Suicidal Patients Often Excluded From Antidepressant Trials
Clinical trials of antidepressants that inform FDA approval decisions often exclude suicidal patients, leaving clinicians uncertain of the efficacy of these drugs in this patient population.
21-02-2020 12:11

16 Cruise Ship Evacuees Being Moved to US Hospitals
Eleven Americans who were brought to the U.S. from a quarantined cruise ship have been moved to hospitals, because delayed Japanese test results showed they had the new coronavirus, officials said Thursday.
Associated Press
21-02-2020 11:43

Hidden Costs of CAR T-Cell Therapy
Patients are on the hook for many expenses that are usually not covered by insurance, which add to financial hardships.
21-02-2020 10:58

Could Climate Change Make Flu Seasons Worse?
These findings suggest that rapid weather changes associated with climate change will increase the risk of flu epidemics in densely populated areas. For example, Europe could have a 50% increase in flu-related deaths, according to the researchers.
21-02-2020 10:56

Endocrine Society Advises on Use of Romosozumab for Osteoporosis
Updated guidance for osteoporosis now includes a recommendation for the use of romosozumab, but only in severe osteoporosis and not in women with a history of myocardial infarction or stroke.
21-02-2020 10:12

Banning Indoor Tanning Devices Could Save Lives and Money
Banning indoor tanning devices outright in the United States, Canada, and Europe could prevent as many as 448,000 melanomas and 9.7 million keratinocyte carcinomas, according to a recent study.
21-02-2020 10:09

Recycling of Unused Oral Cancer Drugs Endorsed by ASCO
More than 20 years after laws that govern state drug depositories were first put in place, the American Society of Clinical Oncology has issued a statement supporting the idea.
21-02-2020 07:01

Why Eating A Big Breakfast Is A Good Thing
A big breakfast was shown in a recent study to increase metabolism and serve as daily fuel while reducing cravings.
21-02-2020 06:27

Caution: Higher Radiation Dose Linked to Worse NHL Outcomes
Among patients with non-Hodgkin lymphoma who underwent reduced-intensity conditioning for stem cell transplant, overall survival was lower if they received a higher dose of radiation.
21-02-2020 06:11

The Science Behind Feeling Rested And Why It's Important
Here's the science behind feeling rested and why it's important.
21-02-2020 06:08

Science Finds A Wild Salamander That Hasn't Moved In 7 Years
If you think you’re lazy, then check out this most underwhelming creature to be ever called a dragon.
21-02-2020 05:37

The First Case Of Parasitic Worm Transfer From Mother To Baby Lizard
A report recently revealed that a scientist was able to discover a lizard parasite that can go from one host to another, specifically mother to baby lizard.
21-02-2020 05:18

Benefits Of Owning A Pet
Here are some of the more-studied benefits of owning a pet.
21-02-2020 05:00

Science Answers Why Dogs Are So Special
According to one scientist, love is a complex feeling that can best describe the unique interspecies relationship we have with dogs.
21-02-2020 04:49

High-Risk Pregnancy Causes Mother To Lose Both Feet
According to latest news, a mother from Texas reportedly lost both of her feet and part of her left hand to sepsis after going through a very serious complication in her pregnancy.
21-02-2020 04:31

Dietitian Shares Best Tips To Lose Weight Effectively
A dietitian has shared the best tips that you can follow to effectively lose weight.
21-02-2020 03:53

Men More At Risk Of Contracting Coronavirus Than Women
Various studies of coronavirus cases revealed majority of the victims are men. Is there a science behind this?
21-02-2020 03:33

Fountain Of Youth Uncovered? African Killifish Reportedly Suspends Aging
Throughout time, poeple have been fascinated by the fountain of youth. However, a research confirms that those people might be looking for the wrong thing since it may not be a fountain, but a fish that can essentially “press pause” on its development, e
21-02-2020 03:20

Silent Heart Attack Signs And Symptoms You Shouldn’t Miss
More difficult to detect than a regular heart attack, a silent heart attack has subtle signs and symptoms that you should not miss.
21-02-2020 02:35

Global Efforts to Develop Vaccines, Drugs to Fight the Coronavirus
Researchers and drug companies are scrambling to develop vaccines and treatments to fight the new coronavirus that emerged in central China in December and has spread to more than two dozen countries, killing more than 2,000 people.
Reuters He
21-02-2020 01:25

Monoclonal Antibody Provides Itch Relief for Prurigo Nodularis
An experimental treatment for prurigo nodularis (PN) can reduce itching by 53% over four weeks, according to a phase-2 test of subcutaneous nemolizumab. The reduction was only 20% with placebo therapy.
Reuters Health Information
21-02-2020 01:24

