Targeting IL-23 Could Still Be Important for Axial SpA Treatment
Results of a systematic review and meta-analysis corroborate negative trial findings for IL-23 but hint at some early benefit with risankizumab.
21-09-2021 13:53

Guideline Weakly Supports Trying Cannabinoids for Chronic Pain
Do oral medical cannabis or cannabinoids work in chronic pain? Here's what the evidence says.
21-09-2021 13:46

Doctor Who Claimed Masks Hurt Health Loses License
Steven Arthur LaTulippe's advice to patients about face masking amounted to 'gross negligence' in the practice of medicine and was grounds for discipline, the medical board said in a report.
21-09-2021 13:43

Residency Programs Need 'Greater Focus' on BPD Treatment
Borderline personality disorder is often underdiagnosed, in part because not enough clinicians know how to handle patients with the condition, experts say.
21-09-2021 13:21

Friedreich's Ataxia Treatment Shows Extended Benefit
A treatment that protects against inflammation may also help in slowing progression of Friedreich's ataxia out to more than 2 years, a new phase 2 trial suggests.
21-09-2021 13:04

Trust Is 'Key' in Treating Borderline Personality Disorder
Difficulties associated with treating borderline personality disorder make for an uneasy alliance between patients and clinicians, which makes earning their trust essential, experts say.
21-09-2021 12:57

Animal Sedative Is Driving Rise in Fatal Drug ODs
According to a new CDC report, xylazine has turned up in overdose deaths in 25 of 38 states examined and in 2019, it contributed to death in 64% of cases and almost always also involved fentanyl.
21-09-2021 12:39

As COVID-19 Cases Rise in Kids, Scientists Examine Immune Systems
Experts are eager to understand what protects most children from becoming severely ill with the disease.
21-09-2021 12:36

Survey Identifies Clinicians' Unease With Genetic Testing in PD
Ahead of new guideline development, a survey of Movement Disorders Society members worldwide shows a number of gaps in clinicians' comfort levels with genetic testing in Parkinson's disease.
21-09-2021 11:17

Gut Health 'Vitally Important' for Mental Health
Increased pro-inflammatory gut bacteria and decreased anti-inflammatory bacteria are associated with several major psychiatric disorders, including bipolar disorder, depression, and schizophrenia.
21-09-2021 11:08

Cambodia Bat Researchers on Mission to Track Origin of COVID-19
Researchers are collecting samples from bats in northern Cambodia in a bid to understand the coronavirus pandemic, returning to a region where a very similar virus was found in the animals a decade ago.
21-09-2021 10:33

Regulators Could OK Pfizer Boosters for Older Americans This Week
US regulators could authorize a booster shot of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for older and some high-risk Americans early this week in time for the government to roll them out by Friday.
21-09-2021 10:29

New AHA Guidance on Managing Obesity-Related Hypertension
Clinicians are addressing the secondary problem (ie, hypertension or diabetes), but not the root cause of obesity as aggressively, says the writing group chair.
21-09-2021 10:00

Doctors Preyed on Homeless for Slip-and-Fall Schemes; More
Physicians and lawyers together recruited homeless people and drug addicts to scam insurance companies. Do sales reps belong in the operating room? This high-risk specialty lowered its claim rates. Medscape Business of Medicine
21-09-2021 09:59

Patient Views on Dermatologic Surgery Antibiotic Use Vary
Investigators looked at patient preferences regarding taking antibiotics to prevent SSI relative to antibiotic efficacy and adverse reactions.
21-09-2021 07:20

Survival Benefit With Pembro in TNBC, but Only for Subgroup
New results show a survival benefit in a subgroup of women with triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) when pembrolizumab (Keytruda) is added to chemotherapy.
21-09-2021 07:07

Aflibercept Matches Laser for Retinopathy of Prematurity
Aflibercept appears to work as well as laser photocoagulation for retinopathy of prematurity — at least in the short term.
21-09-2021 06:26

COVID-19 Claims More Than 675,000 US Lives, Surpassing 1918 Flu
Though the comparison is a bit apples and oranges between now and 1918, the staggering death toll is tragic in any era.
20-09-2021 18:32

FDA Approves Abbott's Portico Valve for TAVR
The approval, based largely on the recently published PORTICO-IDE trial, is for patients with severe symptomatic aortic stenosis at 'high or extreme' surgical risk.
20-09-2021 18:14

