Why Monkeypox Spreading In Wild Animals Could Spell More Trouble For Humans
Experts believe it will be impossible to eliminate the health issue once it becomes established in wild animals.
30-09-2022 23:37

Second COVID Booster Effective Against Hospitalization, Death In Nursing Home Residents
A new study found that the second COVID-19 vaccine booster was highly effective at protecting nursing home residents against the serious effects of the viral infection.
30-09-2022 20:49

Severe Monkeypox Illness: CDC Issues Warning After Third Patient Death In The US
The public health agency issued the alert as Ohio reported the death of a monkeypox patient.
30-09-2022 19:27

IBD Appears More Prevalent in Men Who Have Sex With Men
There are several hypotheses around what might account for this differing prevalence, but they require additional studies to confirm, according to researchers.
30-09-2022 17:40

Chinese Artist Records Era of COVID, One Test at a Time
A 33-year-old multi-disciplinary artist from Jiangsu province has been filming his own COVID-19 nucleic acid tests with a small camera in his mouth.
30-09-2022 16:45

Hong Kong Government to Further Ease Coronavirus Measures
The Hong Kong government said on Friday it aims to ease some coronavirus curbs in an orderly way as pandemic trends in the Asia financial hub were continuing to stabilize.
30-09-2022 16:41

Italy Drops COVID-19 Face Mask Rule for Public Transport
Italians will no longer have to wear face masks on public transport, the health ministry said late on Thursday, in the latest easing of rules against the coronavirus pandemic.
30-09-2022 16:32

SMART-CHOICE 3-Year Results Support Dropping Aspirin After PCI
Shortening dual antiplatelet therapy duration and continuing with a P2Y12 inhibitor alone was associated with a similar rate of ischemic events but less bleeding than prolonged DAPT after 3 years.
30-09-2022 16:31

Class I Recall of LifeSPARC Advanced Circulatory Support System
A software malfunction may cause the system's controller to wrongly enter critical failure mode causing the pump to stop working; 66 complaints and 2 injuries have been reported.
30-09-2022 15:01

CMS Spent Billions on Meds Without Confirmed Benefits OIG Says
The Medicare and Medicaid programs spent more than $18 billion over 3 years on medications for which there was no proof of a significant clinical benefit, a new federal report shows.
30-09-2022 14:56

Data Show Lebrikizumab Atopic Dermatitis Effects Maintained
Lebrikizumab shows good long-term efficacy and reasonable safety in patients with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis according to the 52-week results from the phase 3 ADvocate1 and ADvocate2 trials.
30-09-2022 13:32

Strong Link Found Between Enterovirus and Type 1 Diabetes
Relationship is particularly high within 1 month of type 1 diabetes onset, suggesting potential preventive role for vaccination or antivirals.
30-09-2022 13:10

Statins After Diagnosis May Protect From Breast Cancer Mortality
A large review found a protective effect, but many confounders exist. The study was published as a preprint and has not yet been peer reviewed. First Look
30-09-2022 12:24

Has COVID Swayed the Rise in Pneumococcal Disease in Spain?
An increase in the use of two types of antibiotics to treat COVID-19 may have contributed to a rise in antimicrobial-resistant strains of Streptococcus pneumoniae.
30-09-2022 12:01

Image-Guided Superficial Radiation as First-line in Skin Cancer?
For non-melanoma skin cancer, image-guided superficial radiation therapy offered comparable disease control to Mohs surgery. The study was published as a preprint and has not yet been peer reviewed. First Look
30-09-2022 11:58

Hormones' Impact Described in Transgender Rheumatology Patients
Gender-affirming hormone therapy does not need to be a strict contraindication in transgender patients with rheumatic disease, an author of a new case series and systematic review said.
30-09-2022 11:21

Liver Fat Lowered by Ezetimibe-Statin Combination
A significant 5.8% decrease in hepatic steatosis was seen after 24 weeks’ treatment with ezetimibe and rosuvastatin comparing baseline with end of treatment values. MDedge News
30-09-2022 11:16

Improve Diagnosis of Type of Heart Failure Common in Diabetes
Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction is common in people with type 2 diabetes but is often hard to recognize. Treatments newly proven to be effective make diagnosis an imperative.
30-09-2022 11:13

Gender-Based Violence Is a Cardiovascular Risk Factor
Gender-based violence not only has psychological effects, but can also damage the heart, as a cardiologist reported at a recent conference.
30-09-2022 10:50

