Darknet markets generate millions in revenue selling stolen personal data
A handful of markets were responsible for trafficking most of the data.
03-12-2022 12:01

Apple slices its AI image synthesis times in half with new Stable Diffusion fix
Creating AI-generated images on Macs, iPhones, and iPads just got a lot faster.
02-12-2022 22:27

Predatory loan apps on Apple App Store and Google Play extorting victims
Threat researchers at Lookout have discovered more than 300 loan apps that exhibit predatory behavior, such as exfiltrating excessive user data and harassing borrowers for payment in both Google Play and the Apple App Store. The apps, which were found ac
02-12-2022 21:01

Never-before-seen malware is nuking data in Russia’s courts and mayors’ offices
CryWiper masquerades as ransomware, but its real purpose is to permanently destroy data.
02-12-2022 20:57

Cybersecurity fears are just the tip of the iceberg for CTOS
That CTOs should be concerned about cybersecurity and data breaches is perhaps not the biggest surprise. 2022 has seen more data breaches than ever before, and it feels like the impact of a breach is increasing too. Damage to the brand, paying ransomware
02-12-2022 15:45

KnowBe4 and Netskope Collaborate for New SecurityCoach Integration
KnowBe4 has announced that its new SecurityCoach product now integrates with Netskope. The two security organisations have collaborated together to help reduce risky behaviour with product integration to support real-time security coaching of users. Secu
02-12-2022 12:20

OpenAI invites everyone to test new AI-powered chatbot—with amusing results
ChatGPT aims to produce accurate and harmless talk—but it's a work in progress.
01-12-2022 21:22

Hive Social turns off servers after researchers warn hackers can access all data
Site officials say site will be down for a couple of days.
01-12-2022 20:20

Cybersecurity awareness: Train your employees and reduce cyber threats
As our digital world evolves, cybersecurity has never been more important and critical. During the last few years, we have all become witnesses to intense cybercrime and sophisticated cyberattacks. This upward trend is further fuelled by a shift in worki
01-12-2022 14:41

My secret life as an 11-year-old BBS sysop
Revisiting the wonder and betrayal of online life circa 1992.
01-12-2022 12:00

Chrome, Defender, and Firefox 0-days linked to commercial IT firm in Spain
Variston IT fingerprints found in source code for advanced Chrome exploit.
01-12-2022 00:20

Disney’s new neural network can change an actor’s age with ease
"Production ready" neural net makes actors younger or older for film or TV.
30-11-2022 23:13

Play app with 100K downloads booted for forwarding texts to developer server
Texts were used to provide verification codes for fraudulent accounts.
30-11-2022 20:07

Can you trust the US Government with your data?
Since 2014, the US government has suffered 822 breaches affecting nearly 175 million records. Based on the average cost per breached record (as reported by IBM each year), Comparitech estimate these breaches have cost government entities over $26 billion
30-11-2022 13:31

OpenAI upgrades GPT-3, stunning with rhyming poetry and lyrics
Refinement to AI language model generates rhyming compositions in various styles.
29-11-2022 22:49

How secure a Twitter replacement is Mastodon? Let us count the ways
The demise of Twitter's security and privacy teams has people looking for alternatives.
29-11-2022 22:05

Used thin client PCs are an unsexy, readily available Raspberry Pi alternative
Turn yesterday's corporate computer into today's Pi-like system—with some work.
29-11-2022 18:03

The Best Strategies To Keep Your Business Safe Online
Usually, any profit-making business is constantly exposed to several risks that can cause massive losses or total collapse of the organization. To protect themselves, it is paramount that businesses can identify the risk that can wipe out the organizatio
29-11-2022 14:28

Nvidia AI plays Minecraft, wins machine-learning conference award
NeurIPS 2022 honors MineDojo for playing Minecraft when instructed by written prompts.
28-11-2022 22:13

Nvidia AI plays Minecraft, wins machine learning conference award
NeurIPS 2022 honors MineDojo for playing Minecraft when instructed by written prompts.
28-11-2022 22:13

Zurich and Barrier Networks partner to Offer Enterprise Cyber Risk Assessments
Barrier Networks, a Cybersecurity Managed Service Provider, has announced it has entered into a new partnership with Zurich Resilience Solutions, part of Zurich UK, to help businesses improve their cyber resilience. Zurich Resilience Solutions (ZRS) prov
24-11-2022 10:39