10 Lessons Learned From the Pandemic, and a Way Forward: Report
A new report claims better federal government coordination is needed, along with an improved public health infrastructure, more tests, and better data on critical supplies.
20-09-2021 17:57

Nursing Shortages Affect Safety During Labor and Delivery
Nursing shortages are the biggest safety risk for patients in labor and delivery units, according to a recent survey of obstetricians.
20-09-2021 17:02

New Drug Combo Boosts Survival Against Aggressive Form of Breast Cancer
A targeted therapy triples the length of time that the cancer remains in check when compared with the current gold standard.
20-09-2021 16:22

Does Vitamin B6 Need a Warning Label?
Vitamin B6, widely promoted and taken as a supplement, should carry a warning label about possible nerve problems, according to the CEO of a large contract research lab in Northern California.
20-09-2021 15:49

I Got a ‘Mild’ Breakthrough Case. Here’s What I Wish I’d Known.
I was miserable for five days, am fully recovered a month later and have learned even more about what we do and don’t know about covid now.
20-09-2021 13:25

COVID-Detecting Dogs Pilot First Airport Program
These good girls are very good at what they do, which is detecting the scent of COVID-19 in human breath.
20-09-2021 13:24

Survey: 2/3 of Critical Care Nurses Consider Quitting Due to COVID-19
The pandemic is taking even more of a toll on nurses than many realize. In a new survey, the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses found that out of 6,000 critical care nurses surveyed, 66% have considered leaving their jobs because of the pandemi
20-09-2021 13:14

Pfizer Says COVID Vaccine Is Safe, Effective for Kids 5-11
In a clinical trial that included more than 2,200 children, Pfizer says two doses of the vaccines given 3 weeks apart generated a high level of neutralizing antibodies.
20-09-2021 13:13

Alabama’s Deaths Outpace Births for First Time in History
For the first time in Alabama’s known history, the state’s deaths have outpaced its births -- a bleak consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.
20-09-2021 12:33

CDC Study Says Moderna Vaccine More Effective Than Pfizer and J&J
A nationwide study of more than 3600 adults found the Moderna vaccine does a better job at preventing COVID-19 hospitalizations than the two other vaccines being used in the United States.
20-09-2021 12:29

HPV Infection During Pregnancy Ups Risk for Premature Birth
Persistent human papillomavirus (HPV) 16 and HPV 18 infections during a pregnancy may be associated with an increased risk of premature birth.
20-09-2021 11:46

Men Give Thumbs Up to Video on Genetic Testing in Prostate Cancer
A video about the risks and benefits of germline testing in prostate cancer could help cancer practices ease problems caused by a shortage of trained genetic counselors.
20-09-2021 11:10

American Samoa Reports First COVID-19 Case
The case was detected Thursday among 43 travelers who were quarantined at the Sadies by the Sea hotel in the village of Utulei.
20-09-2021 11:01

When US ICUs Are Full, Most States Ration Care by Age
As COVID-19 strains and tests the limits of hospitals and healthcare workers, how do we decide who to treat and who to turn away?
20-09-2021 10:24

Circadian System Implicated in Asthma Worsening at Night
The circadian system plays an important role in nocturnal worsening of asthma, independent of sleep and other daily behavioral or environmental cycles, laboratory experiments with 17 asthma patients showed.
20-09-2021 09:22

Tanezumab May Reduce Intractable Bone Metastasis Pain
The monoclonal antibody tanezumab reduces cancer pain in patients already taking opioids but questions remain over the durability of its effect and its bone safety. Medscape News UK
20-09-2021 07:38

Androgen Deprivation Alone No Longer Acceptable for mCSPC
Androgen deprivation alone is no longer an acceptable option for the treatment of men with metastatic castration-sensitive prostate cancer (mCSPC), experts contend.
20-09-2021 07:23

Nurses 'At the Breaking Point,' May Quit Due to COVID: Survey
A new survey says that the variant surge and vaccine refusal are taking a serious professional toll on critical care nurses today and could have impact on the future.
20-09-2021 06:05

Unions Not a 'Silver Bullet' to Improve Resident Well-Being
Study suggests unionization had some benefits for surgical residents, but there was no difference in reported burnout and job satisfaction between unionized and nonunionized residency programs.
20-09-2021 05:57

Six Months of Trastuzumab Effective in HER2+ Breast Cancer
A large-scale data analysis has confirmed that 6 months of trastuzumab is just as effective as 12 months in HER2+ early breast cancer, but the question is whether it will be adopted, say experts. Medscape News UK
20-09-2021 05:12