After 80, Heart Attack Patients Less Often Get Bypass Surgery
Age, they say, is just a number. But when someone turns 80, their chance of getting bypass surgery to treat a heart attack immediately drops by 24%, according to a new study.
Reuters Health Information
21-02-2020 01:09

Many Kids With Distal Radius Fractures Undergo Unneeded Reductions
New research suggests children with distal radius fracture often undergo unnecessary closed reductions in the emergency department.
Reuters Health Information
21-02-2020 01:09

Here’s How Vitamin B12 Supplements Could Be Deadly
Here's the reason why vitamin B12 supplements could be deadly for you.
20-02-2020 21:20

Sanofi Announces Plan To Develop Coronavirus Vaccine
Sanofi Pasteur partnered with BARDA to develop a COVID-19 vaccine.
20-02-2020 20:54

Severe Infection Tied to Substance-Induced Psychosis
Severe infection is linked to an increased risk of substance-induced psychosis. However, hepatitis is the most strongly linked and the only infection tied to schizophrenia conversion.
20-02-2020 19:32

Silent COVID-19 Cases May Stymie Screening Efforts
Researchers tested 126 people who recently traveled to China. "Our findings demonstrate that screening for signs & symptoms of infection, including the temperature, might not be sufficient," said one.
WebMD Health News
20-02-2020 18:50

Flu Vaccine Effectiveness Good This Season, CDC Says
Preliminary estimates show influenza vaccine effectiveness for 2019-2020 was 55% in children and 45% overall, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
20-02-2020 17:57

Long Delays in Amyloidosis Dx, Even With Established Cardiac Care
The underrecognized disease is rare and diagnosis complicated by a lack of awareness and heterogeneity of symptoms at presentation.
20-02-2020 17:35

Silent COVID-19 Cases May Stymie Screening Efforts
As countries work to slow the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19, a new study shows why the methods they are currently using to screen international travelers may not be catching everyone who’s infected.
20-02-2020 17:15

First Clinical Evidence of Neuroprotection in Acute Stroke?
A new potential neuroprotectant has been found to be beneficial for patients with ischemic stroke undergoing thrombectomy in the ESCAPE-NA1 trial, but only for those not receiving thrombolysis.
20-02-2020 17:04

ACC Mitral Regurgitation Decision Pathway Updated
An update to 2017 expert consensus on treatment of mitral regurgitation was needed after the COAPT and MITRA-FR trials changed the game in secondary mitral regurgitation.
20-02-2020 16:35

Brain Stent Could Cut Odds for a Second Stroke
In a new study, the self-expanding, intracranial Wingspan brain stent seems effective over the long term in reducing stroke patients' risk of a subsequent stroke and death.
20-02-2020 15:49

'Stranger Things' Sheds Light on a Rare Disorder
The disorder, called cleidocranial dysplasia (CCD), affects only about one in a million people, according to the U.S. National Institutes of Health. Caused by a mutated gene, CCD leads to abnormal bone development -- most apparent in the collarbones and
20-02-2020 15:31

Wearable 'Brain Stimulator' May Boost Stroke Recovery
The device, which is controlled with a smartphone, looks like a swim cap with multiple magnetic microstimulators attached. Study volunteers wore it for 40 minutes per session, and completed 20 sessions over four weeks.
20-02-2020 15:26

Declining Physical Activity at Age 12 Tied to Depression at 18
In the first study to objectively measure physical activity in teens, investigators found declining physical activity starting at age 12 was linked to an increase in depression scores at age 18.
20-02-2020 15:25

TNK Dose in Large-Vessel Stroke: 0.25 mg/kg Is Sufficient
New data from a second EXTEND-IA TNK (tenecteplase) trial clarify the optimum dose of the bolus thrombolytic for use in ischemic stroke, for which enthusiasm is growing.
20-02-2020 15:14

Another HIV Hazard: Higher Risk for COPD
Compared to those without the AIDS-causing virus, people with HIV had a 34% higher rate of COPD and were diagnosed with the lung disease about 12 years earlier -- average age 50 versus 62, the investigators found.
20-02-2020 15:12

ISAACC: No Effect of CPAP On CV Outcomes in OSA
Patients with previous acute coronary syndrome treated with CPAP for obstructive sleep apnea showed no significant reduction in subsequent cardiovascular events, in a randomized trial.
20-02-2020 14:47

