Researchers find serious flaws in WordPress plugins used on 400k sites
Attention users of InfiniteWP, WP Time Capsule, and WP Database Reset: It's time to patch.
17-01-2020 11:45

Another reason to hurry with Windows server patches: A new RDP vulnerability
Crypto library's certificate bug isn't the only reason to hustle with latest Windows patch.
16-01-2020 16:11

Critical Windows 10 vulnerability used to Rickroll the NSA and Github
Attack demoed less than 24 hours after disclosure of bug-breaking certificate validation.
16-01-2020 00:30

The broken record of breaking encryption skips again in Florida shooter case
Trump's Twitter tantrum doesn't change the laws of mathematics. Neither does Cellebrite.
15-01-2020 23:40

US may subsidize Huawei alternatives with proposed $1.25 billion fund
Democrats and Republicans pitch $1.25 billion fund to boost non-Huawei 5G tech.
15-01-2020 21:15

Google plans to drop Chrome support for tracking cookies by 2022
The ad company wants to protect its revenue model and user privacy at the same time.
15-01-2020 13:15

Apple’s rack-mountable Mac Pro is now available
The internal configurations are the same, but the case design is very different.
14-01-2020 23:30

Verizon offers no-tracking search engine, promises to protect your privacy
With "OneSearch," Verizon promises no cookie tracking or personal profiling.
14-01-2020 22:49

Researchers find 17 Google Play apps that bombard users with battery-draining ads
Apps employed a variety of tricks to avoid detection by Google and infected users.
14-01-2020 20:59

Patch Windows 10 and Server now because certificate validation is broken
Crypto library bug allows spoofing of certificates, but no attacks in wild—yet.
14-01-2020 20:40

Windows 7: “I’m not dead yet!”
Over half of businesses still haven't finished move to Windows 10; zombie systems flourish.
14-01-2020 18:18

Unable to unlock gunman’s iPhones, the FBI (once again) asks for Apple’s help (updated)
The request may signal a new showdown between law enforcement and tech companies.
14-01-2020 01:05

Exploit that gives remote access affects ~200 million cable modems
Cable Haunt lets attackers take complete control when targets visit booby-trapped sites.
13-01-2020 22:00

Unpatched Citrix vulnerability now exploited, patch weeks away
Software fix over a week away and patches going slowly.
13-01-2020 20:31

Iranian hackers have been “password spraying” the US grid
State-sponsored group "Magnallium" has been probing US utilities for the past year.
12-01-2020 12:05

Amazon takes a swipe at PayPal’s $4 billion acquisition
Holiday shoppers warned that Honey, a popular browser extension, was a “security risk.”
11-01-2020 11:30

US Government-funded Android phones come preinstalled with unremovable malware
Phones were sold to low-income people under the FCC's Lifeline Assistance program.
09-01-2020 21:26

Ukraine airliner that crashed in Iran likely shot down, US officials say
Satellite imagery suggests antiaircraft missile was involved in crash that killed 176.
09-01-2020 20:25

Verizon’s great FiOS offer to me: Pay $50 extra for slower Internet
Verizon claims it's killing the cable bundle, then tells me I can't un-bundle.
09-01-2020 18:36

Paul Krugman’s no good, very bad Internet day
Claims "security team" told him his IP address was downloading child porn, got blockchain spam.
09-01-2020 16:19

Firefox gets patch for critical 0-day that’s being actively exploited
Flaw allows attackers to access sensitive memory locations that are normally off-limits.
09-01-2020 02:03

Firefox gets patch for critical zeroday that’s being actively exploited
Flaw allows attackers to access sensitive memory locations that are normally off-limits.
09-01-2020 02:03

NYC broadband plan calls for fiber everywhere, with ISPs sharing network
City will invest in network, but success depends heavily on private ISPs.
08-01-2020 21:10

Unpatched VPN makes Travelex latest victim of “REvil” ransomware
Unpatched PulseSecure VPN appears to have let cybercriminals in to steal, encrypt data.
08-01-2020 16:03

Unable to unlock gunman’s iPhones, the FBI (once again) asks for Apple’s help
The request may signal a new showdown between law enforcement and tech companies.
08-01-2020 01:12

