 12:18

Hulu’s live TV doesn’t work on T-Mobile home Internet
Hulu + Live TV treats T-Mobile home Internet like mobile service, won't connect.
06-03-2020 18:09

5 years of Intel CPUs and chipsets have a concerning flaw that’s unfixable
Converged Security and Management Engine flaw may jeopardize Intel's root of trust.
05-03-2020 21:45

Apple warns staff of product shortages, but IT workers have already seen them
How have your IT projects been impacted by the coronavirus?
05-03-2020 18:12

Let’s Encrypt changes course on certificate revocation
Administrators are getting a little more time to replace affected certificates.
05-03-2020 17:06

80-core ARM CPU to bring lower power, higher density to a rack near you
Ampere is competing with Amazon and Nuvia for ARM-powered data-center supremacy.
05-03-2020 11:45

How do you keep an AI’s behavior from becoming predictable?
Facebook hopes "deep features" keep it ahead in its arms race with abusive accounts.
04-03-2020 21:55

Tech firms push telework as Amazon employee confirmed with coronavirus
Tech firms that usually prefer on-site work are rethinking that stance for now.
04-03-2020 18:54

Struggling AT&T plans “tens of billions” in cost cuts, more layoffs
AT&T also de-emphasizing DirecTV except in areas without fast broadband.
04-03-2020 17:15

Google cancels I/O developer conference amid coronavirus concerns
Pretty much all sectors have decided large gatherings are a bad idea right now.
03-03-2020 22:19

New entry in commercial quantum computing, using entirely different tech
Honeywell will put trapped ion computing on Microsoft's quantum cloud.
03-03-2020 20:00

Cisco: Avoid coronavirus, stay home, use Webex
If you somehow manage to get a virus through Webex, it won't be the coronavirus.
03-03-2020 17:14

Let’s Encrypt discovers CAA bug, must revoke customer certificates
Let's Encrypt users will need to manually force-renew once to avoid downtime.
03-03-2020 16:42

AT&T’s new online TV has contracts, hidden fees, big 2nd-year price hike
Buying AT&T TV? Your price will nearly double after a year.
02-03-2020 20:40

Twitter’s newest major investor wants to oust CEO Jack Dorsey
Lots of folks want to change Twitter, but most can't buy enough stock to do it.
02-03-2020 17:45

Big Data promises better deals. But for whom?
Intuit’s $7 billion deal to buy Credit Karma a test for antitrust regulators.
01-03-2020 12:17

How a hacker’s mom broke into prison—and the warden’s computer
Security analyst John Strand had a contract to test a correctional facility’s defenses.
29-02-2020 11:33

Congress gives small ISPs $1 billion to rip out Huawei, ZTE network gear
ISPs banned from using FCC funds on Huawei/ZTE, get $1B for replacement gear.
28-02-2020 17:24

Stealing advanced nations’ Mac malware isn’t hard. Here’s how one hacker did it
Former NSA hacker repackages in-the-wild Mac malware for his own use.
28-02-2020 15:15

Facebook cancels F8 conference over coronavirus fears
Facebook will offer "locally hosted events, videos, and live streamed content."
27-02-2020 22:28

T-Mobile conducts layoffs as it prepares to complete Sprint merger
Union predicts tens of thousands of job cuts after T-Mobile and Sprint combine.
27-02-2020 18:19

Ars Technicast special edition, part 3: Putting AI to work defending your stuff
Our limited edition podcast concludes with a discussion of weaponizing infosec AI.
27-02-2020 13:00

Flaw in billions of Wi-Fi devices left communications open to eavesdroppng
Cypress and Broadcom chip bug bit iPhones, Macs, Android devices, Echoes, and more.
26-02-2020 15:00

Flaw in billions of Wi-Fi devices left communications open to eavesdropping
Cypress and Broadcom chip bug bit iPhones, Macs, Android devices, Echoes, and more.
26-02-2020 15:00

Amazon made a bigger camera-spying store—so we tried to steal its fruit
It's like other Amazon Go stores, only bigger. But it's a meaningful difference.
26-02-2020 11:45

Firefox turns encrypted DNS on by default to thwart snooping ISPs
US-based Firefox users get encrypted DNS lookups today or within a few weeks.
25-02-2020 11:00

Petnet goes offline for a week, can’t answer customers at all
Failing to work is one problem; failing to communicate with customers is another.
24-02-2020 17:54

California man arrested on charges his DDoSes took down candidate’s website
Feds say defendant used Amazon servers to wage DDoS attacks that cost the rival campaign.
21-02-2020 21:35

A weed dealer’s $59M lesson: Don’t hide Bitcoin keys with a fishing rod
The man reportedly "regarded [the loss] as punishment for his own stupidity."
21-02-2020 17:37

The strange, unexplained journey of ToTok in Google Play fuels user suspicions
In a reversal, Google now warns app can spy on texts, recordings, photos, and other data.
21-02-2020 13:00

Former congressman confirms he offered to broker pardon for Assange
Rohrabacher offered Assange a pardon if he implicated Seth Rich in DNC email leak.
20-02-2020 21:21

As satellite TV tanks, Dish says merger with DirectTV is “inevitable”
Dish Chairman Ergen says merger is likely because of threat from streaming TV.
20-02-2020 18:04

A US gas pipeline operator was infected by malware—your questions answered
The infection has generated no shortage of questions and opinions. Here's what we know.
20-02-2020 17:53

Ars Technicast special edition, part 2: Spotting bad actors inside a company
Our limited edition podcast series continues as we focus on dangerous insiders.
20-02-2020 13:00

Anatomy of a dumb spear-phish: Hitting librarians up for Zelle, CashApp cash
Librarians smell something phishy in scam that scraped emails from association website.
19-02-2020 18:34

Why fixing security vulnerabilities in medical devices, IoT is so hard
Op-ed: It's not so easy to just patch or upgrade medical devices, IU Health's CISO explains.
19-02-2020 15:05

US natural gas operator shuts down for 2 days after being infected by ransomware
Infection spread to site's OT network that monitors and controls physical processes.
19-02-2020 03:00

Hackers exploit critical vulnerability found in ~100,000 WordPress sites
Flaw in ThemeGrill plugin lets attackers wipe sites clean and possibly take them over.
18-02-2020 20:08

Signal is finally bringing its secure messaging to the masses
Encryption app puts $50 million infusion from WhatsApp cofounder to go mainstream.
16-02-2020 11:52

US government goes all in to expose new malware used by North Korean hackers
Malicious wares are used in attacks to steal money and conduct other illegal activities.
14-02-2020 21:23

500 Chrome extensions secretly uploaded private data from millions of users
Extensions were part of a long-running ad-fraud and malvertising network.
13-02-2020 22:54

Pwns for sale: Scythe prepares a marketplace for sharing simulated hacks
Looks to make "adversarial vulnerability management" a thing, let red teams share their work.
13-02-2020 22:39

Amazon wins court injunction on controversial JEDI contract
Amazon's suit argues it lost the deal because Trump personally hates Jeff Bezos.
13-02-2020 21:03

Nasty Android malware reinfects its targets, and no one knows how
Users report that xHelper is so resilient it survives factory resets.
13-02-2020 13:45

source : arstechnica