Struggling With Stress? Consider Avoiding Fatty Foods For Better Recovery
A new study found that consuming high-fat food could hinder the recovery of endothelial function.
06-12-2023 03:38

Early Menstruation Linked To Heightened Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes Later In Life: Study
The study also suggests that girls who start menstruation before the age of 10 or younger, are at an increased risk of having a stroke before the age of 65.
06-12-2023 01:19

What Is Skin Flooding? Here's What An Expert Says About The Extreme Hydration Technique
Skin flooding is a skincare technique that promises an instant, radiant boost to the skin by layering multiple hydrating products.
05-12-2023 23:54

Hope Emerges for Patients With Rare Skin Disorder
"A new framework for thinking about and treating these diseases is emerging."
05-12-2023 18:56

Early Age at First Period Raises Type 2 Diabetes Risk
In a study of US women under age 65, "extremely early" age at first menstrual period was associated with greater risk for type 2 diabetes and stroke compared with having menarche at age 13.
05-12-2023 18:35

Cancer Prognosis Tied to Short-Term Suicide Risk
Poorer prognosis after a cancer diagnosis was strongly associated with a higher suicide risk within 6 months of diagnosis, according to an analysis of US registry data.
05-12-2023 18:00

Even With Insurance, Cancer OOP Costs Can Be Punishing
Commercial health insurance does not necessarily protect cancer patients from potentially devastating out-of-pocket costs. MDedge News
05-12-2023 17:50

US Life Expectancy Still Lags: What Doctors Can Do Today
Learn why American life expectancy has eroded and what you can do with patients to help fix the problem.
05-12-2023 17:37

Link Between Vitamin D Deficiency and Obesity Unclear
Debates about the association of vitamin D levels with obesity are ongoing, and confounding factors remain to be elucidated.
05-12-2023 16:47

People of Color Worry Good Health Care Is Tied to Appearance
Many people from minority groups brace themselves for insults and judgments before medical appointments, according to a new survey that reaffirms the prevalence of discrimination in US health system. KFF Health News
05-12-2023 16:32

COVID, Flu Rates Rising Nationwide, but RSV May Have Peaked
COVID-19 appears to be heading for a holiday season increase across most of the United States.
05-12-2023 16:28

Next Up for PCPs: Managing CKM
An AHA presidential advisory introduced the concept of cardiovascular-kidney-metabolic health, with PCPs as key providers.
05-12-2023 15:41

Shop Around to Save on Drug Prices
Should you shop around for prescription drugs? Learn ways to compare drug prices to find more affordable options.
05-12-2023 15:22

How’s the Food? Rate Your Hospital Cafeteria
Historically, hospital cafeterias have not been celebrated for the quality of their cuisine, typically feeding their staff from the same kitchen that prepared patient meals. How would you rate your hospital's cafeteria? Medscape Reader Polls
05-12-2023 15:14

Can an App Help You Manage MS?
You’ll find tons of apps for multiple sclerosis, but they won’t all suit your needs. Here’s how to choose the right MS app for you, whether you want a serious tool to monitor your health or a useful app to help you stay on top of your medications and app
05-12-2023 15:02

Genetic Testing Warranted in Epilepsy of Unknown Origin
Benefits of genetic testing in adults with unexplained epilepsy include enrollment in a clinical trial of a relevant gene therapy, connection to families with a similar diagnosis, and peace of mind.
05-12-2023 14:38

Addressing Chemo-Related Amenorrhea in Early BRCA
Persistent chemotherapy-related amenorrhea (CRA) after treatment for breast cancer was common and associated with worse long-term quality of life among premenopausal women. MDedge News
05-12-2023 14:28

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Drug Costs
Talking to your doctor about drug costs could help you save on prescriptions. Learn what your doctor can do when you can't afford your medication.
05-12-2023 13:50

The Prospect of a Medication to Treat OSA Is Getting Closer
A recent study assessed a combination of aroxybutynin, which has an antimuscarinic effect, and atomoxetine, which has a noradrenergic effect, in treating OSA.
05-12-2023 13:29

Radioimmunotherapy Tops ASCT in R/R Follicular Lymphoma
A new trial from Italy challenges a decades-old assumption that autologous stem cell transplant is more effective than radioimmunotherapy for consolidation after follicular lymphoma relapse.
05-12-2023 12:34