Iran courted US security expert for years, seeking industrial hacking training
In emails and WhatsApp messages, Iranian telecom official tried to recruit US researcher.
07-01-2020 21:40

PGP keys, software security, and much more threatened by new SHA1 exploit
Behold: the world's first known chosen-prefix collision of widely used hash function.
07-01-2020 14:45

Researchers unearth malicious Google Play apps linked to active exploit hackers
Apps used a variety of tricks to covertly install well-written espionage software.
06-01-2020 19:37

Unpatched US government website gets pwned by pro-Iran script kiddie
Federal Deposit Library Program's server unpatched since 2012.
06-01-2020 17:06

Pick your poison: The potential Iranian responses to US drone strike
Killing of Quds Force commander Soleimani raises the stakes in US-Iran tensions.
03-01-2020 18:44

IRS drops longstanding promise not to compete against TurboTax
Tax-software makers can't hide free services from Google search, IRS says.
02-01-2020 20:02

Why did the former CEO of Nissan just get smuggled out of Japan?
Interpol is after Carlos Ghosn, but he probably wasn't smuggled out in a box.
02-01-2020 17:09

This time, for sure! Ars Technica’s 2020 Deathwatch
Sometimes, your purpose in life is to be a cautionary tale.
02-01-2020 12:30

Wired for sound: How SIP won the VoIP protocol wars
From the archives: An in-depth look at VoIP, specifically its past.
30-12-2019 15:59

Not so IDLE hands: FBI program offers companies data protection via deception
Newly surfaced doc outlines FBI's IDLE program—which teases thieves with "decoy data."
20-12-2019 12:30

PoS malware skimmed convenience store customers’ card data for 8 months
Wawa payment-processing infection collected names, card numbers, and more.
20-12-2019 02:00

PoS malware skimmed convenience store customers’ card data for 8 months
Wawa payment-processing infection collected names, card numbers, and more.
20-12-2019 02:00

Dark Overlord taunted, threatened, and extorted. Now alleged member is behind bars
UK man who fought extradition for almost a year is finally on US soil.
19-12-2019 22:10

Contractor admits planting logic bombs in his software to ensure he’d get new work
Logic bombs created periodic malfunctions that only he knew how to fix.
19-12-2019 13:19

Hackers steal data for 15 million patients, then sell it back to lab that lost it
LifeLabs said it negotiated with hackers after they demanded a ransom.
18-12-2019 13:28

5G deployment stands ready to supercharge the Internet of Things
5G for me and 5G for thee—especially if thou art an IoT device.
18-12-2019 13:00

No-fiber zone: FCC funds 25Mbps, data-capped satellite in rural areas
Viasat gets $87.1M for rural broadband; no word yet on price or exact data caps.
17-12-2019 22:11

Exhume dead cryptocurrency exec who owes us $250 million, creditors demand
Gerry Cotten died suddenly without telling anyone the password to his cold wallet.
17-12-2019 20:10

iDevices finally get key-based protection against account takeovers
With WebAuthn native to iOS and iPadOS, cross-industry MFA spec is ready to soar.
17-12-2019 12:00

iPhones and iPads finally get key-based protection against account takeovers
With WebAuthn native to iOS and iPadOS, cross-industry MFA spec is ready to soar.
17-12-2019 12:00

Russian media group Rambler attempting to hold Nginx hostage
Nginx's co-founders were detained on criminal charges and now face civil suits.
16-12-2019 22:35

Controversial sale of .org domain manager faces review at ICANN
ICANN asks questions about new owner, will have 30 days to make decision.
16-12-2019 20:00

A sobering message about the future at AI’s biggest party
AI leaders say that simply throwing more computers at a problem isn't sustainable.
14-12-2019 14:00

Deep Learning breakthrough made by Rice University scientists
Rice University's MACH training system scales further than previous approaches.
13-12-2019 18:42

AT&T doesn’t want you to see its slow Internet speed-test results
AT&T convinced FCC not to publish slow results, then left program entirely.
13-12-2019 17:49

Russia’s only carrier, damaged in shipyard accident, now on fire
A dozen injured, others reported missing in electrical fire aboard ship damaged by sinking dock.
12-12-2019 15:13

