'Uber of Interventional Cardiology' Pushes Stents Over Surgery
A physician-driven website touts stenting as a treatment for patients who have been told they need open heart surgery. A surgeon calls it 'trolling for patients.'
17-01-2020 10:47

Parents Can Help Their Sleep-Deprived Teens
American teens aren't getting enough sleep, which can lead to anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.
17-01-2020 09:22

Magnesium Disorders Up Hypocalcemia Risk After Thyroidectomy
Hypocalcemia occurred in nearly 20% of patients following thyroidectomy in the large study, however, most cases resolved at 1 year.
17-01-2020 08:55

FDA Approves CVD Benefit for Once-Weekly Semaglutide
Information regarding cardiovascular safety was also added to the label of the daily oral semaglutide formulation.
FDA Approvals
17-01-2020 08:09

New Body-Sculpting Method Zaps Fat With Injected Ice Slurry
An experimental fat-selective mixture reduced thickness of adipose tissue by as much as 55% and fat volume by almost 3 cm3.
17-01-2020 05:01

Study Finds Women Age Faster Than Men In This Aspect
A new study found that blood vessels age significantly faster in women than in men, which increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
17-01-2020 03:37

What Is Rubella? First Case Since 1999 Reported In Austin
Public health officials reported that the contagious disease rubella has returned to Austin after more than two decades of no reported cases.
17-01-2020 03:32

More Flu Deaths Recorded In North Carolina
Health officials reported 11 people died in early January in North Carolina because of complications linked to the flu.
17-01-2020 03:28

Yosemite Stomach Illness Affects 170: ‘Consistent With Norovirus’
Norovirus has been linked to the sudden spread of gastrointestinal issues at the Yosemite National Park.
17-01-2020 03:23

Is The 7 Minute Workout Effective? Everything You Should Know
Although it is a time-saving way to get active and fit everyday, the 7-Minute Workout has its benefits and risks.
17-01-2020 02:58

New Study Reveals YouTube Still Monetizes Videos Promoting False Scientific Information
New research reveals that despite its pledge to fight off misinformation, YouTube still monetizes thousands of videos that carry false scientific information about climate science and other topics.
17-01-2020 01:55

Smoke From Australian Fires Have Already Circled The Globe
According to a recent update from NASA, smoke from the wildfires in Australia has already circumnavigated the world.
17-01-2020 01:46

Scientists Reveal The Four Types Of Aging
Different people age differently. And now, a new research may let scientists take another step towards finally understanding why there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to aging for people.
17-01-2020 01:26

Sierra Nevada Plans For 2021 Dream Chaser Launch
Next year can be a very big year for Sierra Nevada Corp. since the Colorado-based spaceflight company has confirmed that it’s on track for the launch debut of its robotic Dream Chaser space plane in 2021.
17-01-2020 00:20

Can A Fungus Help Build Outposts On Mars?
When the technology allows for it, scientists are pretty sure that humans would start living on the Moon. And according to new research, fungus from Earth might be coming along for the ride.
17-01-2020 00:09

Best Tips To Prevent Burnout At Work This 2020
Here are some easy tips to help you avoid burnout from work this 2020.
16-01-2020 23:58

Blood Test Could Predict Impending Death, Illness
Per a new research, scientists found a way to predict illness and imminent death better via a blood test.
16-01-2020 23:48

Want To Lose Weight Fast This 2020? Try The Keto Diet
Looking for a diet to follow this year? The ketogenic diet might be for you.
16-01-2020 23:37

How To Tell If Your Probiotic Is Not Working For You
When constipation, diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome improve, it can be taken to mean the supplement has aided recovery. However, not all probiotic supplements are safe to consume.
16-01-2020 20:41

Flu vs. Flu-Like Illness: What You Need To Know
Flu-like illnesses are treated similarly with antiviral medication by doctors who just go by the symptoms.
16-01-2020 20:22

Support for Vaccines Continues Downward Trend in US, Poll Shows
In 2019, 84% of Americans think vaccinating children is important, down from 94% in 2001; 10% still believe vaccines can cause autism, according to a new Gallup survey.
16-01-2020 18:33

Erythropoietin Fails to Stem Death, Neurodevelopmental Problems in Extreme Preemies
The hope that giving high-dose erythropoietin to extremely preterm infants would prevent death and neurodevelopment impairment appears to have dimmed.
Reuters Health Information
16-01-2020 18:31