Peer to Peer: Choosing Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
Treatment for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS) may help slow disease progression and ward off relapses. Two women discuss how they decided to move forward with medication.
05-12-2023 12:22

Sleep Disorders Linked to Increased Mortality in Epilepsy
Sleep disorders in people with epilepsy are linked to a significantly increased risk for sudden unexplained death in epilepsy and all-cause mortality, new research shows.
05-12-2023 12:00

Rapid Access Clinics Help People With Opioid Use Disorder
The rapid clinic model of care reduced overall risk for hospitalization and death and may lead to better wait times and continuity of care.
05-12-2023 12:00

France's First Larynx Transplant
The patient who received the first larynx transplant to be performed in France is recovering well and beginning to regain the use of her voice.
05-12-2023 11:51

MDMA Therapy for Loneliness? Researchers Say It Could Work
Studies show the drug can make people more social and less defensive, effects that some say could be harnessed to treat loneliness in therapy.
05-12-2023 09:55

Eli Lilly's Obesity Drug Now Available in US Pharmacies
Eli Lilly's recently approved obesity treatment is now available in US pharmacies and could cost customers whose health insurance does not cover the drug $550 a month, or half the list price, the company said on Tuesday.
05-12-2023 09:35

Roche Joins Race for Obesity Drugs With $2.7 Billion Carmot Deal
Roche agreed to take over unlisted obesity drug developer Carmot Therapeutics for $2.7 billion upfront, joining a list of contestants seeking to challenge the dominant makers of weight-loss drugs Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly.
05-12-2023 09:32

Bee&You Rhinapi Nasal Spray: Your Gateway To Natural Nasal Wellness
This nasal spray adopts a holistic approach to wellness.
05-12-2023 06:40

Top 6 Personalized Meal Plan Services: Tailor Your Diet For A Healthier And Happier You
Let's delve into the top six personalized meal planning and delivery services that combine convenience and customization.
05-12-2023 06:39

Yogurt For Mental Health? Study Uncovers How Fermented Food May Prevent Depression, Anxiety
A team of researchers has identified how bacteria in fermented foods such as yogurt can help manage stress and prevent depression and anxiety.
05-12-2023 04:36

What's New in Acne Treatment?
Advances in acne care include the use of light-based devices.
04-12-2023 20:05

How the New Outbreak in China Is Affecting the US and Other Regions
A rise in respiratory illnesses in China and clusters of pneumonia in children and resistance to a common antibiotic have specialists taking a closer look at important trends.
04-12-2023 18:49

'Hidden Hearing Loss' May Cause Tinnitus: Study
Some people who have tinnitus are still able to perform well on standard hearing tests, according to researchers at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary.
04-12-2023 18:24

ASH 2023: Equity, Sickle Cell, and Real-Life Outcomes
Health equity, sickle cell disease, and the thoughtful use of artificial intelligence and social media are among the key themes to be presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology. MDedge News
04-12-2023 17:58

Analysis Supports Link Between Psoriasis and OSA
Several hypotheses may explain the connection, such as the presence of inflammatory mediators and nocturnal cytokine secretion, according to the authors.
04-12-2023 17:39

Reducing Albumin Improves Kidney and Heart Function
The tablet drug finerenone significantly reduces kidney risk in people with type 2 diabetes and also protects heart health, researchers found.
04-12-2023 17:05

Statin Use Remains Low for At-Risk Patients
Expanded prescribing guidelines have not boosted statin use among patients who are at risk for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.
04-12-2023 17:00

No Benefit of Levothyroxine in Heart Donors
New data challenge the common practice of levothyroxine administration in potential heart donors after brain death to preserve heart function and make more hearts available for transplantation.
04-12-2023 16:12

When Do Older Adults Need CT in the ED After a Fall?
A new decision rule could help emergency physicians identify which older adults need CT imaging for head injuries after a fall.
04-12-2023 15:41

For Happier Holidays, Set Your Expectations – and Breathe
Experts remind us to breathe and prioritize ourselves this holiday season.
04-12-2023 15:15