European Parliament declares Russia a terrorism sponsor, then its site goes down
Pro-Kremlin group called Killnet takes credit.
23-11-2022 20:59

Apple iPhone factory workers clash with police in China
Violence erupts at Foxconn plant in Zhengzhou as COVID cases rise across country.
23-11-2022 18:34

Most Inspiring Women in Cyber: This Year’s Top 20
Last night, the winners of this year’s Most Inspiring Women in Cyber Awards were revealed during a glittering ceremony at the BT Tower in London. Organised by Eskenzi PR and sponsored by Beazley, BT, KPMG and KnowBe4, the awards celebrated the acco
23-11-2022 12:22

What are different types of APIs?
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have become a key component of software interaction and integration over the internet in the last decade. APIs serve as the bridge that allows applications to communicate effectively with each other using a set o
23-11-2022 12:17

Meta researchers create AI that masters Diplomacy, tricking human players
Meta's Cicero can negotiate or persuade with natural language—just like a human.
22-11-2022 23:32

Thinking about taking your computer to the repair shop? Be very afraid
Not surprisingly, female customers bear the brunt of the privacy violations.
22-11-2022 20:51

Hack The Box launches its annual University CTF to inspire the next generation of security professionals to take the fight against cybercriminals
As the cyber skills gap widens to record new levels, disruptive cybersecurity training and upskilling platform, Hack The Box (HTB), has announced its annual global University ‘Capture the Flag’ (CTF) competition that will take place from 2nd – 4th
22-11-2022 13:28

3D for everyone? Nvidia’s Magic3D can generate 3D models from text
New AI aims to democratize 3D content creation, no modeling skills required.
21-11-2022 17:56

CGI’s Cyber Escape Experience visits Lincoln
Leading IT solutions provider, CGI, brought its Cyber Escape experience to Lincoln as a part of a UK-wide tour. The escape room-style experience allowed staff, students, and local organisations to learn about online security risks in a fun and interactiv
21-11-2022 14:10

Microsoft Email Security Bypasses Instagram Credential Phishing Attacks
It has been reported that a credential phishing attack targeted 22,000 students at national educational institutions through a campaign where hackers impersonated Instagram. The advisory was highlighted by security experts at Armorblox in an advisory rel
21-11-2022 11:59

Top Players Among the Most Breached Passwords – World Cup edition
With the 2022 Qatar World Cup now underway, Specops Software, a leading provider of password management and user authentication solutions, has today released its findings which observed the commonality of passwords that contained a likely player, country
21-11-2022 11:16

New Meta AI demo writes racist and inaccurate scientific literature, gets pulled
Galactica language model generated convincing text about fact and nonsense alike.
18-11-2022 23:30

Nvidia and Microsoft team up to build massive AI cloud computer
AI supercomputer will use "tens of thousands" of Nvidia A100 and H100 GPUs.
16-11-2022 22:24

Amazon begins layoffs of up to 10,000 jobs, blames “uncertain” economy
Amazon confirms Devices & Services layoffs; warehouse jobs apparently safe.
16-11-2022 21:16

3 Ways Software Licensing Eliminates Vulnerabilities to Enhance Security
  In the digital era, various software is widely used to accomplish personal and enterprise tasks. Most software requires the user’s consent to access its full functionality. While you may entertain the idea of using free tools, unlicensed sof
16-11-2022 17:27

Ransomware on Healthcare Organisations cost Global Economy $92 bn
Today, Comparitech released the results of its most recent study, looking at the true cost of ransomware on healthcare organisations around the world. It found that, since 2018, there have been 500 publicly-confirmed ransomware attacks; and this excludes
16-11-2022 15:12

ISP deploys fiber service with a wrinkle—the users themselves own each network
Despite costly Silicon Valley project, CEO says this isn't just for wealthy areas.
16-11-2022 12:00

Closed Door Security joins the Cyber Scheme
Closed Door Security, a leading provider of attack-driven cybersecurity services, today announced it has joined the Cyber Scheme, reinforcing its position as one of the UK’s leading and most widely accredited penetration testers. The Cyber Scheme provide
16-11-2022 10:05

State-sponsored hackers in China compromise certificate authority
Active in dozens of advanced hacks since 2009, Billbug is still going strong.
15-11-2022 20:51