Longer Breastfeeding, Lower Type 2 Risk After Gestational Diabetes
Women with a history of gestational diabetes who breastfed for 2 years or longer had a 27% lower risk of type 2 diabetes than those who did not, a new study shows.
20-02-2020 14:33

Woman Plays Violin During Brain Surgery
Midway through the surgery, Turner was wakened and asked to her play her violin to "ensure the surgeons did not damage any crucial areas of the brain that controlled Dagmar's delicate hand movements,? according to the hospital.
20-02-2020 13:21

Lung Diseases on the Rise Worldwide
Aging and risk factors such as smoking, pollution and overweight/obesity are among the other major risk factors for chronic lung diseases, according to the analysis of data from 195 countries.
20-02-2020 13:12

Abbott Removes Libre Diabetes Monitor From Diasend Platform
Abbott have blocked their glucose monitor from connecting to the diasend data management system in most countries, a "backward" move for diabetes care that's attracted the ire of the UK health service.
20-02-2020 11:47

Low Rates of Regret After Prostatectomy When Outcomes Are Good
Patients are satisfied after either open or robot-assisted surgery, provided functional outcomes are good, an observational study reports.
20-02-2020 10:49

Long-term Changes in Gut Metabolite Predict CHD Risk
Temporal changes in dietary habits — for better or worse — were also found to modulate the harmful effects of the gut microbial metabolite trimethylamine N-oxide.
20-02-2020 10:41

Critical Care Admissions Up for Pediatric Opioid Poisonings
The proportion of children and adolescents admitted to critical care for serious poisonings has increased in recent years, according to a study of more than 750,000 reported opioid exposures.
20-02-2020 09:29

Sexual Orientation May Influence Skin Cancer Risk
Researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston analyzed data culled from national surveys conducted from 2014 to 2018 and found that skin cancer rates were 8.1% among gay men, 8.4% among bisexual men, and 6.7% among heterosexual men.
20-02-2020 08:40

Power in Numbers: Your Birthday Influence Care
Among patients who had turned 80 within the past two weeks, just over 5%  received bypass surgery. In contrast, the rate was 7% among patients who were about to turn 80 in the next couple weeks.
20-02-2020 08:34

Hypofractionated Radiation in Prostate Cancer Stands Test of Time
For localized prostate cancer, a hypofractionated radiotherapy regimen that cuts treatment time in half continues to have noninferior efficacy long-term relative to a conventional radiotherapy regimen.
20-02-2020 07:03

5 Steps To Living A Longer, Healthier Life
Follow these steps for living a longer, healthier life, even at an early age.
20-02-2020 04:00

Top Benefits Of Collagen Supplements
Here are the top health benefits of collagen supplements.
20-02-2020 03:41

Zero-G Partners With NASA To Make Weightless Flight Experiments
Zero Gravity has finally struck a brand new partnership with American space company NASA.
20-02-2020 02:40

Stratovolcano In Ecuador Shows First Signs Of Structural Collapse
A new analysis shows a stratovolcano located in Ecuador started showing early signs of structural collapse.
20-02-2020 02:22

Are Essential Oils Really Effective? Science Is Unsure As Well
Are essential oils really effective? Turns out, science is unsure as well.
20-02-2020 02:08

Western Diet Can Impair Brain Function, Study Finds
A new study revealed that consuming a certain type of Western diet for as little as a week can easily impair our brain function and even encourage healthy people to overeat.
20-02-2020 01:54

New Possible Frostbite Treatment Engineered By Indian Scientists
One of the risks people face during the wintertime are frostbites. Thankfully, a newly engineered gel might just be able to provide immediate help since it can reportedly reduce the damage of frostbite while speeding the healing process.
20-02-2020 01:38

Why Diet Soda Is Really Bad For You
Here's why diet soda is really bad for you.
20-02-2020 01:26

Speed Keto For Weight Loss: Does It Work?
Is speed keto diet effective and safe? Read on to find out.
20-02-2020 01:14

This Weight Loss Pill Could Increase Your Cancer Risk
As per a recent release, the drug lorcaserin (Belviq, Belviq XR) has reportedly been withdrawn by its manufacturing pharmaceutical company Eisai after a warning from the FDA stated that there's a possibility that the drug could increase a person’s risk o
20-02-2020 01:04

How To Love Healthy Foods Even If You Really Hate Them
Whether you like healthy foods or not, these tips will help you love them more.
20-02-2020 00:56

When Is The Best Time For A Digital Detox?
Here are the steps to follow when implementing a social media detox.
19-02-2020 21:00