Sublingual Film Well-Tolerated for Parkinson 'Off' Episodes
Even without the use of antiemetic drugs, apomorphine sublingual film was well tolerated to treat Parkinson 'off' episodes, the most common adverse event being mild nausea, a study has shown.
19-09-2021 15:58

Adjuvant Pembro Success in Early Melanoma Raises Questions
Adjuvant pembrolizumab significantly improved recurrence-free survival in stage 2B/C melanoma in KEYNOTE 716, but which patients benefit most and what does this mean for treatment down the line?
19-09-2021 13:13

Accepting My Migraine Disease and Living Well
What does it mean to radically accept life with a chronic illness? Hear from one woman managing migraines.
19-09-2021 11:47

New Standard of Care in Cervical Cancer
The combination resulted in significant improvements in both progression-free and overall survival compared with chemotherapy (with or without bevacizumab) alone.
19-09-2021 09:57

Should You Go Gluten Free for Your Psoriasis?
Could a gluten-free diet help if you have psoriasis? Here’s the take from the experts.
18-09-2021 15:46

BrighTNess Follow-Up Data Shed Light on TNBC Therapy
Patients with triple negative breast cancer had improved event-free survival when carboplatin (but not the PARP inhibitor veliparib) was added to standard neoadjuvant chemotherapy.
18-09-2021 09:42

Ticagrelor of Net Clinical Benefit aAfter Stroke, TIA: THALES
A new analysis of data from the THALES trial separates out the reduction in ischemic events from the increase in bleeding events and shows the benefit outweighs the risk in a ratio of four-to-one.
17-09-2021 19:42

Poorer Teens Are More Likely to Have Lingering 'Lazy Eye'
Researchers linked lower socioeconomic status and cognitive scores to higher rates of amblyopia, a condition that can become permanent if not treated early in childhood.
17-09-2021 18:46

European Agency Recommends Two New Adalimumab Biosimilars
The Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use gave a positive opinion for the approval of Hukyndra and Libmyris, each of which will have 15 indications. International Approvals
17-09-2021 17:04

Biden Invests $2.1 Billion in Infection Control
The Biden administration today announced an investment of $2.1 billion to improve infection prevention and control for COVID-19 and future infectious diseases, the largest allocation of its kind in American history.
17-09-2021 17:03

Access, Travel Rules Influence Missionary Vaccine Policies
The global agency of the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest evangelical Protestant denomination in the US, announced this month it is requiring vaccinations for missionaries they're sending into the field. Associated Press
17-09-2021 17:02

Alaska Sets Record for Daily COVID Cases
"Our hospitals have been and continue to be incredibly stressed," Anne Zink, MD, the state's chief medical officer, said on a conference call, according to The Associated Press.
17-09-2021 16:47

FDA Panel Backs Pfizer's COVID Booster for 65 and Older, High Risk
Pfizer's application for a third dose of its mRNA COVID-19 vaccine was earlier rejected by the panel for those 16 and over.
17-09-2021 16:39

Trial Into Antioxidant for Parkinson's Disease Yields Disappointing Results
The research team found no significant difference in the rate of disease progression for those given the metabolite inosine for two years compared to the placebo group.
17-09-2021 16:36

Cuba Starts Vaccinating Kids as Young as 2
The pediatric vaccinations started this week, making Cuba one of the first countries in the world to vaccinate children so young.
17-09-2021 16:34

Gene Therapy Research Accelerates for Retinal Diseases
Patients who have rare retinal diseases — as well as those with more common ones — may benefit from a surge in gene therapy research.
17-09-2021 16:32

Millions Could Soon Lose Medicaid Coverage Started During the Pandemic
If you enrolled in Medicaid during the pandemic, you could lose your coverage when the emergency declaration ends.
17-09-2021 16:19

Opioid Overdoses Tied to Lasting Cognitive Impairment
Although opioid overdoses usually aren't fatal, new research suggests they can have long-lasting effects on the brain, possibly because of hypoxia resulting from respiratory depression.
17-09-2021 16:12

Pfizer Expands Recall of Antismoking Drug to Include All Lots
Ongoing concerns over a nitrosamine impurity in Chantix prompt Pfizer to recall all batches of the product in the United States as a precautionary measure.
17-09-2021 15:51

EMA Endorses Injectable Malaria Drug Artesunate
The drug, which was approved by the FDA last year, is an initial treatment of severe malaria in adults and children. International Approvals
17-09-2021 15:44