Advances Show Promise for Treating Functional Abdominal Pain in Children
Several pharmacological, nonpharmacological, and psychological advances show promise for treating pediatric functional abdominal pain disorders (FAPDs), according to a review.
Reuters Health Information
16-01-2020 18:25

Online Information on Probiotics Often Inadequate, Misleading
Most websites that provide information about probiotics are unreliable and often tout unproven health benefits, a new study finds.
Reuters Health Information
16-01-2020 18:06

People With Diabetes in Hong Kong Living Longer, Except the Young
Researchers reports an over 50% drop in overall death rates among people with diabetes living in Hong Kong from 2001-2016; younger people with diabetes less likely to experience improvement in survival, however.
16-01-2020 18:04

Lack of Women Speakers Spurs Conference to Make Changes
An article highlighting a lack of female invited speakers at a major scientific medical meeting caused International Stroke Conference organizers to encourage more women to attend and to speak at the event.
16-01-2020 16:53

Antipsychotics for Schizophrenia Linked to Lower Morality Risk?
It's widely assumed antipsychotics increase the risk of CVD and early death in patients with schizophrenia. However, new findings suggest the opposite may be true and that these agents may in fact be protective.
16-01-2020 15:57

Doc Guilty in 'Heinous' Fraud Case Involving False Diagnoses
Jorge Zamora-Quezada, MD, falsely diagnosed patients has having rheumatoid arthritis, treated them with toxic drugs, and falsified medical records to mislead a federal investigation.
16-01-2020 15:13

Doctor Lets Patients 'Pay' for Surgeries With Volunteer Service
Surgeon donates his time and asks only that patients and a team of people the patient recruits do hundreds of hours of service with two partner charities.
16-01-2020 15:12

Touchless Patient Monitoring in the Works
If technical, ethical, and infrastructure challenges can be overcome, no-contact patient monitoring could be the way of the future, both in the hospital and in the home.
16-01-2020 15:03

Reduced Alcohol Intake Drives Significant Drop in AF Burden
The generally accepted association between alcohol consumption and AF is 'proven' in a randomized trial, researchers say.
16-01-2020 14:41

Stroke During Pregnancy May Be on the Rise in US
Stroke risk factors are also increasing in young women and more needs to be done to identify and treat high-risk patients in early pregnancy, authors of a new study urge.
16-01-2020 14:38

For Trans Kids, a Tough Path to Gender Harmony
Roughly 1.8% of high school students now identify as trans, almost twice the rate of adults. The biggest jump appears to be in teenagers born female who want to transition to males.
WebMD Health News
16-01-2020 14:01

Flu Shot No Match for 'B' Strain, Season Rages On
According to the CDC's estimates, there have been at least 9.7 million illnesses, 87,000 hospitalizations, and 4,800 deaths from flu this season.
16-01-2020 13:59

Higher Vaccine Coverage Tied to Mandatory Vaccination in Europe
Unlike the United States, most European vaccine mandates involved financial penalties, and the magnitude of the penalty was associated with greater immunization coverage.
16-01-2020 12:45

'First Signal' of Reduced Toxicity From Childhood Cancer Tx
Attempts to minimize long-term toxicity from the treatment of childhood cancers are paying off: a new study finds the 'first signal' of a decrease in cardiac toxicity.
16-01-2020 12:36

Diet Drug Belviq May Raise Cancer Risk: FDA
Health care providers should weigh the benefits of taking lorcaserin against the potential risks when deciding whether to prescribe or continue patients on the medication, the FDA advised.
16-01-2020 12:11

Even With Hospital Price Lists, 'Shopping Around' Still Difficult
In a ruling, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services attempted to make hospital charges more transparent, but the intended goal has not been met.
16-01-2020 11:33

CDC Lifts Advisory Against Certain Romaine Lettuce
But as of Wednesday, the outbreak of E. coli illnesses linked to the lettuce "appears to be over," the CDC said in a statement.
16-01-2020 11:16

New Head Injury Data Reinforce Restricted Antipsychotic Use
New data on head injury support evidence-based guidance to restrict antipsychotic use in patients with dementia to those with the most severe neuropsychiatric symptoms, and for a short, limited time.
16-01-2020 10:55

