Fri 10 Apr 2009

Being a facebook developer, i think following information will be helpful for users.

Security related to Applications

Privacy is always an important factor in personal life and behaving.

If any female or male doesn't want to share his or her photos or albums or some personal information on facebook with unknown personals through the applications they add/allow weather for any reason or in fun, which are vulnerable to misbehavers, then don't forget to set its applicaion privacy setting at following locations :-  Click on

1) Settings (from top facebook menu -> Privacy Setting -> Applications -> Overview
Here read the short important overview. It will not take your important minutes.

2) Settings (from top facebook menu -> Privacy Setting -> Applications -> Settings 

Here set your required settings. Do you want to share your photos and other personal information with the application, who's owner and developers are unknown and stranger to u, are you sure? No, so set your settings by removing check marks and save.


Be choosy in adding/allowing Applications - Be Safe



facebook privacy application setting 1.jpg


facebook privacy application setting 2.JPG


facebook privacy application setting 3.JPG


facebook privacy application setting 4.JPG


facebook privacy application setting 5.JPG


Are you sure you want to share your photos and personal information to persons who you dont know and to strangers?, If no then set your privacy settings now!


For Facebook photo and album privacy setting, click following link


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