Promising Drugs Line Up for Lupus Treatment
Systemic lupus erythematosus remains a treatment challenge, but a variety of drugs in the pipeline are set to target type I interferons, cytokines, and B cells.
21-09-2020 20:19

Survey Quantifies COVID-19's Impact on Oncology
The survey showed that 'COVID-19 has had a major impact on the organization of patient care, on the well-being of caregivers…and on clinical trial activities in oncology,' said a presenter at ESMO 2020.
21-09-2020 19:43

Flecainide Plus Modafinil Relieves Sleepiness in Parkinson's
A phase 2 study shows low-dose flecainide added to modafinil relieved excessive day-time sleepiness for some patients with Parkinson's disease without affecting cognition or motor symptoms.
21-09-2020 17:42

Even Low-Dose Glucocorticoids Up Infection Risk in RA
The risk-benefit balance of long-term glucocorticoids should be carefully considered along with those of other therapeutic options.
21-09-2020 17:04

Options and Cautions for Patients with COVID-19
'We were concerned that, if we put them on high-flow nasal cannula or a noninvasive ventilation, that we would create aerosols that would then be a risk to clinicians,' said a Penn anesthesiologist.
21-09-2020 16:45

COVID Triggers Premature Births in Infected Moms
Of 445 live births reported, 12.6% were premature, which the CDC defined as before 37 weeks. That rate is about 25% higher than the rate of premature births for the general population, the CDC said.
21-09-2020 16:32

Holidays Can Be a Fright for Kids With Food Allergies
A new study found that serious allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) triggered by peanuts jumped 85% when kids were trick or treating.
21-09-2020 16:27

Potential COVID Drug May Raise Heart Risk: Study
The widely prescribed antibiotic azithromycin is being investigated as a COVID-19 treatment, but a new study warns it could increase the risk of heart problems.
21-09-2020 16:23

Judicial Threats to the ACA, Reproductive Rights Heighten
With the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a lawsuit brought by Republican state officials has become the latest existential threat against the federal health law.
21-09-2020 16:06

Too Much or Too Little Sleep Bad for Your Brain
Too little sleep was defined as four or fewer hours a night, while too much was deemed 10 or more hours a night. The ideal amount? Seven hours a night.
21-09-2020 16:04

Surge in Opioid Overdoses Linked to COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an surge in opioid overdose deaths, a new study confirms.
21-09-2020 15:57

Study Challenges 'Scoop and Run' Model for Cardiac Arrest
Transporting cardiac arrest patients to the hospital during resuscitation lowers the odds of survival compared to continued on-scene resuscitation, a major registry study finds.
21-09-2020 15:54

Safety Concern With Fingolimod to Ocrelizumab Switch in MS
A new study has suggested that some patients who make this switch may experience "double immunosuppression" – very low levels of both T and B cells, and therefore be at increased risk for infection.
21-09-2020 15:11

SSRIs Linked to 'Small But Significant' Increase in Violent Crime
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors may increase risk for committing violent crime -- even up to 12 weeks after drug discontinuation.
21-09-2020 15:09

CDC Adds Then Retracts Aerosols as Main COVID Mode of Transmission
The CDC abruptly deleted information from its website today that it had updated Friday on how COVID-19 is spread.
21-09-2020 14:55

Wildfires' Toxic Air Leaves Damage Long After the Smoke Clears
The plan was to chart how long it took for people to recover from living for 7 weeks surrounded by relentless smoke. It's still unknown, because most haven't recovered -- they've gotten worse.
21-09-2020 14:43

Low Free 25(OH)D Vitamin D Is Best Predictor of Mortality
Free 25(OH)D is a stronger predictor of all-cause mortality than total 25(OH)D in older men. Free 1.25(OH)2D, the biologically active metabolite, was not predictive of all-cause mortality.
21-09-2020 14:20

HPV-Mediated Head, Neck Cancers Predicted to Rise for Decades
Expect another 30 to 40 years of increasing numbers of HPV-related oropharynx cancers, said an expert.
21-09-2020 14:14

CGRPs Promising for Prevention of Chronic Cluster Headache
Treatment with CGRP monoclonal antibodies may reduce the frequency of chronic cluster headache attacks in patients with an inadequate response to other preventive medications, new research shows.
21-09-2020 14:13

EPA Adds to List of Coronavirus-Fighting Cleaners
Original Pine-Sol was proven effective against the coronavirus after 10 minutes, the EPA says. It joins other Clorox-brand products as well as several from Lysol on the EPA-approved list.
21-09-2020 14:09