Worse Functional Outcomes After Stroke Linked to Smoking

Reuters Health Information
16-01-2020 10:49

Weight, Major Psychiatric Disorders Genetically Linked
Among individuals with major psychiatric disorders, genetic risk variants are associated with either increased or decreased body mass index.
16-01-2020 10:05

Less Tongue Fat From Weight Loss May Help Sleep Apnea
New treatments for targeting tongue fat reduction, possibly particular diets or cold therapies, should be considered, researchers say.
16-01-2020 09:53

Prices of MS Medications Keep Soaring
Medicaid spending on 15 MS drugs increased from $453 million to just over $1.3 billion between 2011 and 2017
16-01-2020 09:48

Best Vitamin D Sources For Everyone
Vitamin D can be sourced from supplements, mushrooms, sunlight and fortified food.
16-01-2020 07:05

Most Seniors Reportedly Take Too Many Prescription Drugs
Elderly Americans are taking far too many prescription medicines.
16-01-2020 06:54

US, EU Confirm 2019 Is Second Hottest Year In Recorded History
Both the U.S. and the European Union report 2019 is the world's second hottest year since they begun keeping climate records.
16-01-2020 06:38

Should You Get A Flu Shot Every Year?
Health experts recommend that people get vaccinated against flu every year to reduce their risk of contracting the virus.
16-01-2020 06:26

Weight Loss Drug Belviq May Increase Cancer Risk, FDA Reports
FDA warns the obesity-fighting drug, Belviq, might be associated with an increased risk of cancer.
16-01-2020 06:19

Major Financial Impact, Disability Tied to Post-TBI Epilepsy
Epilepsy that develops following traumatic brain injury (TBI) significantly increases the risk for disability and boosts healthcare costs, new research suggests.
16-01-2020 05:42

Volcano Eruption Safety Tips: How To Prepare For A Volcanic Eruption?
Volcanic eruptions can occur at any time. Here are some tips on how to be prepared.
16-01-2020 05:03

Dieting Could Reportedly Kill You Faster Than Obesity
Following a highly restrictive diet to lose weight may have more negative effects than being obese or having an excess weight.
16-01-2020 03:31

Vaping Illness 2020 Update: Deaths, Cases Reported So Far
Federal and state government officials reported that the effects of vaping continue to put many Americans, especially young people, into hospitals with a lung injury.
16-01-2020 02:11

Women Who Have More Sex Are Less Likely To Menopause Early, Research Finds
Per a new study, women who engage in sexual intercourse frequently are less likely to suffer from early menopause.
16-01-2020 02:07

New Bone-Eating Worm Discovered By Scientists At Sea
After dropping alligator corpses in the Gulf of Mexico, scientists are shocked to discover an unknown species of bone-eating worm, which nobody knew existed.
16-01-2020 02:00

Top Thought-Provoking Science-Fiction Movie Quotes
From an ethical lesson given by Jeff Goldblum to a bleak look at AI in the future, here are some of our favorite quotes from sci-fi movies.
16-01-2020 01:44

Why The Ginkgo Biloba Tree Is Basically Immortal
Per the latest study, ginkgo biloba tree lifespans are theoretically endless.
16-01-2020 01:29

Taal Volcano Eruption: Is Volcanic Ash Toxic?
Volcanic ash such as the one being spewed out of Taal Volcano in the Phillipines affects all kinds of life.
16-01-2020 01:16

This Once-A-Year Arctic Expedition Hopes To Help Make Better Storm Forecasts
In order to provide more accurate storm forecasts, a group of scientists reportedly visit the Arctic once a year to conduct studies.
16-01-2020 00:54

Abandoned Pets And Animals Near Taal Volcano Receive Help
A few days after the Taal Volcano eruption, volunteers started rescuing animals left abandoned near the volcano.
16-01-2020 00:46

This Pee Color Is Indicative Of Pancreatic Cancer
As one of the most common cancers especially in the U.K., pancreatic cancer currently has no cure. As such, knowing how to spot its early warning symptoms is vital, such as spotting a certain pee color.
16-01-2020 00:33

Can New Virus In China Spread Between Humans Amid Outbreak?
Recently, an outbreak in China is causing its people to start getting infected by pneumonia, all thanks to a new type of coronavirus.
16-01-2020 00:23