Sex Differences Seen in Inflammatory Arthritis Healthcare Use
Women’s higher risk of conditions such as osteoarthritis and pain and fatigue may help to explain why overall healthcare resource use was higher in female patients with inflammatory arthritis.
30-09-2022 10:24

I Am Not Fine: The Heavy Toll Cancer Takes
Everyone — patients, caregivers, nurses, doctors — is affected by the burden of cancer, no matter the side of the fence they're on.
30-09-2022 10:21

BREEZE-AD-PEDS: First Data for Baricitinib in Childhood Eczema
The first pediatric trial of baricitinib for childhood eczema suggests that symptoms improve, and the safety profile is similar to that seen in adults.
30-09-2022 09:38

Home-Based Palliative Care Improves Heart Failure Outcomes
Patients with chronic heart failure who got palliative care at home were almost 50% more likely to die at home than in the hospital, compared with patients who received usual care
30-09-2022 09:35

A Chinese MRNA COVID Vaccine Is Approved For The First Time - In Indonesia
The approval comes as somewhat of a surprise as Walvax has yet to publish efficacy readings that would show how well it can reduce the risk of COVID cases and deaths.
30-09-2022 05:54

Early Data Suggest Vaccine Protects Against Monkeypox
People who received a single dose of the vaccine were 14 times less likely to be infected with monkeypox virus, but the findings come with caveats.
29-09-2022 19:43

ALS Drug Gets FDA Panel Thumbs Up After Rare Second Look
An FDA advisory panel reversed its March decision to reject a novel drug for ALS, citing persuasive new evidence and clinician support.
29-09-2022 19:26

What Makes Some Infections Asymptomatic?
Infections that kill many people can be entirely asymptomatic in others. What accounts for the different responses?
29-09-2022 17:24

FDA Clears Nexpowder Endoscopic Hemostasis System
Nexpowder provides improved visibility and control for treating nonvariceal upper GI bleeding, according to the company's news release.
29-09-2022 16:44

Wrinkle Fillers: An Alternative to Plastic Surgery
These new products can replace lost volume and diminish lines -- all without going under the knife.
29-09-2022 16:37

Why Private Practice Will Always Survive
Although the majority of physicians are employed, many doctors are leaving employment to start a private practice. Seven physicians talk about why they chose private practice over employment.
29-09-2022 16:32

Similar Outcomes With Hearts Donated After Circulatory Death
Similar short-term clinical outcomes were achieved with hearts donated after circulatory death to those after brain death, and these could potentially increase the donor pool by 30%.
29-09-2022 15:45

Medicare Part B Premium Dips on Alzheimer's Drug Setback
"That one drug resulted in an increase in Medicare premiums is a warning that we should pay attention to."
29-09-2022 13:29

Could Your Patients Benefit? New Trials in Noncolorectal GI Cancer
Several studies in noncolorectal GI cancers have started enrolling recently. Here's the 411 on those trials.
29-09-2022 13:10

Physiatrist Group Issues First Guidelines for Long COVID in Kids
The American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation issued two statements on how to assess and treat long COVID in kids, and to do the same for long COVID-related autonomic nervous system problems.
29-09-2022 12:44

Epidemics: What Does the Future Hold?
Data confirm that the risk of epidemics is increasing, and this observation has prompted calls for a global effort to protect human and animal health.
29-09-2022 12:11

Should Glycemic Targets for Gestational Diabetes Be Changed?
Tighter glycemic targets in women with gestational diabetes mellitus do not reduce the risk for a large-for-gestational-age infant but do reduce serious infant morbidity, data indicate.
29-09-2022 11:51

New Tool May Predict Mortality Risk for Older Adults With Dementia
A clearer picture of the outlook for the millions of Americans with Alzheimer's disease and related conditions could improve clinical care and end-of-life decisions, researchers say.
29-09-2022 11:26

PROACT Xa Trial of Apixaban With On-X Heart Valve Stopped
The DSMB cited a lack of evidence supporting noninferiority of apixaban over warfarin for valve thrombosis and thromboembolism.
29-09-2022 11:18

CDC: Masking No Longer Required in Healthcare Settings
It's a 'major departure' from the CDC's previous recommendation of universal masking to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.
29-09-2022 11:09

Food Insecurity a Growing Problem for Many With CVD
The number of Americans with cardiovascular disease who have limited or uncertain access to food has more than doubled over the last 20 years, a review of NHANES data show.
29-09-2022 10:53

Ontario Doctors Seek to Ease Strain on Healthcare System
The Ontario Medical Association proposes to work with the government to create a centralized referral system so patients can be distributed among available doctors, regardless of where they live.
29-09-2022 10:34