Homemade Masks Work About as Well as Medical-Grade Ones
Two layers of T-shirt fabric is nearly as effective at blocking aerosol particles as a medical-grade mask.
21-09-2020 14:04

Global Life Expectancy Likely to Drop Due to COVID
Using a computer model, the researchers concluded that infection rates of only 2% could cause a drop in life expectancy in countries where average life expectancy is high (about 80 years).
21-09-2020 13:58

Glass-Topped Tables Injure Thousands Each Year
Investigators found that half of their patients experienced injuries to their deep organs, upper torso, abdomen or joint cavities and required surgery. About 8% died within a month of injury. Most of the injuries were suffered by children younger than ag
21-09-2020 13:41

Abemaciclib Cuts Early Recurrence in High-risk Breast Cancer
Patients with HR+, HER2- breast cancer at high risk of early recurrence on endothelial therapy could highly improve their invasive disease-free survival with adjuvant abemaciclib, a new trial shows.
21-09-2020 13:16

Trump Poised to Approve Drug Imports From Canada
Over the objections of drugmakers, the Trump administration is expected within weeks to finalize its plan that would allow states to import some prescription medicines from Canada.
21-09-2020 12:25

Lenvatinib Combo May Offer Hope After Immunotherapy in Melanoma
The combination of lenvatinib and pembrolizumab may extend by more than 1 year the lives of patients with advanced melanoma who progress after immunotherapy, show 'important' trial results.
21-09-2020 11:43

The Benefits of Vitamin C
Vitamin C is one of the safest and most effective nutrients, experts say.
21-09-2020 11:40

Longer Bisphosphonate Use Ups AFF Risk
In a Danish study, serious but rare atypical femoral fractures (AFFs) increased with longer bisphosphonate use and dropped quickly when use stopped, but 34% of patients with AFFs were not using the drugs.
21-09-2020 11:21

Novel Type 2 Diabetes Drugs Incur High Costs in Medicare
In Medicare Part D, beneficiaries pay 3 to 8 times more out of pocket for SGLT2 inhibitors, GLP-1 receptor agonists, and DPP-4 inhibitors than for older glucose-lowering agents.
21-09-2020 10:30

Sotorasib Is a 'Triumph of Drug Discovery' in Cancer
The drug inhibits KRAS p.G12C-mutant tumors, which are seen in about 13% of patients with non-small cell lung cancer.
21-09-2020 10:16

New Guidance Released on Infection Control in the NICU
Practical scenario-based recommendations from the Society for Health Epidemiology of America balance the need for infection control with need for close family contact in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).
21-09-2020 09:37

Dropping College COVID Rates Requires a Heavier Hand
Colleges that are stricter about COVID-19 rules have fewer cases among their students.
21-09-2020 09:32

Finding Love at HyperSpeed
So you’re looking for love in an app. Don’t worry, you’re not alone - nearly 1 in 4 people now meet online. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, but now science can help.
21-09-2020 09:28

COVID-19 and Kids - What's New
From asymptomatic children to a report from the states, here is today's round-up of news related to COVID-19 and children.
21-09-2020 09:16

Remote Learners Missing Out on Important In-School Eye Exams
In-school eye exams catch vision problems that might otherwise not be noticed. But children who are not attending school in person are missing this important screening.
21-09-2020 09:05

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Landing the Big Fish of Body Health
There’s nothing fishy about the benefits of omega-3s. Years of research suggest that vision, lung function, immune system performance, and even sperm count can all be improved by omega-3s. O
21-09-2020 09:02

It's What We Do -- Not with Whom -- that Makes Us Grin
Research finds friends and family can both make us happy, but having fun is important too.
21-09-2020 08:40

Happiness Is More About What You Do, Rather Who With
Research finds friends and family can both make us happy, but having fun is important too.
21-09-2020 08:40

Black Women Turn to Midwives to Avoid COVID and 'Feel Cared For'
Black women are looking to home birth as a way not only to avoid COVID-19 but also to shun a health system that has contributed to Black women being 3 to 4 times more likely to die of childbirth-related causes.
21-09-2020 07:42

First-in-Class ADC Ups Survival in mTNBC
For patients with metastatic triple-negative breast cancer for whom several therapies failed, progression-free and overall survival almost doubled with the novel antibody-drug conjugate, trial data indicate.
21-09-2020 07:09

Nivo-Cabo Combo Joins Advanced RCC Treatment Ranks
The PD-1 inhibitor/TKI combination is the latest to show superior survival in comparison with sunitinib as first-line therapy for patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma (RCC).
21-09-2020 06:07

