Shape Of The Brain Matters? Study Finds It Influences Thoughts, Feelings, And Behavior
Researchers believed the communication between neurons in the brain was the underlying factor that decided how it functioned. However, a new study has found that shape has more role.
01-06-2023 03:00

Teen Recovers From Rare Spinal Cord Stroke After Being Told She May Never Walk Again
After a few weeks of rehabilitation and physical therapy she was able to make some movements, although limited.
01-06-2023 02:37

Chemical Found In Widely Used Artificial Sweetener Damages DNA
The latest study raises questions on how the widely used sweetener may contribute to health problems as it contains a chemical that damages DNA.
01-06-2023 00:43

Did COVID-19 Come From Wuhan Lab? Top Chinese Scientist Speaks Out
A top Chinese scientist has admitted that the Chinese government looked into the theory that the virus could have come from a Wuhan laboratory.
31-05-2023 20:17

COVID-19 Pandemic May Be Over But US-China Flights Remain Few: Report
Less than 6% of U.S.-China flights have resumed post-pandemic.
31-05-2023 20:04

About 1 in 3 With Diabetes Have Unknown Heart Risk: Study
If you have type 2 diabetes, you could already be at a higher risk for heart disease without knowing it.
31-05-2023 17:15

Positive Results for Cannabis-Based Med for Nerve Pain
Zelira Therapeutics' cannabinoid-based drug may be a safe, effective, and well-tolerated alternative to pregabalin for diabetic neuropathy, the company said.
31-05-2023 16:54

Family Med Pay Stagnant: Medscape Compensation Report
Family physicians might not make the most money of 29 specialities, but the majority would choose to enter the field again.
31-05-2023 15:44

Exercise and Empathy Can Aid Patients With Chronic Back Pain
Regardless of treatment type, however, patients report that empathy and clear communication from their doctors go a long way in their satisfaction with pain management. MDedge News
31-05-2023 15:34

Recoding May Limit Breast Cancer Reconstruction Options
The federal government's arcane process for medical coding is influencing which reconstructive surgery options are available, creating anxiety for breast cancer patients. KFF Health News
31-05-2023 14:43

Weight-Control Surgery Surging Among Children, Teens
More children in the US are becoming afflicted with severe obesity, with a body mass index 20% higher than the marker for obesity, according to a report in JAMA Pediatrics.
31-05-2023 14:40

Regular Exercise May Boost Pain Tolerance
Regular exercise may boost pain tolerance, a new finding that may have implications for those experiencing chronic pain, new research suggests.
31-05-2023 14:27

Internists Unhappy With Pay: Medscape Compensation Report
A sizable portion of internal medicine physicians said they weren't fairly paid.
31-05-2023 14:25

Abortion Limits: Less Evidence-Based Care for Miscarriages
The results revealed that "abortion restrictions have far-reaching effects on early pregnancy loss care and on resident education." MDedge News
31-05-2023 14:01

Traditional Mexican Food Has Health Benefits
Many Mexican dishes and drinks are high in phenolic compounds and associated with better health status.
31-05-2023 13:15

Warning on Use of Sotorasib After ICI in Lung Cancer
For patients with non–small cell lung cancer, sotorasib should not be used within 30 days of immune check point inhibitors (ICIs) because of increased toxicity, say French researchers.
31-05-2023 12:19

Intensive BP Reduction After Stroke Recanalization Harmful
Intensive blood pressure management worsens outcomes and should not be pursued in stroke patients successfully recanalized with intra-arterial thrombectomy, results of the OPTIMAL-BP trial show.
31-05-2023 12:04

Stem Cell Transplant More Effective Than Some MS Therapies
Autologous stem cell transplant reduced the risk for relapses, compared with fingolimod and natalizumab, in a recent analysis.
31-05-2023 11:00

Troponin to ID Diabetes Patients With Silent Heart Disease?
US adults with type 2 diabetes and asymptomatic for cardiovascular disease had twice the prevalence of an elevated level of cardiac troponin T compared with those without diabetes.
31-05-2023 10:57

Using 'Green' Buses Could Up School Attendance
Switching to greener, cleaner, and more reliable buses may cut down on student absences. Quick Take
31-05-2023 10:21