Cost Paramount When Choosing Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment
Differences in outcomes and quality of life across commonly used treatments for endocrine-refractory and triple-negative metastatic breast cancer were "razor-thin," leaving cost as a key factor.
29-09-2022 10:25

Once-Weekly Insulin Promising in Phase 3 Trial in Type 2 Diabetes
Novo Nordisk's insulin icodec was superior in lowering A1c compared with daily degludec without increasing the risk for moderate or severe hypoglycemia in adults with type 2 diabetes already taking basal insulin.
29-09-2022 10:19

FDA Approves Dupilumab for Treatment of Prurigo Nodularis
In phase 3 trials, patients showed clinically meaningful reductions in itchiness and skin lesions with dupilumab compared with placebo.
29-09-2022 10:07

Alopecia Areata: Positive Data Reported for Two JAK Inhibitors
JAK inhibitor therapy is hailed as "transformative" for patients with alopecia areata by one of the investigators reporting study results.
29-09-2022 10:00

Not Just Pests: Bed Bugs Produce This Chemical In Large Amounts, Study Finds
At just 1 to 7 millimeters, they feed on people's and animals' blood and have been "spreading rapidly" in places like the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and some parts of Europe.
29-09-2022 05:33

Stressed? Your Dog May Actually Be Able To Smell It In Your Breath, Sweat
The dogs were individually able to detect the stress samples and perform the alert behavior with an impressive accuracy ranging from 90% to 96.88%.
29-09-2022 05:30

Study Confirms Link Between COVID-19 Vaccination And Increased Menstrual Cycle Length
The new international study just confirmed what a previous U.S. study found.
29-09-2022 01:43

US States With 'High' Adult Obesity Rate Doubles; Is Yours One Of Them?
According to the combined 2019-2021 data, all of the states and territories actually had more than 20% prevalence of adults with obesity.
28-09-2022 05:54

SBIRT Helps Address Substance-Use Disorders in Adolescents
A supplement to the Journal of Adolescent Health addresses critical issues facing the applicability, effectiveness, and integration of SBIRT into the substance-use continuum of care.
27-09-2022 19:09

Children and COVID: September Slowdown Continues
New COVID-19 cases and hospital admissions in children continue to decline, while the slow pace of vaccinations has not deterred manufacturers from seeking new emergency authorizations.
27-09-2022 17:48

Improved Screening for Post-op Delirium Holds Promise
Older adults are more likely to experience delirium after surgery, but a new study found effective screening can reduce their chances of developing the complication.
27-09-2022 16:52

Psoriasis, PsA Insurance Coverage Remains Restrictive
A database review showed restrictive coverage of specialty medications for psoriatic disease beyond the label indications. MDedge News
27-09-2022 16:37

Neoadjuvant Immunotherapy Shows Promise for Resectable CSCC
Some patients develop more advanced cancer that requires surgery, often on exposed surfaces like the scalp, face, or neck.
27-09-2022 16:35

Continued Monkeypox Spread Can Lead to Viral Mutations
Despite declining case numbers in the US and the UK, researchers emphasize that mitigation efforts are still necessary to prevent further spread of the virus.
27-09-2022 16:09

Coffee Linked to Reduced Mortality, Cardiovascular Disease
Mild to moderate intake of ground, instant, and decaffeinated coffee is associated with lower mortality and cardiovascular disease risk, and can be considered part of a healthy diet, researchers say.
27-09-2022 15:50

ALS Drug Yields Meaningful Clinical Benefit, Phase 3 Data Show
Longer-term data show the antisense oligonucleotide tofersen slows functional decline in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis caused by superoxide dismutase 1 gene mutations.
27-09-2022 15:37

Flu Vaccine Not Linked to Increased Guillain-Barré Syndrome Risk
Although past studies have suggested a link between the influenza vaccine and Guillain-Barré syndrome, a large new study showed no increased risk for older adults ― including those with comorbidities.
27-09-2022 15:23

What We Know About Long COVID So Far
Long COVID: The name says it all. It's an illness that, for many people, has not yet stopped.
27-09-2022 14:30

Deep Brain Stimulation Effective for OCD, but Barriers Persist
DBS is safe and effective for treatment-resistant obsessive–compulsive disorder that can be expected to produce significant clinical benefit in about 2 out of 3 cases, but insurance rarely pays.
27-09-2022 14:16