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies From Pancreatic Cancer
The 87-year-old diminutive but fiery jurist was a three-time cancer survivor and became the second woman to serve on the US Supreme Court when President Bill Clinton appointed her in 1993.
18-09-2020 21:05

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies from Pancreatic Cancer
The three-time cancer survivor faced her most recent troubles in late 2018, when she had surgery for lung cancer that was discovered after she broke several ribs in a fall in her chambers. In January of 2020, Ginsburg announced that she was cancer free.
18-09-2020 20:01

EMA Backs Dexamethasone for Severe COVID-19 After Data Review
Dexamethasone can be considered a treatment option for adults and adolescents with SARS-CoV-2 infection who require supplemental oxygen therapy. International Approvals
18-09-2020 17:30

Medicare Will Test Pay Models for Radiation Oncology, Dialysis
CMS unveiled a final rule allowing Medicare to next year begin a test of bundled payment for radiation therapy. The rule also approves a kidney care model that encourages use of home-based treatments.
18-09-2020 17:02

Researchers Identify Five Cognitive Phenotypes in MS
Researchers have identified five cognitive phenotypes among patients with multiple sclerosis, which can help drive tailored rehabilitative strategies, say researchers.
18-09-2020 16:56

CDC Reverses COVID-19 Testing Guidance Again: Exposed Without Symptoms Need Tests
The Trump administration reversed guidance Friday on COVID-19 testing for a second time, urging those exposed to people with the virus to get tested even if they are not displaying symptoms.
18-09-2020 16:41

Lower Rituximab Dose as Effective, Safer in MS
Further data suggest that a lower dose of rituximab may offer similar effectiveness with a better safety profile than a higher dose commonly used.
18-09-2020 16:35

Two Cardiac MR Articles Pulled for Research Misconduct
The Journal of the American College of Cardiology issued a retraction for two articles from the same research group following allegations of misconduct, including data fabrication.
18-09-2020 16:32

Ustekinumab May Trigger Acute CV Events Early in Treatment
Initiating treatment with ustekinumab, an IL-12/23-targeting monoclonal antibody, may trigger early severe cardiovascular events in susceptible patients.
18-09-2020 16:21

Antidepressants for Dementia Prevention?
The SSRI escitalopram appears to lower amyloid-beta levels in cerebrospinal fluid of cognitively normal older adults, suggesting a potential role for these drugs in preventing Alzheimer's disease.
18-09-2020 15:41

More Women Specialists, but Gender Pay Gap Persists
Several specialties have seen substantial increases in the percentage of female practitioners, but the gender pay gap has seen little to no change, a Medscape report found.
18-09-2020 15:35

Sore Jaws, Cracked Teeth COVID Collateral Damage
Reports of pandemic-related dental problems liked cracked teeth are common, and sales of mouthguards to prevent people from grinding their teeth are up.
18-09-2020 15:04

'Cautious' DOAC Underdosing in AF May Push Mortality Higher
Risk-averse clinicians might be doing more harm than good by prescribing direct oral anticoagulants at lower-than-recommended dosages in hope of avoiding bleeding complications, suggests a study.
18-09-2020 15:02

Some Women at Higher Risk of Death from DCIS
An article published this week might raise concerns, again, for women who have been diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS).
18-09-2020 15:01

The List of Retracted COVID-19 Papers Is up to 33
The Korean Journal of Anesthesiology has retracted an article it published last month on ventilating COVID patients because it was nearly identical to one that had appeared in a different journal.
18-09-2020 14:48

Itchy Heads: It's National Head Lice Prevention Month
Do you know how to prevent head lice infestations? Or what to do if you find the critters?
18-09-2020 14:16

Many Need Follow-Up Colonoscopy and Don't Know it
Colon cancer is the third most common cause of cancer death in the United States. Because people with advanced polyps have triple the risk of developing cancer, it's generally recommended that they have a colonoscopy every three years.
18-09-2020 14:11

Experts: Crackdowns on COVID Rule Breakers Harmful
Some public health experts warn that these heavy-handed tactics don't work and may damage the pandemic response.
18-09-2020 14:04

Moderna: We'll Know Soon if COVID Vaccine Works
Along with Moderna's vaccine, there are six others in final Phase 3 testing that involves large-scale human tests.
18-09-2020 13:46

Another Rapid COVID-19 Test Shows Promise
The results are available within 90 minutes, while conventional COVID-19 tests provide results within 24 hours, the researchers said.
18-09-2020 13:38