Enthesitis Linked to Dupilumab Use for Atopic Dermatitis
Musculoskeletal symptoms identified in some patients treated with dupilumab for atopic dermatitis could help further understanding of how enthesitis develops.
31-05-2023 10:10

Posluma Approved for PET Imaging in Prostate Cancer
Flotufolastat fluorine-18 (Posluma), a new PSMA-targeted PET radiopharmaceutical, has been approved in the US for use in prostate cancer.
31-05-2023 10:02

Endoscopists Outperform CADx in Predicting Polyp Histology
Study findings suggest CADx remains a potentially useful aid in polyp diagnosis, but additional training is needed to improve accuracy in less than ideal conditions.
31-05-2023 09:37

‘Exciting Time’: FDA Commissioner Talks AI and Misinformation
AI’s potential depends on how it’s used, Robert Califf, MD, said. “It could be used for tremendous gain or it could be used for tremendous harm.”
31-05-2023 09:26

Is Sparkling Water Really Good For Health? Here's What Experts Think
Heath experts say sparkling water is safe as long as the beverage is free from added sugar.
31-05-2023 05:43

Decreased Sexual Satisfaction In Middle-Aged Men Linked To Memory Loss, Researchers Find
The study examined the influence of factors such as microvascular changes affecting erectile function and psychological shifts on the sexual drive of middle-aged men.
31-05-2023 05:40

World No Tobacco Day: 12 Ways Cigarette Smoking Affects Your Health
The theme for this year's World No Tobacco Day is "We need food, not tobacco."
31-05-2023 03:54

Study Links Heart Attack To Accelerated Cognitive Decline In Later Years
Researchers said even though the rate of decline in memory in heart attack patients was small, its effects could deepen with age.
31-05-2023 03:20

One More Reason To Cut Back On Alcohol: Study Says Excessive Drinking Causes Muscle Loss
Researchers found that excessive drinking can lead to muscle loss and frailty with aging.
31-05-2023 02:29

Keeping Your Afternoons Active May Help In Managing Diabetes Better
A new study has found that physical activity during certain times of the day has a greater impact on a person's blood sugar levels.
31-05-2023 00:28

181 Test Positive For COVID-19 After Attending CDC Conference
The latest update from the public health agency revealed that the tally climbed up weeks after the initial report.
30-05-2023 19:42

Internists: Increased earnings can't stop rising discontent
"Decreasing Medicare reimbursement and poor payor mix destroy our income," one physician wrote, and another said that "patients have become rude and come with poor information from social media."
30-05-2023 18:52

No Signal of Higher Noncardiac Death With Revascularization
Contrary to previous findings, no increased risk of noncardiac mortality was associated with revascularization in a meta-analysis of 18 trials.
30-05-2023 17:40

Tenecteplase Late After Stroke Misses Endpoint: TIMELESS
Giving very late thrombolysis to patients with large-vessel occlusion small core strokes did not show a significant benefit in the TIMELESS trial, although there were some encouraging findings.
30-05-2023 17:34

Potential New Treatment for REM Sleep Behavior Disorder
Dual orexin receptor antagonists -- currently approved for insomnia -- may also be effective for REM sleep behavior disorder.
30-05-2023 16:45

Are Psoriasis and Allergies Linked?
Psoriasis and allergies both cause itchy, skin and both involve immune system reactions. Could they be related?
30-05-2023 16:41

Psoriasis and Body Image
People with psoriasis share their experiences and how they learned to manage issues with body image, self-esteem, and quality of life.
30-05-2023 16:36

Living Day to Day With Psoriasis
Lifestyle changes can help improve your psoriasis and your overall health. Follow these expert tips.
30-05-2023 16:28

Psoriasis: Tips for Wearing Makeup
Some people with psoriasis choose to use makeup. Since this condition can cause skin flakiness and sensitivity, it’s important to be careful when applying makeup. Find out which products to use, what to avoid, and how to use and remove makeup with psoria
30-05-2023 16:20

ECG Monitor Implant Tightens AF Management, Boosts Outcomes
Fewer strokes and bleeding complications and greater med compliance were benefits of treatment guided by implanted loop recorders in a registry analysis.
30-05-2023 16:06