How the Microbiome Influences the Success of Cancer Therapy
Microbial diversity affects whether a tumor grows, leads to inflammation, develops immune escape mechanisms, or develops therapeutic resistance, said an internal medicine specialist.
04-12-2023 15:14

An ED Nurse Crosses Busy Freeway to Save a Life
When a huge cement truck slams into a freeway retaining wall, an ED nurse on her way home jumps in with no equipment to prevent a bleed-out.
04-12-2023 14:39

How Gender-Affirming Treatment Affects Erythrocytosis
Gender-affirming hormone therapy has been associated with a risk for abnormal blood cell elevation, but a new study finds that it is a lower risk than was previously believed.
04-12-2023 14:12

Poverty Tied to Poor Cognition in Patients With Epilepsy
Mounting research links poverty and other elements of neighborhood deprivation to worse cognition in people with epilepsy.
04-12-2023 12:55

NSCLC: Advances in Treatment
The discovery that there are many types of non-small-cell lung cancer has led to many advances in how the disease is treated. Learn what you need to know..
04-12-2023 12:31

NSCLC: Advances in Treatment
The discovery that there are many types of non-small-cell lung cancer has led to many advances in how the disease is treated. Learn what you need to know..
04-12-2023 12:27

NSCLC: When You Need More Than One Treatment
Not long ago, chemotherapy was the only treatment for non-small -cell lung cancer. Now, doctors have many options. Sometimes, they combine them.
04-12-2023 12:23

NSCLC: When You Need More Than One Treatment
Not long ago, chemotherapy was the only treatment for non-small -cell lung cancer. Now, doctors have many options. Sometimes, they combine them.
04-12-2023 12:19

Having ‘The Talk’ with Your Doctor About Your Late-Stage NSCLC Treatment and Outlook
Late-Stage NSCLC: What your doctor may talk about, like treatment, outcome, outlook, palliative care, hospice care, and end-of-life changes.
04-12-2023 12:04

Experimental Tx Restores Cognitive Function in Chronic TBI
In a first-in-humans trial, deep brain stimulation restored executive function in five individuals with moderate to severe traumatic brain injury 3-18 years after injury.
04-12-2023 11:47

How Climate Change Is Making the World Sick
Heat stress. Lung damage from wildfire smoke. These are just a few of the ways that public health has been impacted and compounded by climate change - a focus for the first time at COP28.
04-12-2023 10:26

NPs Confront Unexpected Delays Opening Private Practices
Nurse practitioners have expanded scopes of practice in about half of US states, but payers and collaborating physicians aren't always so quick to jump on board.
04-12-2023 10:19

How Will the Supreme Court Reshape US Opioid Epidemic Relief?
The Supreme Court is set on Monday to hear arguments over the legality of a roughly $6 billion bankruptcy settlement involving Purdue Pharma.
04-12-2023 10:15

FDA Approves Pirtobrutinib for Previously Treated CLL/SLL
The approval is the second this year for the reversible, highly selective kinase inhibitor following a January approval in mantle cell lymphoma.
04-12-2023 09:23

Smoking Alters Salivary Microbiota
Changes in oral microbiota caused by cigarette smoking could contribute to development of chronic health conditions.
04-12-2023 06:54

Smoking Alters Salivary Microbiota in Potential Path to Disease Risk
Changes in oral microbiota caused by cigarette smoking could contribute to development of chronic health conditions.
04-12-2023 06:54

Social Contagion Influences Buprenorphine Initiation for OUD
Despite being safe and effective, emergency department initiation of buprenorphine for opioid use disorder remains an underutilized practice, necessitating the evaluation of factors affecting its adoption.
04-12-2023 06:07

Pediatric Firearm Injuries See a Significant Surge in Pandemic
Did the alterations to daily life and economic stressors induced by the COVID-19 pandemic aggravate the already existing crisis of firearm injuries among US children and adolescents, a new study investigates.
04-12-2023 03:32

National Grief Awareness Week: Experts Share Tips To Support Someone Grieving
Many times, people genuinely want to help someone in grief, but a lack of knowledge about the process and uncertainty on how to communicate effectively can hold them back from offering support. This week, let's get some valuable insights from experts on
04-12-2023 01:31