In Stage IIIA Melanoma, Nodal Tumor Size Could Guide Treatment
Classification of stage III melanoma is difficult since it comprises a heterogeneous group of patients with divergent prognoses. MDedge News
27-09-2022 13:59

Biogen to Pay $900M to Settle Physician Kickback Allegations
Former employee/whistleblower to receive $250 million as part of settlement involving three drugs used to treat muscular sclerosis.
27-09-2022 13:10

Despite Benefits, Extended-Interval Pembro Uptake Remains Low
New findings may ease lingering doubts about the therapeutic equivalence and safety of extended-interval vs standard dosing of pembrolizumab.
27-09-2022 12:51

Heart Failure Drug a New Treatment Option for Alcoholism?
Spironolactone, a potassium-sparing diuretic typically used to treat heart failure and hypertension, has shown promise for alcohol use disorder, a common condition with few treatment options.
27-09-2022 12:26

Canadian Safer Opioid Supply Program Improves Outcomes
A harm-reduction initiative reduced emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and healthcare costs among participants with opioid use disorder.
27-09-2022 11:45

Post-Transplant Diabetes Can Be Predicted in Kidney Recipients
Combined family history and early postoperative plasma glucose, but not glycated albumin, predicted post-transplant diabetes mellitus in kidney recipients in a new study. First Look
27-09-2022 11:31

Allergies Cluster and Have Predictable Trajectories
Allergic trajectories occur in clusters, arise from multiple factors, and are established by adolescence, researchers report.
27-09-2022 11:31

The COVID-19 Booster's Public Relations Problem
With a new COVID booster rolling out, a leading expert explains how public health leaders have struggled to set expectations for the vaccine and convey clearly who benefits from each additional shot. ProPublica
27-09-2022 11:12

Preventing Doxorubicin-Induced Hand-Foot Syndrome
Dexamethasone plus wrist and ankle cooling may prevent hand-foot syndrome from doxorubicin in patients with ovarian cancer. The study was published as a preprint and has not yet been peer reviewed. First Look
27-09-2022 10:59

Teen Interest in Long-Lasting Birth Control Soars After Roe
Experts say the US Supreme Court's June ruling appears to be accelerating a trend of increased birth control use among teens, including long-acting reversible forms like intrauterine devices and implants. Associated Press
27-09-2022 10:57

Does COVID-19 Cause Type 1 Diabetes in Kids? Time Will Tell
Norwegian study finds association of SARS-CoV-2 with type 1 diabetes if diagnosed over 30 days after infection, while Scottish study finds no such link. More data are needed.
27-09-2022 10:48

New Update Focuses on Acute Kidney Injury Management in Cirrhosis
Prevent volume loss, manage risk factors, hold beta blockers, and stop NSAIDs are among the key recommendations in a new update to prevent acute kidney injury in patients with cirrhosis.
27-09-2022 10:38

Psoriasis Drug May Have Some Cardiometabolic Benefits
Nonrandomized trial shows 5%-6% reduction in both visceral and subcutaneous fat, but no effect on aortic vascular inflammation.
27-09-2022 10:15

Unconventional Wisdom: MDD Tied to Childhood Trauma Is Treatable
Previous research suggests patients with major depression and a history of childhood trauma do not respond as well to standard depression treatment, but the largest meta-analysis to date suggests the opposite.
27-09-2022 09:35

Renowned Oncologist Nicholas Vogelzang, MD, Dies at 72
Vogelzang left his mark as a medical oncologist and cancer investigator, helping shepherd a handful of cancer drugs through clinical trials.
27-09-2022 09:30

Patients and Same-Sex Doctors; COVID Data; and Lethal Fentanyl
The top 3 things you should know to start your day. 3 Things to Know Today
27-09-2022 06:29

Stressed? It May Make You Focus On Your Partner's Negative Behaviors
Researchers focused on newlyweds because the "honeymoon" phase is often when couples are still more focused on the positive aspects of each other.
27-09-2022 05:33

COVID-19 And Flu Season: How To Avoid Catching Viruses This Season
There is reason to believe that this year’s flu season could be worse than last year’s, considering that the world is still grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic.
27-09-2022 00:52

Not Just a Bad Dream: Nightmares May Predict Dementia
Frequent bad dreams during middle and older age may accelerate cognitive decline and increase risk for dementia, especially in men, new research suggests.
26-09-2022 19:54

Anti-TNF Therapy After 24 Weeks of Pregnancy Appears Safe: Study
Continuing anti-TNF therapy after 24 weeks of pregnancy is associated with a lower likelihood of relapse of IBD in pregnant women and fewer premature deliveries, according to a new report.
26-09-2022 19:14