Senate Judiciary committee interrogates Apple, Facebook about crypto
Sens. Graham and Feinstein show united front on blaming crypto for child porn.
11-12-2019 23:37

Maze ransomware was behind Pensacola “cyber event,” Florida officials say
Same ransomware hit security firm; operators stole data for "leverage" on ransom.
11-12-2019 17:26

Verizon lays off more Yahoo/AOL employees after another drop in revenue
150-person layoff despite Verizon touting gains in mobile advertising.
11-12-2019 16:14

Can 5G replace everybody’s home broadband?
On kicking cable broadband to the curb, experts say "The answer is absolutely! Depending.”
11-12-2019 13:00

Intel’s SGX coughs up crypto keys when scientists tweak CPU voltage
Install fixes when they become available. Until then, don't sweat it.
10-12-2019 22:41

Pensacola confirms ransomware attack but provides few details
As Louisiana recovers from Ryuk, another city gets knocked offline.
10-12-2019 21:39

AT&T raises DirecTV prices again despite losing millions of customers
Yet another price hike of up to $10 for AT&T's dwindling TV-subscriber base.
10-12-2019 18:57

Amazon: Trump used “improper pressure” to block AWS from DOD cloud contract
Trump said "screw Amazon" and used contract as political weapon against Bezos, suit claims.
09-12-2019 17:32

3D printing can keep aging Air Force aircraft flying
Help the military make spare parts for decades-old B-52 bombers and other planes.
08-12-2019 16:10

Newly discovered Mac malware uses “fileless” technique to remain stealthy
In-memory infection makes it harder for end-point protection to detect it.
06-12-2019 21:17

Keybase moves to stop onslaught of spammers on encrypted message platform
Romance, drug, and blockchain scammers drawn to crypto-chat like flies to…
06-12-2019 14:22

Kingpin of Evil Corp lived large. Now there’s a $5 million bounty on his head
Hammer falls on the cybercrime group behind Dridex, the most widespread malware ever.
05-12-2019 21:50

Google Fiber ends $50, 100Mbps plan, but 1Gbps is still $70 with no data cap
100Mbps no longer offered to new customers: Google Fiber is all gigabit.
05-12-2019 20:50

FCC tries to bury finding that Verizon and T-Mobile exaggerated 4G coverage
FCC buries investigation's finding in 5G press release, won't punish carriers.
04-12-2019 22:20

Payment card-skimming malware targeting 4 sites found on Heroku cloud platform
Why host skimmers on yourself when you can abuse a service to do it for free?
04-12-2019 21:15

New Iranian wiper discovered in attacks on Middle Eastern companies
“ZeroCleare” wiper, descendant of Shamoon, found by IBM responders.
04-12-2019 17:49

AT&T says TV losses have peaked after latest loss of 1.3 million customers
DirecTV has lost millions of customers, but AT&T expects success in online video.
04-12-2019 17:26

HackerOne breach lets outside hacker read customers’ private bug reports
Company security analyst sent session cookie allowing account take-over.
04-12-2019 13:00

5G won’t change everything, or at least probably not your things
5G is many things, but a radically better phone experience it is not.
04-12-2019 13:00

5G on the horizon: here’s what it is and what’s coming
5G is many things—but the most interesting part is what it will eventually become.
04-12-2019 13:00

Mobile industry has stifled eSIM—and the DOJ is demanding change
US warns GSMA, says it must change eSIM standard that blocks competition.
03-12-2019 21:28

New crypto-cracking record reached, with less help than usual from Moore’s Law
795-bit factoring and discrete logarithms achieved using more efficient algorithms.
03-12-2019 14:19

Vulnerability in fully patched Android phones under active attack by bank thieves
"StrandHogg" spoofing flaw exploited by 36 apps, including bank trojans.
02-12-2019 21:10

T-Mobile touts “nationwide 5G” that fails to cover 130 million Americans
T-Mobile's "nationwide 5G" isn't nationwide and is just barely faster than 4G.
02-12-2019 17:40