New Tools Available to Help Diagnose Skin Cancer
Emerging technologies aim to improve skin cancer diagnosis without biopsies.
03-12-2023 17:25

International Day Of Persons With Disabilities: Myths And Facts About Disability
On this International Day of Persons with Disabilities, know some facts about disabilities, that will help us understand the lives of people with impairments and acknowledge their daily challenges.
03-12-2023 06:36

Misdiagnoses Among Challenges in Managing Cutaneous Lymphoma
Although predictive tools to identify those at risk of disease progression are in their infancy, the development of such tools is crucial for improving patient outcomes.
02-12-2023 12:19

Procedures May Ease Postmenopausal Pain Better Than Drugs
Postmenopausal women report more significant improvements in chronic pain after procedural interventions when compared with their younger counterparts, despite being notably less likely to use muscle relaxants, TCAs, and benzodiazepines.
01-12-2023 18:35

Eight Wealth Tips Just for Doctors
These money experts are doctors themselves and understand the unique financial needs of physicians. Here's what they suggest.
01-12-2023 15:58

Perinatal and Postpartum OCD: 'I Was Falling Apart'
Pregnancy-related obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) symptoms can take over your life. Learn how two women learned to manage symptoms of perinatal and postpartum OCD.
01-12-2023 15:49

How Peripheral Artery Disease Can Sneak Up on You
Peripheral artery disease takes hold over time, sometimes without people knowing it. Here are the subtle symptoms to look for.
01-12-2023 14:42

Foot Care Tips for People With PAD, From Podiatrists
Follow these foot care tips to help your feet stay healthy if you have peripheral artery disease (PAD).
01-12-2023 14:40

Do I Really Need Surgery for Peripheral Artery Disease?
Find out when someone with peripheral artery disease (PAD) might need surgery or another procedure to help treat it.
01-12-2023 14:38

When PAD Is an Emergency
If you have peripheral artery disease (PAD), you need to be aware of signs of these medical emergencies.
01-12-2023 14:36

Skin Care Tips for People With PAD, From a Dermatologist
Peripheral artery disease (PAD) can cause changes and discomfort to the skin on your legs and feet. Here’s how to manage the symptoms and what to look out for.
01-12-2023 14:34

No Adverse Effects From Steroids in Pregnant Women With EoE
'Our recommendations about the use of steroids among this population are based on the safety data extrapolated mainly from pregnant women with asthma.' MDedge News
01-12-2023 14:34

Ways Peripheral Artery Disease Can Affect Your Work
Personal adjustments and workplace accommodations to help your employer support your peripheral artery disease treatment.
01-12-2023 14:31

Peripheral Artery Disease: What Your Family and Friends Should Know
If you have peripheral artery disease (PAD), these tips will help you get the support you want from your loved ones.
01-12-2023 14:27

Tips for Traveling When You Have Peripheral Artery Disease
PAD and travel: How to get around at the airport, in the car, and at hotels.
01-12-2023 14:22

Peripheral Artery Disease in the Bedroom
PAD and sex: How peripheral artery disease impacts your sex life and what you can do to reclaim it.
01-12-2023 14:12

Ease Your Leg and Arm Pain From Peripheral Artery Disease
Leg pain is a top symptom of peripheral artery disease. Here are tips on how to manage it and to ease your pain.
01-12-2023 14:10

How to Help a Loved One With Peripheral Artery Disease
Peripheral artery disease can be a life-changing condition. Here’s how one man helped a friend through his diagnosis.
01-12-2023 14:08

Mindset Strategies for Peripheral Arterial Disease
Years after he quit smoking, Jim Stocker woke up with a "leg attack." Here’s how he walked through pain and misdiagnosis to get on better footing with peripheral arterial disease.
01-12-2023 14:04

How I Thrive Despite Peripheral Arterial Disease
Peripheral arterial disease doesn’t have to push you to the sidelines. Learn how to find ways to thrive with your diagnosis.
01-12-2023 13:42

Exercise and Live Better with Peripheral Arterial Disease
Your peripheral artery disease may make walking painful. Learn how supervised exercise therapy can help you go farther and in more comfort.
01-12-2023 13:34