90,000 Young U.S. Adults May Get Cancer This Year
The report from Ohio State University projects that nearly 90,000 Americans between 15 and 39 years of age will be diagnosed with cancer this year and more than 9,200 will die.
18-09-2020 13:32

COVID Adds Risk for People With Addiction Disorders
People with a recent addiction disorder diagnosis were more likely than others to develop COVID-19, and the connection was strongest among those with opioid and tobacco use disorders, the findings showed.
18-09-2020 13:26

Pfizer Vaccine Trial Bets on Early Win Against Coronavirus, Documents Show
Pfizer is betting that its coronavirus vaccine candidate will show clear evidence of effectiveness early in its clinical trial, according to the company and internal documents reviewed by Reuters that describe how the trial is being run.
18-09-2020 13:14

France Won't Buy Vaccines Through WHO's COVAX Scheme: Ministry Source
France will provide funding for an initiative led by the World Health Organization to buy potential COVID-19 vaccines, but will not source shots through the programme.
18-09-2020 13:14

Latin American Nations Seek More Time to Join WHO Vaccine Plan
Several Latin American countries have informed the World Health Organization (WHO) they intend to request more time to sign up for its global COVID-19 vaccine allocation plan known as COVAX.
18-09-2020 13:13

Medical Cannabis Can Change Lives, Thanks to New Guidelines
When traditional pain relievers don't work and when opioids are not appropriate or not tolerated, medicinal cannabis may help.
18-09-2020 13:08

NIH “Very Concerned” About AstraZeneca Trial
US concerned about AstraZeneca's COVID-19 phase 3 trial after one volunteer became ill.
18-09-2020 12:42

Pesco-Mediterranean Diet, Fasting 'Ideal' to Reduce CVD
Adhering to the Mediterranean diet and limiting eating time can lower the risk for cardiovascular disease.
18-09-2020 12:30

Pesco-Mediterranean Diet, Fasting, 'Ideal' to Reduce CVD
Adhering to the Mediterranean diet and limiting eating time can lower the risk for cardiovascular disease.
18-09-2020 12:30

Cumulative Adverse Childhood Experiences Tied to Reduced Quality of Life
Children involved with Child Protective Services (CPS) due to physical abuse have multiple exposures to experiences associated with reduced health-related quality of life (HRQoL), a small US study suggests.
18-09-2020 12:27

Dilute Povidone-Iodine Nasal Antiseptic Kills SARS-CoV-2 Rapidly in Vitro
Within 15 seconds of contact, a povidone-iodine nasal antiseptic at concentrations as low as 0.5% inactivated SARS-CoV-2 in vitro, a new study found.
18-09-2020 12:26

SARS-CoV-2 RNA in Plasma Linked to COVID-19 ICU Admission, Death
SARS-CoV-2 RNA in plasma was associated with intensive care unit (ICU) admission and mortality in a single-center study of patients hospitalized with COVID-19.
18-09-2020 12:26

Multidrug Resistance Common in Hospitalized Adults With HIV in Malawi
HIV-1 multidrug resistance is common and is associated with increased mortality among adults hospitalized with HIV infection in Malawi, according to a new study.
18-09-2020 12:26

Treat-to-Target Strategy 'Not Ready for Primetime' in Osteoporosis
As appealing as a treat-to-target strategy for osteoporosis sounds, there is not yet any hard evidence for better outcomes, or consensus about appropriate targets, according to a conference debate.
18-09-2020 12:21

Hostility Hurts Your Heart, Especially After a Heart Attack
We know that anger and hostility can cause stress and tension in the body, but it can also have a more serious effect. It can increase your risk of a second heart attack.
18-09-2020 12:13

CDC Posted Test Guideline Without Scientific Review
The guidance -- which was posted on Aug. 24 and widely criticized by experts -- said it wasn't necessary to test people without symptoms of COVID-19 even if they'd been exposed to the virus, and was posted on the CDC website when public health experts we
18-09-2020 11:40

Urban Hospitals of Last Resort Cling to Life in Time of COVID
Experts fear that the economic damage inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic on safety-net hospitals and the ailing finances of those that subsidize them are helping push some urban hospitals over the edge.
18-09-2020 11:08

Michigan Residents Warned About Serious Mosquito-Borne Virus
The state of Michigan is reporting a resident infected with a rare, but serious mosquito-borne illness called eastern equine encephalitis, or EEE.
18-09-2020 11:05