Half an operating system: The triumph and tragedy of OS/2
From the archives: IBM doesn't make consumer desktop OSes anymore for a reason.
29-11-2019 13:34

Hacker’s paradise: Louisiana’s ransomware disaster far from over
Lost files and issues with backup management keep affecting Medicaid, other services.
27-11-2019 19:20

Suspect can’t be compelled to reveal “64-character” password, court rules
Prosecutors say forced disclosure permitted by "foregone conclusion." Justices disagree.
23-11-2019 12:45

A notorious Iranian hacking crew is targeting industrial control systems
Iran’s APT33 may be exploring cyberattacks on critical infrastructure.
23-11-2019 12:15

FCC finalizes ban on Huawei and ZTE equipment in Universal Service Fund
New purchases banned, and ISPs may have to rip out existing Huawei and ZTE gear.
22-11-2019 19:48

At launch, AT&T’s real 5G will only be as fast as its fake 5G
5G on low-band spectrum will be similar to LTE-Advanced until further upgrades.
22-11-2019 17:50

DOD joins fight against 5G spectrum proposal, citing risks to GPS
In letter to FCC's Pai, secretary of defense notes risks to military operations.
22-11-2019 17:19

Scammers try a new way to steal online shoppers’ payment-card data
Skimmers host fraudulent third-party processor that looks just like the real thing.
22-11-2019 14:00

Louisiana was hit by Ryuk, triggering another cyber-emergency
From Nunavut to Campeche, ransomware rolls along.
21-11-2019 22:15

Verizon’s new 5G coverage maps show just how sparse the network is
Verizon maps show small pockets of 5G, and 4G everywhere else.
21-11-2019 21:00

Google will pay $1.5 million for the most severe Android exploits
Big bump coincides with investments Google has poured into securing its Pixel phone.
21-11-2019 17:00

Nikki Haley lost her password, so she sent confidential info over unclassified system
Former US Ambassador to the UN was responding to North Korea nuke testing.
20-11-2019 19:41

Researchers see spike in “out of season” IRS-impersonating phishing attacks
Researchers track surge in IRS phishing sites as filing extension deadline arrived.
20-11-2019 15:22

Official Monero website is hacked to deliver currency-stealing malware delivers Linux and Windows binaries that steal users' funds.
20-11-2019 02:19

As DirecTV tanks, AT&T says it will “re-bundle” TV with HBO Max
HBO Max will include non-AT&T shows as AT&T aims to rebuild the bundle.
19-11-2019 23:35

Password data for ~2.2 million users of currency and gaming sites dumped online
Researcher confirms data belongs to users of Gatehub and EpicBot services.
19-11-2019 22:09

Microsoft says yes to future encrypted DNS requests in Windows
In highly hedged post, Microsoft pledges support for DoH and other schemes, eventually.
19-11-2019 17:11

Google & Samsung fix Android spying flaw. Other makers may still be vulnerable
Camera and mic could be controlled by any app, no permission required.
19-11-2019 12:32

Think of the children: FBI sought Interpol statement against end-to-end crypto
Backdoors are totally safe and companies should make them, draft resolution asserts.
18-11-2019 20:35

John Legere leaving T-Mobile after 7 fun years of bashing AT&T and Verizon
Legere will try to finish Sprint merger before handing CEO job to Mike Sievert.
18-11-2019 17:41

“Absolutely relentless” “ad blocker” plasters users with—you guessed it—ads
Ads Blocker uses several tricks to covertly and constantly bombard users with ads.
17-11-2019 14:00

Unrelenting “ad blocker” plasters users with—you guessed it—ads
Ads Blocker uses several tricks to covertly and constantly bombard users with ads.
17-11-2019 14:00

Microsoft sends a new kind of AI processor into the cloud
Innovative chip from Graphcore could push AI applications to greater heights.
17-11-2019 12:05

“Dirty trickster” Roger Stone convicted on all counts in Mueller indictment
Former Trump campaign adviser found guilty of witness intimidation, lies, and obstruction.
15-11-2019 19:00

What the newly released Checkra1n jailbreak means for iDevice security
There are reasons to embrace it. There are reasons to be wary of it. Here's the breakdown.
15-11-2019 14:00

source : arstechnica