Can Statins Cause Brain Fog?
Some people report side effects like brain fog and memory loss with this drug designed to lower cholesterol. Here’s what the research says.
30-05-2023 15:45

Yoga and Cholesterol
If you have high cholesterol, you might consider starting a workout program. Find out how yoga can be your secret weapon in lowering your cholesterol levels and how you can add it to your daily routine.
30-05-2023 15:40

High Cholesterol in Younger People
If you think you don’t need to pay attention to your cholesterol numbers until you’re older, think again. Your heart health may be at stake.
30-05-2023 15:27

The Paleo Diet and Your Cholesterol
Researchers are looking at how lower-carb diets like paleo might affect your cholesterol.
30-05-2023 15:22

Shortfalls in General Medicine Persist in Italy
A report on general practitioners by the Italian National Agency for Regional Health Services does not show a concrete effort to respond to the problems highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
30-05-2023 15:22

Parent Survey of Children With Gender Dysphoria Retracted
Soon after publication, the study was criticized that its method of enlisting study participants was biased. Retraction Watch
30-05-2023 14:16

IV vs Intranasal Ketamine: Which is Best?
There is no difference in the efficacy of IV ketamine and its intranasal counterpart for treatment-resistant depression, but cost and the speed of effect may be the factors that determine treatment choice.
30-05-2023 13:53

Things People With AFib Wish You Knew
Atrial fibrillation (AFib) is when your heart beats too fast, too slow, or erratically. Here’s what some people with AFib want you to know.
30-05-2023 13:53

Living With the Side Effects of AFib
Your life will probably change in some ways after a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation (AFib). The symptoms can lead to shifts in your routine. It’s even normal to feel anxious or fearful at first. But with treatment and some healthy lifestyle changes, you
30-05-2023 13:45

APA Launches Online Eating Disorder Assessment Tool
A new online tool helps clinicians screen for, and treat, patients' eating disorders on the basis of recently released APA guidelines.
30-05-2023 13:38

People Still Want Their Medical Intelligence in Human Form
Well, we've got some good news for the physicians out there, and we've got some bad news. MDedge News
30-05-2023 13:09

Can HPV Cause Breast Cancer? Research Shows Potential Link
According to a recent study from Mexico, HPV has been found in breast cancer tissue, and in both malignant tumors and non-malignant breast disease.
30-05-2023 12:36

Ticagrelor, DAPT Equal in Preventing Repeat Revascularization
After percutaneous coronary intervention, ticagrelor alone or with aspirin are equally effective in preventing repeat revascularization at one year in a post-hoc TWILIGHT analysis. MDedge News
30-05-2023 12:22

Best Time of Day to Exercise for Type 2 Diabetes
Exercise is essential if you're living with type 2 diabetes and trying to keep blood sugar in check. To maximize exercise benefits, new research shows the best time of day to work out is in the afternoon.
30-05-2023 12:15

One in 10 People Who Had Omicron Got Long COVID: Study
The research team evaluated data from 8646 adults who had COVID-19 at different times during the pandemic and from 1118 persons who had not had COVID.
30-05-2023 11:47

Countering Stress-Induced Neck and Shoulder Pain through Relaxation Techniques and Relaxers
Countering stress-induced neck and shoulder pain can be achieved by employing relaxation techniques along with the use of relaxers like neck and shoulder relaxers and posture correctors, while incorporating stress-reducing activities like yoga and regula
30-05-2023 11:40

How to Assess the Effectiveness of a Bunion Corrector: A Comprehensive Guide
This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to assess the effectiveness of a bunion corrector, offering valuable insights and information for individuals seeking to evaluate the impact and suitability of such devices.
30-05-2023 11:39

High Turnover Rates in São Paulo's Primary Healthcare Units
Researchers investigating turnover in the Brazilian city's basic healthcare units found that specialist training and professional experience are among the factors influencing tenure.
30-05-2023 11:34

Kidneys From COVID-19-Positive Donors Safe for Transplant
Early concerns of disease transmission slowed the use of kidneys from donors with resolved or active COVID-19; however, use has increased with evidence of safety.
30-05-2023 11:09