Axiad Delivers Phish-Resistant, Multi Factor Authentication
Axiad, a leading provider of organization-wide passwordless orchestration, today released Certificate-Based Authentication (CBA) for IAM, its newest offering in the Axiad Cloud authentication product line.  CBA is an improved and phishing-resistant form
15-11-2022 16:29

National Self Care Week: The Zensory’s Top 5 Tips for Self Care at Work
When people think of when to practise self-care, it’s unlikely they think of doing so at work. But, in society today, work-related stress is having a detrimental effect on employee wellbeing. Concerningly, almost half UK employees are close to burnout fr
15-11-2022 16:20

Researchers break security guarantees of TTE networking used in spacecraft
Used by NASA and many others, time-triggered Ethernet safety can be compromised.
15-11-2022 16:00

“Project Volterra” review: Microsoft’s $600 Arm PC that almost doesn’t suck
There's a reason it isn't a Surface PC, but it's good for its intended purpose.
15-11-2022 12:00

Hungry for AI? New supercomputer contains 16 dinner-plate-size chips
Exascale Cerebras Andromeda cluster packs more cores than 1,954 Nvidia A100 GPUs.
14-11-2022 19:16

How North Korea became a mastermind of crypto cybercrime
Cryptocurrency theft has become one of the regime’s main sources of revenue.
14-11-2022 16:15

Is the Grid Secure Enough for the Electric Vehicle Influx?
Electric vehicles have become the hottest item in the market and sales are growing year after year. This is the most fundamental transformation in road transport; however, concerns do exist. Can the US grid sustain the increased demand for electricity an
14-11-2022 12:16

“Dark ships” emerge from the shadow of the Nord Stream pipeline mystery
Satellite monitors found 2 vessels with their trackers turned off in area of explosions.
12-11-2022 12:15

LockBit ransomware suspect nabbed in Canada, faces charges in the US
Automation features make LockBit one of the more destructive pieces of ransomware.
11-11-2022 23:12

DeviantArt upsets artists with its new AI art generator, DreamUp [Updated]
Confused artists discover their work will be used for AI training by default.
11-11-2022 22:47

DeviantArt upsets artists with its new AI art generator, DreamUp
Confused artists discover their work will be used for AI training by default.
11-11-2022 22:47

The Zensory Celebrates International Stress Awareness Week
In 2018, ISMA UK established International Stress Awareness Week (ISAW) to raise awareness for stress prevention, 20 years after they founded Stress Awareness Day. Taking place this week, from 7th-11th November, the movement additionally aims to reduce t
11-11-2022 15:10

Microsoft links Russia’s military to cyberattacks in Poland and Ukraine
The hacking group Microsoft ID'd is among the world's most cutthroat and skilled.
11-11-2022 01:00

Stable Diffusion in your pocket? “Draw Things” brings AI images to iPhone
It's not fast, but it's free—and it runs locally on pocket-sized hardware.
10-11-2022 23:13

A search bar is among the Task Manager improvements in new Windows 11 build
New theme options and a better toggle for Efficiency mode are also in testing.
10-11-2022 21:42

Lenovo driver goof poses security risk for users of 25 notebook models
Hackers can exploit vulnerabilities to install malicious firmware that survives reboots.
10-11-2022 00:40

“Too easy”—Midjourney tests dramatic new version of its AI image generator
Version 4 offers greater detail and better compositions from simple prompts.
09-11-2022 23:23

IBM pushes qubit count over 400 with new processor
Milestone is important for the company's road map, less critical for performance.
09-11-2022 22:43

The sign-in menu is the latest frontier for Microsoft ads in Windows 11
Most OSes do this kind of thing, but Windows remains uniquely pushy about it.
09-11-2022 18:13

Salt Security API Protection Platform Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace
Salt Security, the API security company, has announced that it has achieved Microsoft Azure IP Co-sell Ready status, which means that the Salt Security API Protection Platform can be sold and marketed by Microsoft sellers globally. By earning this status
09-11-2022 15:06

Patches for 6 0-days under active exploit are now available from Microsoft
Exchange, Windows, and a bunch of other Microsoft software all affected.
09-11-2022 00:14

Ars OpenForum & Commenting System are getting a big upgrade
Comments and the OpenForum will be down from 1 am EST until Wednesday afternoon.
08-11-2022 23:43