Child Obesity Rose Sharply During Pandemic
Children aged 6 to 11 had the most significant increases in rates of obesity, the AP reported.
17-09-2021 15:41

Nivo/Ipi Combo Now 'Standard of Care' in Mesothelioma
Patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma have a marked and sustained overall survival benefit with nivolumab and ipilimumab vs chemotherapy, even if they discontinue treatment.
17-09-2021 15:28

How To Be Careful of ‘Miracle’ Weight Loss Promises
Here’s a primer on how to spot some concerning claims and make the right choices for your health, fitness, and wallet.
17-09-2021 15:23

Flurry of Cancer Drug Endorsements From EU Panel
The European Medicines Agency panel recommended for approval three new cancer drugs and additional indications for two other already marketed immunotherapies. International Approvals
17-09-2021 14:54

AHA Reverses Course on Hybrid 2021 Sessions for All-Virtual Event
The American Heart Association's decision to shift to an all-virtual meeting from the planned hybrid event with live sessions in Boston reflects the ongoing surge of the COVID-19 Delta variant.
17-09-2021 14:31

Improved Survival in Patients With NSCLC and Brain Metastases
About a third of the patients with NSCLC and brain metastases treated with atezolizumab in combination with chemotherapy had overall survival improved to 2 years.
17-09-2021 14:00

'Urgent' Need to Understand Immunotherapy De-escalation in NSCLC
The strong and durable response to immunotherapy in some patients suggests treatment could be reduced or withdrawn, but questions surround which patients will be ideal candidates, an expert argues.
17-09-2021 13:51

Use-By, Sell-By, Best-By: Food Dating Labels Explained
A new guide from PIRG Consumer Watchdog explains food dating labels, like “Use-By” and “Sell-By,” and says better public knowledge could prevent over half a million tons of food waste.
17-09-2021 13:06

Fibrosis Progression Flies Below the Radar in Subclinical ILD
The findings question the terms "subclinical/preclinical" interstitial lung disease, which may potentially lead to a suboptimal watchful waiting management, according to researchers.
17-09-2021 12:44

French Doctors and Scientists Denounce Harassment, Threats
A group of healthcare professionals and scientists in France have gone public with their fears over COVID-related harassment and threats. They are calling on the government to take immediate action.
17-09-2021 12:43

NY Governor Vows to Fight Lawsuit Over Vaccine Mandate
A federal judge this week temporarily blocked the state from enforcing any part of its mandate that prohibits religious exemptions for healthcare workers. Associated Press
17-09-2021 12:29

COVID-19 Surge Forces Healthcare Rationing in Parts of West
The decisions marked an escalation of the pandemic in several Western states struggling to convince skeptical people to get vaccinated. Associated Press
17-09-2021 12:16

EMA Panel Backs Diroximel Fumarate (Vumerity) for MS
Diroximel fumarate is similar to dimethyl fumarate (Tecfidera) in efficacy but has a unique chemical structure that may induce less irritation to the gastrointestinal tract.
17-09-2021 12:03

Latest Breast Cancer Clinical Trials: Who They’re For
Is a clinical trial for you? Learn more about ongoing breast cancer clinical trials.
17-09-2021 11:58

Florida Surpasses 50K COVID Deaths After Battling Delta Wave
More than 12,700 succumbed this summer as the state battled a fierce surge in infections fueled by the Delta variant. Associated Press
17-09-2021 11:57

Ways to Handle Breast Cancer’s Out-of-Pocket Costs
Get tips to manage the out-of-pocket costs you may have during breast cancer treatment.
17-09-2021 11:56

Dealing With Breast Cancer While Raising Children: 5 Ideas for Fun
Get ideas for family-friendly activities when someone in your family has breast cancer.
17-09-2021 11:55

Ways to Organize Breast Cancer Paperwork
Learn ways to organize medical information, appointment scheduling, and bills when you have breast cancer.
17-09-2021 11:55

Surveillance, Management of Colorectal Dysplasia in IBD
The American Gastroenterological Association provides 14 best practices regarding the prevention, detection, and management of colorectal dysplasia in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.
17-09-2021 11:54

Best Exercises to Help Ease Lymphedema
These seven moves may help restore range of motion and build strength after breast cancer surgery if you have lymphedema.
17-09-2021 11:51