ECMO Signal of Benefit for Cardiogenic Shock After MI
Though based on small numbers in a halted trial, ECMO was associated with reduced mortality for PCI patients in MI-related cardiogenic shock, results of the EURO SHOCK trial suggest. MDedge News
30-05-2023 11:08

JAK-Inhibitor Safety in Adolescents With AD Reported
Longer-term safety data on two JAK inhibitors approved for treating atopic dermatitis in adolescents are accumulating. MDedge News
30-05-2023 10:49

Impaired Thyroid Hormone Sensitivity Linked to Cancer Risk
Decreased thyroid hormone sensitivity significantly linked with higher risk for papillary thyroid carcinoma in a single-center, retrospective study of 1594 Chinese patients during 2020. First Look
30-05-2023 10:24

Real-World Data on ICI in Patients With HIV and Cancer
Immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) were active and showed similar safety in patients with HIV and cancer to that seen in matched controls.
30-05-2023 10:06

Kids Think Alexa Is Smarter Than Roomba
Children aged 4 to 11 years say they think Alexa is smarter than Roomba but that you should be nice to both. Quick Take
30-05-2023 10:00

Machine-Based Opioid Dispensing Reduced Drug-Related Harms
A qualitative study found that a British Columbia-based safer supply program that uses biometric machines reduced overdose risks and illicit drug use.
30-05-2023 09:55

PTSD, Anxiety Linked to Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
A new study shows an association between stress-related disorders like PTSD as well as anxiety and an increased risk of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.
30-05-2023 09:36

Gene and Cell Therapies Used in Treatment
Gene therapy offers new hope for people with some forms of inherited retinal dystrophy. Find out what’s available now and how to find a clinical trial.
30-05-2023 09:17

Early Diagnosis and Why It Matters
For most types of inherited retinal dystrophy, there is no cure. Find out why early diagnosis is still critical for your quality of life.
30-05-2023 09:15

Being Diagnosed With Inherited Retinal Dystrophy
Being diagnosed with a hereditary vision disease is life-changing. Learn how someone with retinitis pigmentosa manages life with low vision.
30-05-2023 09:14

How Genetics Are Involved
Inherited retinal dystrophies are disorders passed down through families. Learn how this affects which one you may have, diagnosis, and possible treatment.
30-05-2023 09:12

What Type of Inherited Retinal Dystrophy Do You Have?
Inherited retinal dystrophy affects your vision. Find out more about the common types.
30-05-2023 09:08

World Multiple Sclerosis Day: Warning Signs, Treatment Options
World Multiple Sclerosis Day is observed on May 30 to increase understanding of the disease.
30-05-2023 06:05

Ozempic Craze Hits China: Many Turn To Scalpers, Fake Prescriptions To Secure Doses
China has caught on to the Ozempic craze, and now the drug is also in short supply in the country.
30-05-2023 05:51

Energy Drinks May Negatively Impact Muscle Repair, New Study Finds
The results showed the tested energy drinks made it harder for muscle fibers to form and affected important markers that were involved in muscle development.
30-05-2023 04:54

Botox Causes Paralysis? Study Finds How Drug Enters Brain Cells
The researchers evaluated how Clostridium botulinum, which produces the toxin Botox, damages the communication between the brain neurons, resulting in paralysis.
30-05-2023 03:33

What Is Human Metapneumovirus? Symptoms, How It Is Transmitted
HMPV causes a range of respiratory symptoms such as cough, fever, nasal congestion and difficulty in breathing.
30-05-2023 03:17

Keep Moving Your Achy Joints: Study Says Regular Exercise Can Help Manage Osteoarthritis
A new study has found that the key to managing osteoarthritis is to keep the joints active.
30-05-2023 02:26

Are Fast Weight Loss Strategies Efficient As Slower Ones? How To Choose Right Strategy
Before deciding on the weight loss program, it is important to understand how each strategy works and which would fit your metabolism better.
30-05-2023 01:23

Scientists Narrow Down Long COVID Symptoms To 12 From 200 Reported Health Problems
Data from almost 10,000 participants were used in the study.
29-05-2023 21:16

Is New York City Ready For Impending Mpox Resurgence?
The mpox virus never completely disappeared though local health officials stopped giving updates late last year due to low numbers.
29-05-2023 19:33