Redditor discovers legendary 1956 computer in grandparents’ basement
The 1956 LGP-30 computer, subject of hacker lore, is one of only 45 made in Europe.
08-11-2022 23:02

FTX on brink of collapse after “liquidity crunch” at crypto exchange
Binance steps in with deal to rescue arch-rival after surge in withdrawals.
08-11-2022 21:15

Starlink announces 1TB monthly cap, users who go over will get slower speeds
It'll be 25¢ per GB for additional high-speed data; overnight use doesn't count.
08-11-2022 17:45

Cato Networks Reaches $100 Million ARR in Just Five Years to Become Fastest Growing Enterprise Network Security Startup
Cato Networks, the world’s leading single-vendor SASE platform provider,  has announced it has grown its annual recurring revenue (ARR) from $1 million to $100 million in just five years. This best-in-class performance for enterprise network security com
08-11-2022 10:48

KnowBe4’s SecurityCoach makes real-time security training a reality
KnowBe4, the provider of the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform, has introduced SecurityCoach, a new, first of its kind product which offers real-time security coaching aimed at reducing risky behaviour. The
08-11-2022 10:21

JUMPSEC reveals seven ways to maximise MSSP effectiveness
Our industry faces a shortage of skilled, experienced professionals, which puts a strain on companies finding and retaining capable and reliable security staff. The rise of specialist cyber security consultants and managed cyber security service provider
08-11-2022 09:54

Hacker took pains to hide $3.36B of stolen bitcoin. Feds found it anyway
The haul, the second biggest in DOJ history, shows the difficulty of hiding cryptocurrency.
07-11-2022 22:17

New Go-playing trick defeats world-class Go AI—but loses to human amateurs
Adversarial policy attacks blind spots in the AI—with broader implications than games.
07-11-2022 19:43

Algorithms quietly run the city of DC—and maybe your hometown
DC agencies deploy dozens of automated decision systems, often without residents’ knowledge.
06-11-2022 12:39

Herzog and Žižek become uncanny AI bots trapped in endless conversation
New site provides all the finest points of nonsense philosophy, verbalized forever.
04-11-2022 22:02

Obrela’s 2022 Digital Universe Study – A look at today’s threat landscape  
Obrela Security Industries recently launched their H1 2022 Digital Universe Study, which provides detailed insight into this year’s security and threat landscape. The results provide a ‘funnel’ view of real-time visibility data, and allow organisations t
04-11-2022 12:32

OpenAI debuts DALL-E API so devs can integrate its AI artwork into their apps
OpenAI offers integrated AI image generation on a demand—for 2 cents an image.
03-11-2022 21:02

No time to dwell
Whether it is a burglar in your home or a hacker in your network, if you can limit the time before they are spotted and stopped in their tracks, you might prevent them from achieving their goal.   So, if we can lower cyber dwell times, also known as
03-11-2022 16:47

Why Egypt became one of the biggest chokepoints for Internet cables
When underwater cables congregate in one place, things get tricky.
03-11-2022 13:16

Dropbox Hacked
Late Monday night, the popular file-hosting site Dropbox announced that it suffered a phishing attack. While no content, passwords or payment information was accessed, the hacker did “successfully access some of the code [they] store in GitHub̶
03-11-2022 12:41

Is there a problem with stress and burnout in cybersecurity?
Stress, wellbeing and mental health has become an area of discussion in many industries, particularly on how best to address its impact on the workforce. There used to be a stigma attached to those with mental health problems, often leading to them being
03-11-2022 10:34

New Mac app wants to record everything you do—so you can “rewind” it later [Updated]
Find "anything you've seen, said, or heard" using "3,750x" compression.
02-11-2022 21:33

New Mac app wants to record everything you do—so you can “rewind” it later
Find "anything you've seen, said, or heard" using 3,750x compression.
02-11-2022 21:33

Intel’s oft-delayed “Sapphire Rapids” Xeon CPUs are finally coming in early 2023
CPUs have been trickling out of Intel, but still waiting for volume shipments.
02-11-2022 20:43

The Main Advantages Of Using XDR Security System To Safeguard Business Data
The goal of XDR systems is to detect and counter security threats at all stages of the cyber-attack, from the point of entry to data extraction. This system offers a universal approach to ensuring the entire security landscape is protected from threats t
02-11-2022 17:29