US Gymnasts Testify About Sexual Abuse by Larry Nassar
They expressed frustration while recounting traumatic and graphic details during a Senate hearing on the FBI's mishandling of the investigation into former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar's actions.
17-09-2021 11:33

FLIP Panometry Tops HRM for Esophageal Motility Measurement
Although high-resolution manometry is considered the standard method by which to evaluate esophageal motility, functional luminal imaging probe panometry now represents a novel method to do so.
17-09-2021 11:18

Should You Tell Work About Your Breast Cancer?
Breast cancer at work: How to handle whether or not to tell your boss, co-workers, and human resources department about your breast cancer diagnosis.
17-09-2021 11:17

HPV Vaccine Safety Concerns Up 80% From 2015 to 2018
But adverse events after HPV vaccination actually decreased during the same period, researchers found.
17-09-2021 11:00

Texts Boost Activity, QOL in Patients With HF and Diabetes
A 3-month lifestyle intervention using a step counter and text messages to encourage activity and medication adherence led to improved quality of life in a randomized study in HF and diabetes.
17-09-2021 10:58

Capsular Inflammation Linked to Silicone and Textured Implants
Systemic symptoms have prompted women to seek removal of their breast implants.
17-09-2021 10:49

New Data Show COVID Telehealth Pivot by Patients, Physicians
Psychiatrists, dermatologists, urologists, and primary care physicians were among the highest users of teleconferencing for patient visits 6 months after the start of pandemic, according to data.
17-09-2021 10:11

Interactive Feature Test
Interactive Feature Test
17-09-2021 10:08

Boost Vitamin D in Blacks Living at High Latitudes, Study Indicates
Those of African-Caribbean descent who reside at higher latitude, lower UVB-exposure regions show vitamin D deficiencies. Supplementation can help.
17-09-2021 09:56

Common Eye Diseases Linked to Higher Risk for Dementia
The health of the retina may be a link to the health of the brain.
17-09-2021 07:45

Pegcetacoplan Shows Mixed Results for Geographic Atrophy
Two phase 3 trials yielded different results for pegcetacoplan as a treatment for geographic atrophy.
17-09-2021 07:10

Baylor Gets Restraining Order Against COVID Vaccine Skeptic Doc
The health system is seeking $1 million in damages against internist and cardiologist Peter McCullough, MD, for allegedly continuing to claim an affiliation after signing a separation agreement.
16-09-2021 20:30

Trinidad Health Minister Calls Nicki Minaj's COVID Vax Claim False
Terrence Deyalsingh, the health minister for Trinidad and Tobago, said her story was inaccurate and called it a waste of time.
16-09-2021 17:25

FDA Analysis Chills the Rush to Approve Boosters
An FDA report released this week has added doubt to the outcome of an advisory committee meeting on Friday to consider a third booster dose for the Pfizer COVID vaccines.
16-09-2021 17:12

Medium-Weight Mesh Fails to Cut Pain of Ventral Hernia Repair
Medium-weight mesh was introduced to cut chronic pain associated with heavy-weight mesh, but it hasn't been subject to a randomized trial until now.
16-09-2021 17:10

Hospitalizing the Unvaccinated Has Cost U.S. Nearly $6 Billion
The study authors adds, most adults in the U.S. have had access to vaccines since the spring, so these hospital stays could likely have been avoided.
16-09-2021 17:02

In 16 States, 35% or More Residents Now Obese
This number reported by the CDC has nearly doubled since 2018.
16-09-2021 16:55

Pandemic Tie to Vision Problems Seen in Chinese Kids' Study
Research suggests vision problems increased among Chinese schoolchildren during pandemic restrictions and online learning, and eye specialists think the same may have happened in US kids. Associated Press
16-09-2021 16:30

When COVID Deaths Are Dismissed or Stigmatized
After their brother died, two sisters faced a barrage of misinformation, pandemic denialism, and blaming questions. Grief experts say that makes COVID-19 the newest kind of 'disenfranchising death.'
16-09-2021 16:23

Fewer Inpatient Work Hours Linked With Worse Patient Outcomes
The 30-day mortality rate was significantly lower among hospitalized patients treated by full-time clinicians, compared with those treated by part-time clinicians, in a new study.
16-09-2021 16:14

Pope Urges COVID-19 Vaccines, Calling Them Humanity's Friends
'[Vaccine hesitancy] is a bit strange because humanity has a history of friendship with vaccines,' Pope Francis told reporters.
16-09-2021 15:55

source : webmd, medicaldaily, medscape