Best Carbs To Eat While On Keto
Here are some of the best fruits and vegetables that you can benefit from while following the keto diet.
16-01-2020 00:16

Peyronie’s Disease: What Is This Condition Affecting 1 in 10 Men?
Peyronie’s disease is a condition that causes structural abnormalities of the penis in an estimated 2.5 million men in the United Kingdom.
16-01-2020 00:09

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Signs In Your Eyes To Watch Out For
Vitamin B12 deficiency is a very common condition, so check out the signs you can find by just examining your eyes.
15-01-2020 20:28

How To Correctly Clean Your Mattress, According To A Toxicologist
Vacuuming, soaking baking soda overnight and flipping it occasionally are the most tried-and-tested ways to clean a mattress.
15-01-2020 20:22

Weed Affects Driving Skills Way Longer Than Previously Thought
Researchers found that people with heavy marijuana usage were more prone to road mishaps even without intoxication.
15-01-2020 20:07

Flu Shot a Mismatch for Main Strain, Season Far From Over: CDC
Influenza season is still in full swing and children are especially hard hit, in part as a result of a vaccine that is poorly matched to the currently predominant strain.
15-01-2020 18:42

Sports Medicine Group Issues Guidance on Athletes' Mental Health
Although participating in sports provides multiple benefits, it also exposes athletes to factors that can endanger their mental health. A new evidence-based, best practices document from the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine is intended to hel
15-01-2020 17:30

Breast Conservation After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Less Common in US Than Elsewhere
Neoadjuvant systemic therapy can facilitate breast conservation in certain women with stage II and III operable breast cancer. But compared to other countries, significantly fewer women in the United States make such a choice.
Reuters Health I
15-01-2020 17:26

NY Drug Distributor Exits Opioids After Admitting Role in Crisis
A New York company that was the first drug distributor to face U.S. felony charges for its role in fueling the opioid crisis said on Tuesday it will stop distributing controlled pharmaceuticals, which include opioids.
Reuters Health Informatio
15-01-2020 17:14

Of Millennials, Gen X, Boomers, Which Docs Have Highest Burnout?
Almost half of physicians of all ages said they would take a pay cut for better work-life balance, according to the results of a new Medscape survey.
15-01-2020 17:03

Pfizer's $225K Price for Heart Drug Tafamidis Slammed
The current price hinders access for those most likely to benefit and slows clinical advances in the management of ATTR-CM, a 'not-so-rare' condition, experts say.
15-01-2020 16:53

Probiotics: Don't Buy the Online Hype
The research found that of 150 websites that came up with a search of probiotics, most were commercial sites, hoping to sell a product.
15-01-2020 15:41

Trauma of Miscarriage May Trigger PTSD
After a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, 1 in 6 women can have PTSD nearly a year later, European researchers report.
15-01-2020 15:36

FDA Accepting Less Data, More Surrogate Endpoints in Trials
Less stringent clinical trial requirements and expedited pathways have come with positive and negative results, an editorialist writes. He suggests ways to reform the reform.
15-01-2020 15:26

Opioid Dropped After Thumbs Down From FDA Advisory Panel
Following a unanimous vote by an FDA advisory panel against recommending approval of a new opioid, the company has withdrawn its NDA and announced it will make no further investment in the drug's development.
15-01-2020 15:22

Which Obesity Surgery Is Right for You?
Looking at medical records from more than 33,000 U.S. patients, researchers found that those who underwent gastric bypass surgery had higher rates of hospitalization in the next five years, versus patients who underwent sleeve gastrectomy.
15-01-2020 14:22

Less Sex Could Mean Earlier Menopause
British researchers who tracked the sex lives and menopausal status of nearly 3,000 American women for a decade found that those who had less sex were more likely to begin menopause at an earlier age.
15-01-2020 14:18

Two Fish-Oil Candidates Fail Late-Stage Tests
AstraZeneca stops trial of omega-3 carboxylic acids (Epanova) for mixed dyslipidemia; Acasti Pharma trial of omega-3 phospholipid (CaPre) fails to meet end point in severe hypertriglyceridemia.
15-01-2020 13:46