WHO Chief Warns Of Pathogen 'Deadlier' Than COVID-19 Post-Pandemic
The UN agency has launched a global network to monitor new disease threats.
29-05-2023 19:27

Cardiopathy No Basis for Choosing Anticoagulation in ESUS
Clinicians shouldn't expect apixaban to offer benefit over aspirin in patients with embolic stroke of undetermined source simply because they have atrial cardiopathy, ARCADIA investigators conclude.
29-05-2023 18:58

No Added Benefit From Revascularization in Low-Risk CAS
Optimized medical therapy may be enough in patients with carotid artery stenosis who have a low to intermediate stroke risk, after the ESCT-2 trial showed no benefit from adding revascularization.
29-05-2023 16:44

Lomitapide Shows Promise in Pediatric Homozygous FH
Children and adolescents with homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia could benefit from lomitapide therapy, suggests a trial, although safety concerns and upcoming novel drugs question its place.
29-05-2023 14:49

Treating Vitiligo: Build a Care Team You Trust
Here’s what to look for as you assemble your vitiligo health care team.
29-05-2023 06:59

The Nuances of Treating Vitiligo in People of Color
There are challenges in treating vitiligo in people of color. An expert discusses these and newer therapies on the horizon.
29-05-2023 06:51

Researchers Find Mushroom Consumption Can Benefit Individuals With High Blood Pressure
The nutrients and bioactive compounds in mushrooms impact metabolism, and help reduce the risk of heart disease.
29-05-2023 05:09

Father's Genetic Impact More On Siblings With Autism, Study Finds
The researchers found that when two or more children were diagnosed with autism, the siblings were more genetically similar to their father.
29-05-2023 03:23

6 Myths About Urinary Tract Infections Debunked
While UTIs have often been associated with women, it is important to dispel this myth and recognize they can happen to anyone.
29-05-2023 03:11

China Not Implementing Lockdowns Despite Alarming Surge In COVID-19 Cases
The Chinese nation is determined to go on with normal life despite the threat of another big wave.
28-05-2023 20:18

4ThePure: New Website Aims To Connect Unvaccinated People
Former Trump adviser Michael Flynn is behind the online community for people unvaccinated against COVID-19.
28-05-2023 20:11

Pfizer, Moderna Sued Over Alleged COVID Vaccine-Related Patent Infringement
Alnylam has filed new lawsuits against the two pharmaceutical companies.
28-05-2023 20:02

More Mpox Cases Reported In New York, Other States Amid Possible Resurgence
U.S. health officials brace for the possibility of a summer resurgence.
26-05-2023 21:11

COVID-19 Vaccine Fall Overhaul: What You Need To Know
Pharmaceutical companies have a similar plan to move forward with their vaccines after the pandemic ended.
26-05-2023 21:08

Those Who Skipped Updated Booster Have 'Little' Protection Against COVID-19: Report
About 20% of adults in the U.S. got the updated COVID-19 booster.
26-05-2023 21:04

FDA Approves New Drug, Sotagliflozin, for Heart Failure
Sotagliflozin, a novel inhibitor of both SGLT 1 and 2, enters the US market with indications for preventing CV events, especially heart failure hospitalization and acute exacerbations.
26-05-2023 17:22

Overweight in Heterozygous FH Tied to Even Higher CAD Risk
The relatively high rates of overweight and obesity among patients with familial hypercholesterolemia should be addressed to reduce apparent impact on coronary artery disease risk, suggests a UK study.
26-05-2023 17:10

AI Improves Stroke Recognition in Emergency Calls
An artificial intelligence tool outperformed human call handlers in recognizing patients with stroke from calls to the emergency services in a new study.
26-05-2023 16:22

Plant-Based Diet Tied to Healthier Blood Lipid Levels
'If people start eating vegetarian or vegan diets from an early age, the potential for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease caused by blocked arteries is substantial,' says study author.
26-05-2023 12:14

After Tragedy of Stillbirth, She Set Out to Help Others
Every year at least 21,000 babies are stillborn in the United States. That’s about one in every 175 births, according to the CDC. Elizabeth O'Donnell wants to see that number fall.
26-05-2023 12:12

source : webmd, medicaldaily, medscape