Meta’s AI-powered audio codec promises 10x compression over MP3
Technique could allow high-quality calls and music on low-quality connections.
01-11-2022 21:18

Pantone wants $15/month for the privilege of using its colors in Photoshop
Changes have already hit some users, but communication and timing are muddled.
01-11-2022 18:27

OpenSSL 3 patch, once Heartbleed-level “critical,” arrives as a lesser “high”
It's tricky to exploit, and on a less-popular version, but needs patching ASAP.
01-11-2022 18:05

Understanding The Importance Of Cyber Resilience In Smart Buildings
A smart building controls activities such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and security through automated processes. Many smart buildings use Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which means they contain sensors to collect data and so
01-11-2022 18:00

Replit’s Ghostwriter AI can explain programs to you—or help write them
Ghostwriter generates, completes, or transforms code in 16 languages, similar to GitHub Copilot.
31-10-2022 21:49

Unconfirmed hack of Liz Truss’ phone prompts calls for “urgent investigation”
Unconfirmed media report says Russian spies hacked former UK prime minster's phone.
31-10-2022 20:27

Truss Phone Hacking Scandal Blame Foreign Culprits
Earlier today it was reported that former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss’s personal phone was hacked earlier this year by suspected foreign agents, putting national security at risk, according to a new report on Sunday. Further to this, unnamed “security so
31-10-2022 15:45

Biggest Copper Producer in Europe Targeted by Cyber-Attack
Earlier today, the the world’s second largest copper producer has been hit by a cyber-attack which forced IT systems offline. Further to this, Hamburg-headquartered Aurubis revealed in a brief statement that the attack struck on Friday evening. “This was
31-10-2022 15:36

Time is Ticking on a New OpenSSL Vulnerability
On Thursday, October 27th, 2022, developers of the OpenSSL cryptography library had taken the unusual step of pre-warning that a critical update is due to be announced on Tuesday, November 1, which will address a critical vulnerability. The OpenSSL libra
31-10-2022 15:25

Most Inspiring Women in Cyber Awards 2022
The nominations for the Most Inspiring Women in Cyber awards are out! It’s always wonderful to read about the incredible women in our industry, who are making fantastic contributions and paving the way for others. In no particular order, here is PA
31-10-2022 11:02

Most Inspiring Women in Cyber 2022
The nominations for the Most Inspiring Women in Cyber awards are out! It’s always wonderful to read about the incredible women in our industry, who are making fantastic contributions and paving the way for others. In no particular order, here is PART II
31-10-2022 11:01

Why the App Store’s tone-deaf gambling ads make me worry about Apple
We've seen ads ruin the user experience of nearly every product under the sun.
31-10-2022 10:00

How to download a backup copy of your Twitter data (or deactivate your account)
If you treasure your tweets, it's easy to get a backup copy for your own safekeeping.
28-10-2022 19:13

VMware patches vulnerability with 9.8/10 severity rating in Cloud Foundation
NSX-V appliance, which VMware no longer supports, also affected and patched.
28-10-2022 18:41

Meet Guacamaya – a hacktivist’s supporting the indigenous people of Central America and tackling the drug cartels
Outpost24 has released a new threat intelligence blog on Guacamaya, a hacktivist group acting in defense of the abuse performed on the territory and against the indigenous people of Central America. Their main objective is exfiltrating information about
28-10-2022 13:32

Meet the Windows servers that have been fueling massive DDoSes for months
Misconfigured CLDAP services on MS domain controllers are amplifying data floods.
28-10-2022 13:09

Huge Turnout Sets Exciting Precedent for International Cyber Expo 2023
With over 4,500 visitors from countries including the UK, Ireland, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, United States, and others, plus 130+ exhibitors, Nineteen Group’s inaugural standalone cybersecurity event, International Cyber Expo 2022 held
28-10-2022 11:13

Evolve as fast as the cybercriminals: Protect your business now, before it’s too late
According to the 2022 Cyber Threat Report, 2021 saw a global average increase of 105% in the number of ransomware attacks. The 2022 State of the Phish report said that a staggering 82% of UK businesses that experienced a ransomware attack sent payment to
28-10-2022 10:00

source : arstechnica, darkreading, itsecurityguru