For Trans Youths, a Tough Path to Gender Harmony
Roughly 1.8% of high school students now identify as trans -- almost twice the rate of adults. The biggest jump appears to be in teenagers born female who want to transition to males.
15-01-2020 13:41

Living in Disadvantaged Neighborhoods Linked to Brain Atrophy
There is a 'robust' link between living in a disadvantaged neighborhood and developing brain atrophy over time, a finding that carries potential implications for cognitive function as individuals age.
15-01-2020 13:29

Diet and Mental Health: The Evidence to Date
Although diet can influence mental health and cognition, "many common beliefs about the health effects of certain foods are not supported by solid evidence," researchers say.
15-01-2020 13:06

Knee Replacement Timing Out of Step for Most Candidates
Few patients with knee osteoarthritis receive the elective surgery within 2 years, a study found; delays were more common among African Americans.
15-01-2020 11:55

Have the Blockbuster Diabetes Drug Trials Been Biased?
A recent article from Japan is the latest to point out imbalances in the study arms of the FDA-mandated cardiovascular outcomes trials of newer type 2 diabetes medications.
15-01-2020 11:50

New Drugs Getting FDA's Blessing Faster, but Is That a Good Thing?
The result is that patients are being prescribed pricey new medications that have not been tested as rigorously, said lead researcher Jonathan Darrow, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School.
15-01-2020 11:32

Pot-Using Drivers Still Impaired After the High Fades
Compared to nonusers, heavy marijuana users had worse driving performance during the test. For example, they hit more simulated pedestrians, went over the speed limit more often, made fewer stops at red lights, and crossed the center line more often.
15-01-2020 11:27

Chemicals in Tap Water Linked to Bladder Cancer
Up to 5% of bladder cancer cases in Europe could be due to exposure to disinfectants in drinking water, say researchers, who calculate that lowering levels could almost halve that number.
15-01-2020 11:15

Three Simple Things to Improve Cancer Care
A breast cancer surgeon developed breast cancer — and a vision of what patients need from clinicians.
15-01-2020 10:31

Novel Molecule Opens Door to Wider Use of Cord Blood HSCT
One of the drawbacks of the use of umbilical cord blood as a source of stem cells is low volume, but a new molecule expands the cells and enhances engraftment.
15-01-2020 07:21

Can This Parasite That Makes Mice Unafraid Of Cats Stop Other Fears Too?
According to a new study, a parasite usually found in cats that can eliminate mice’s fear of felines can hijack their brain in such fatal way that it can stop their other fears and even make them reckless in all sorts of scenarios.
15-01-2020 05:11

Are Your Patients Taking CBD?
There is not much science-based information physicians can offer patients about cannabidiol (CBD), but many may be interested in trying it.
Medscape Reader Polls
15-01-2020 04:50

Is AI Advanced Enough To Do Science?
The last few decades have been great for artificial intelligence and machine-learning technology, advancing leaps and bounds and revolutionizing various sectors of society. But can they beat scientists at science?
15-01-2020 04:50

Why North Carolina Has A Very High STD Rate
Cases of STD in North Carolina are rising and poverty is partly to blame.
15-01-2020 04:36

Delaware Court Reinstates Sanctions Against Pain Doctor
Delaware’s Supreme Court has affirmed a medical licensing board’s decision to discipline a doctor for misconduct regarding use of opioid painkillers to treat a patient with heroin addiction.
Associated Press
15-01-2020 04:22

BlackRock, World's Largest Asset Manager, Turns To Green Investments
BlackRock is making sustainability and green investments its "new standard for investing."
15-01-2020 04:17

Burnout Could Be Deadly For The Heart
The top workplace causes of burnout are unfair treatment at work, unmanageable workloads and unreasonable time pressure.
15-01-2020 03:49

New Research Reveals Tardigrades May Have A Weakness
Tardigrades are known for being one of the toughest animals on Earth but can they survive global warming? Find out.
15-01-2020 03:25

How Premature Claims Of Life On Mars Hurt Science
Last year, there have been numerous premature claims of life on Mars. But can this actually hurt science in general?
15-01-2020 03:08

Researchers Use Notre Dame's Fire To Study Its Past
Last year, the Notre Dame cathedral got massively damaged because of a fire. Now, researchers are using the opportunity to study the church's past and secrets.
15-01-2020 02:55

source : webmd; medicaldaily; medscape