Cardiologists Share Tips to Improve Life With Peripheral Arterial Disease
By boosting exercise and treating other medical conditions, you can live longer and better with this blood vessel condition.
01-12-2023 13:28

Infertility Linked With Slightly Higher Autism Risk in Kids
A large study suggests that underlying infertility, and not fertility treatments themselves, may drive the association between parental infertility and autism spectrum disorder in the child.
01-12-2023 13:01

COVID Vaccines Lower Risk of Serious Illness in Kids
Two doses of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine reduced hospitalizations and emergency department visits by 40%.
01-12-2023 12:25

COVID Vaccines Likely Reversed Premature Birth Trend
Researchers suggest this provides further evidence of benefit of SARS-CoV-2 vaccination before or during pregnancy.
01-12-2023 11:57

Secondhand Smoke Exposure Linked to Migraine
Secondhand smoke exposure is associated with migraine or severe headache, results of a large population-based study show, prompting the researchers to call for increased regulation of tobacco use.
01-12-2023 11:34

Ins and Outs of Rheumatoid Arthritis
In the webinar, Stanley B. Cohen, MD, broke down all things RA including what boosts your chances of having it, what risks come with RA, and more.
01-12-2023 11:18

Exercise Improves Physical, Cognitive Health in Down Synd
'The findings are significant and offer a crucial challenge to the [Down syndrome] and wider societies.' MDedge News
01-12-2023 11:10

FDA Probes Quality Issues With China-Made Plastic Syringes
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said on Thursday it is looking into reports of leaks, breakages and other quality problems with plastic syringes manufactured in China.
01-12-2023 11:05

AI Aids Type 2 Diabetes Insulin Dosing
A patient-facing voice-based conversational artificial intelligence application helped patients with type 2 diabetes optimize their insulin doses.
01-12-2023 11:05

Novel Subcutaneous Biologics Show Promise in AD
Patients with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis could soon have more therapeutic options, with monoclonal antibodies targeting novel immune pathways that reduce disease severity, suggest two trials.
01-12-2023 10:49

What to Know About Your Health Insurer’s Formulary Drug List
How do drug formularies work? Learn more about your health insurer's list of preferred drugs and how it can save you money.
01-12-2023 10:35

What Is the Dark Side of GLP-1 Receptor Agonists?
Doctors who prescribe this class of medication should be aware of the rare side effects with which it is associated, said an obesity expert.
01-12-2023 10:20

FTC Chief Gears Up for a Showdown With Private Equity
Lina Khan, chair of the FTC, says a recent lawsuit is meant to chill the consolidation of medical groups that results in higher prices for consumers. But it may be too late to curb price hikes. KFF Health News
01-12-2023 10:04

Patients Exposed to HIV, Hepatitis at Salem Hospital
At least 450 patients at Mass General Brigham, Salem Hospital, near Boston are at risk of HIV and hepatitis infection, according to a lawsuit claiming negligent intravenous medication administration.
01-12-2023 09:51

Tool Identifies Alcohol Relapse Risk After Liver Transplant
A novel prognostic tool based on social determinants effectively predicted increased risk of alcohol use relapse in adults who underwent liver transplants for alcoholic liver disease. MDedge News
01-12-2023 09:14

SABCS 2023 Highlights Breast Cancer De-Escalation
From humble beginnings in 1977, 10,000 people are expected to attend this year's breast cancer meeting in San Antonio.
01-12-2023 08:50

Meta-Analysis: Suicide Risk Not Increased With Isotretinoin
In fact, those treated with the drug for severe acne may have a lower risk for suicide attempts 2-4 years after treatment, according to the study authors. MDedge News
01-12-2023 08:10

Tranexamic Acid Cuts Trauma Deaths
Tranexamic acid has a modest yet significant impact on trauma mortality, according to a meta-analysis.
01-12-2023 07:16

Withholding Intubation Benefits Comatose Poisoning Patients
A randomized French study reveals that withholding intubation significantly improves outcomes without compromising patient safety.
01-12-2023 07:13

World AIDS Day: Know Signs, Stages Of HIV And Steps for Prevention
World AIDS Day targets to address one of the most pressing global public health challenges, which currently has no cure.
01-12-2023 03:24

source : webmd, medicaldaily, medscape