Uncontrolled BP Linked to One Third of ED Visits for CVD
In a sample of more than 20 million emergency department visits, about one third of CVD-related visits were related to poorly controlled hypertension.
26-09-2022 17:33

Sharpen Your Telehealth Skills: 9 Tips for Doctors
Virtual care can impact your ability to communicate and build relationships with patients. Here's how to get better and get more out of a new technology that's here to stay.
26-09-2022 17:19

Colonoscopy in FIT-Based Screening Demands Higher ADR
Endoscopists performing colonoscopy in FIT-positive adults should aim for markedly higher ADRs compared with primary colonoscopy screening, researchers say.
26-09-2022 17:06

Early Emollient Use Reduces Dermatitis in At-Risk Infants
A new study found that short-term use of emollients during early infancy may reduce the incidence of atopic dermatitis in at-risk infants, but the long-term effect of this approach remains unclear.
26-09-2022 16:51

New Data on Stroke Recovery Patterns May Guide Rehabilitation
Long-term recovery patterns after a stroke differ in different functional domains and vary by patient age, stroke severity, and stroke type, a new study has found.
26-09-2022 16:09

Weight Gain Linked to Cancer Survival in Men and Women
Consequences of cancer cachexia can include skeletal muscle loss, fatigue, functional impairment, worse quality of life, and worse survival. MDedge News
26-09-2022 16:03

Moderna, Pfizer Seek Authorization for Children's Boosters
"If authorized by FDA, CDC anticipates a recommendation for bivalent COVID-19 vaccine as a booster for pediatric age groups in early to mid-October."
26-09-2022 15:49

Frankincense Extract May Counter Breast Cancer Cell Spread
Given the findings, the authors say evaluating the herbal supplement for an overall survival benefit would be worthwhile. The study was published as a preprint and has not yet been peer reviewed.
26-09-2022 15:30

Is Early-Onset Cancer an Emerging Global Epidemic?
A new review highlights that the incidence of early-onset cancer in various organs has been rising in many parts of the world since the 1990s and explores why.
26-09-2022 15:26

Unsure on the Best T2D Drug Choice? Let Patients Decide
The concept underwent successful testing in a recent trial of 457 patients with type 2 diabetes already on treatment with metformin or metformin plus a sulfonylurea but needed further glycemic control.
26-09-2022 15:22

FDA Clears New AI Device to Aid Polyp Detection
The device uses artificial intelligence to more accurately detect precancerous lesions in the colon.
26-09-2022 15:01

Pfizer CEO Tests Positive for COVID a Second Time
Albert Bourla, CEO of COVID-19 vaccine maker Pfizer, has tested positive for the coronavirus but is showing no symptoms.
26-09-2022 14:42

Flying Blind: Tracking COVID Harder Now With Limited Data
Groups that many have relied on as the best sources for updated data on the coronavirus pandemic have had to scale back their reporting because the lack of reliable information.
26-09-2022 14:31

Emphasis on Weight Loss in New Type 2 Diabetes Guidance
No major changes but several shifts in emphasis since the last update in 2019, including weight loss as a co-primary goal of management.
26-09-2022 14:09

Post-PCI FFR in Multivessel Disease Predicts Target Vessel Failure
In a new analysis of the FAME 3 trial, post-PCI fractional flow reserve predicted both target vessel failure and the risk of cardiac events. MDedge News
26-09-2022 13:52

Do Face Masks Need To Come Back With Fall COVID Surge Predicted?
Mask mandates have eased around the country since the height of the pandemic when they were a requirement in most states in public settings.
26-09-2022 05:36

Eating Disorders: Types, Symptoms, And How They Affect Mental Health
Individuals who suffer from an eating disorder have a strong fear of weight gain and a cruelly distorted perception of body and health.
26-09-2022 05:34

Did COVID-19 Increase Cases Of Type 1 Diabetes In Kids?
Based on new research, COVID-19 significantly increased the risk of kids developing type 1 diabetes.
25-09-2022 23:11

Clean Living Linked to Lower Mortality in Former Smokers
Exercising, eating right, and refraining from alcohol were linked to a lower risk for early death in former smokers, a new study found.
23-09-2022 20:20

Drug Companies Withdraw PARPi Indications for Ovarian Cancer
Zejula, Lynparza, and Rubraca have been voluntarily withdrawn for late-line ovarian cancer treatment indications over concerns surrounding an increased risk for death.
23-09-2022 19:00

source : webmd, medicaldaily, medscape