Another Study Suggests Lasting COVID-19 Impact on Heart
Cardiac MR scanning showed myocarditis post-COVID in 15% of a small series of young athletes, but commentators suggest these & other such findings are too preliminary to support routine CMR screening.
18-09-2020 10:53

Scarce COVID-19 Resources Demand That Competitors Share
Now is the time to build relationships across health systems and refine triage protocols, ahead of the potential second wave of COVID-19, experts say.
18-09-2020 10:47

Threefold Higher Risk for Breast Cancer Death With DCIS
Compared to the general population, women with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) were more than three times more likely to die from breast cancer; the risk was particularly high for Black women and young women.
18-09-2020 10:29

Experts Divided on Awake Prone Position for Severe COVID-19
Prone positioning 'has the real potential for harm,' but until data show decisively that the risks outweigh the benefits, it is 'another tool in the toolkit,' for the management of COVID-19 patients.
18-09-2020 10:22

Many Americans Still Concerned About Access to Health Care
Nationally, 23.8% of respondents said that they were very concerned about being able to receive care during the pandemic, and another 27.4% said that they were somewhat concerned.
18-09-2020 09:12

Novel Tool May Predict Bipolar Disorder Long Before Onset
A unique machine learning tool shows promise in predicting the onset of bipolar disorder years before it occurs, results of a new proof-of-concept study suggest.
18-09-2020 08:49

A Young Physician Hopes to Buck the Status Quo in Congress
In November, Dr Cameron Webb could become the first Black physician ever elected to Congress, where he hopes to bridge the gap between health and politics.
18-09-2020 06:54

Viruses That Come to Stay
Some linger in the body for a lifetime. The one causing Covid-19 probably isn't one of them, but it and others can create mischief long after the immune system appears to have banished them. Knowable Magazine
18-09-2020 06:04

ECG Promising for Predicting Major Depression, Treatment Response
The resting heart rate of patients with major depression may offer clues as to how well they will respond to antidepressant therapy, and may even predict disease onset, early research suggests.
17-09-2020 19:55

Vaccines Should Be Mandatory for All HCPs, Group Says
The Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America says all ACIP-recommended vaccines should be required as a condition for employment for physicians and other healthcare workers.
17-09-2020 18:47

Why Don't Electronic Health Records Mandate Pregnancy History?
New data showing adverse pregnancy outcomes occurred in roughly 1 in 3 women and confirming an association with late ASCVD begs the question of why EHRs don't mandate pregnancy history, experts say.
17-09-2020 18:06

Meager Meals, Dirty Rooms: Life in ‘Quarantine U’
Students say meager meals, unclean quarters and a general lack of necessities has made isolation feel like a punishment – adding to an already stigmatizing experience.
17-09-2020 17:31

Tough to Tell COVID From Smoke Inhalation Symptoms
Facilities already strapped for testing supplies and PPE must first rule out COVID-19 in these patients, because many of the symptoms they present with are the same as those caused by the virus.
17-09-2020 17:06

'Dose-Response' Between Exercise and Improvement in Diabetes
As adherence to a thrice weeky, supervised exercise class rose, A1c levels fell. Aerobic exercise, or a combination of aerobic and resistance training, seems best.
17-09-2020 16:40

COVID Prevention May Mean Record Low Flu Rates
Researchers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believe the social distancing measures put into place across the country last spring kept more than the new coronavirus at bay.
17-09-2020 16:32

Coffee May Slow Spread of Colon Cancer
Of the nearly 1,200 patients in the study, those who drank four or more cups of java on a daily basis had 36% higher odds of surviving during the 13-year study period.
17-09-2020 16:29

Children and COVID-19: New Cases May Be Leveling Off
Growth in new pediatric COVID-19 cases has evened out in recent weeks, but children now represent 10% of all COVID-19 cases in the United States.
17-09-2020 15:48

Colleges and Universities: The New COVID Hot Spots
More than 61,000 positive cases have been discovered on campuses since late August.
17-09-2020 15:47

Novel Calculator Predicts Cancer Risk in Patients With CVD
An easy-to-use predictive model can estimate 10-year and lifetime risk for cancer in patients with established cardiovascular disease (CVD), new research shows.
17-09-2020 15:43

Clinician Deaths From COVID-19: 'A Crisis on a Staggering Scale'
Mexico has had the most healthcare workers affected, followed by the United States, the United Kingdom, and Brazil, according to new data.
17-09-2020 15:38

What Exactly Is “Moderate” Exercise?
We're often told we should participate in moderate exercise, but what exactly is that and how can you tell if you're following the guidelines?
17-09-2020 15:35

source : webmd, medicaldaily, medscape