Nutritionists Share Tips To Becoming A Vegetarian
Taking a calculated approach towards becoming a vegetarian would be more sustainable in the long run.
19-02-2020 20:46

Intermittent Fasting Tips To Safely Lose Weight
Intermittent fasting is not without its risks, so here are some tips on how to use it to safely lose weight.
19-02-2020 20:31

Clinicians' Challenge: 'Bring Climate Change to the Bedside'
Over 100 healthcare leaders gathered at a Boston symposium recently to discuss the urgent need to move climate change from theory into practice to 'prevent the harms that are foreseeable.'
19-02-2020 20:20

ARCADIA: Predicting Risk of Atrial Cardiopathy Poststroke
Preliminary findings from the ongoing ARCADIA study identify several risk factors associated with atrial cardiopathy in recent stroke patients.
19-02-2020 18:54

Exposure to Cleaning Products May Compromise Infants' Lungs
Infants who were frequently exposed to household cleaning products during their first 3 months of life were at higher risk for asthma by age 3 years, data from a Canadian birth cohort suggest.
19-02-2020 16:49

Revascularization Volumes Halved Over 13 Years
New administrative data on revascularization in the United States offers an interesting glimpse into a field adjusting to new data on the benefits of medical therapy.
19-02-2020 16:33

'Evidence That e-Cigs Cause Heart Attacks' Retracted
The Journal of the American Heart Association retracted a study that found an association between e-cigarette use and increased risk of having had a myocardial infarction.
19-02-2020 16:22

Relief From Lingering Depressive Symptoms Just a Click Away?
Some patients with depression get only partial relief with standard therapies. New research says a self-guided online mindfulness program may resolve lingering symptoms and facilitate full remission.
19-02-2020 16:13

'Stinging Water': Jellyfish Release Toxic Mucus
In this new study, researchers concluded that stinging water is caused by toxin-filled mucus that the jellyfish release into the water. The mucus contains gyrating balls of stinging cells called cassiosomes.
19-02-2020 16:01

'Striking Paradox' of Misaligned Diabetes Treatment Could Harm
"The paradox and misalignment of treatment intensity with patients' needs is really striking," says the lead author of a national study of adults with type 2 diabetes.
19-02-2020 15:45

Excessive Masculinity Linked to High Suicide Risk
Excessive masculinity is linked to a significantly increased risk for death by suicide in men, a finding that underscores the central role of gender in suicide death, new research shows.
19-02-2020 15:15

Common Plastics Chemicals Linked to Autism Traits in Young Boys
The study didn't identify a heightened risk for autism per se among boys, but rather a "small" increase in the chance for developing certain autism-related traits by age 3 or 4.
19-02-2020 15:13

Sedation in the ICU Debated
Time on a ventilator and ICU stays are shorter when mechanically ventilated patients are not sedated, but mortality rates are no different than they are with sedation, a multicenter study shows.
19-02-2020 14:49

Influenza Activity in US Remains High, and Still Rising
Influenza activity is still high and rose again during the week ending February 8, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
19-02-2020 14:20

Osteoporosis, Fracture Risk Higher in Patients With IBD

19-02-2020 14:15

Healthy 'Mediterranean Diet' Is Good for Your Microbiome
The new study finds that older adults who eat a Mediterranean diet tend to have more types of gut bacteria linked with healthy aging.
19-02-2020 14:15

Declining Physical Activity May Herald HF Hospitalization, Death
It can be difficult to predict impending HF hospitalization or death, but analyzing device-measured physical activity may provide some insight.
19-02-2020 13:45

Rethinking Milk: Science Takes on the Dairy Dilemma
Authors of a new review in NEJM say eating too much dairy may cause harm to our bodies and the planet. One of the authors called calcium recommendations in the United States "fundamentally flawed."
WebMD Health News
19-02-2020 13:02

Poll: Americans Unaware STIs Are Common and Increasing
Despite evidence showing that some STIs are occurring at an all-time high, a new Kaiser Family Foundation poll shows American adults are unaware of STIs' prevalence and management.
19-02-2020 12:45

Many Teens Suffer 'Digital Dating Abuse'
Many U.S. teenagers may be using their smartphones to harass, humiliate or otherwise abuse their dating partners.
19-02-2020 11:33

First Baby From Immature Egg Born to Patient With Cancer
A patient with breast cancer at risk of infertility from adjuvant chemotherapy has given birth 5 years after having immature oocytes removed, matured in the laboratory, and then frozen.
19-02-2020 11:22

Why UK Physicians Are Now Getting Sued More
The UK is seeing a surge in medical malpractice lawsuits, with payouts similar to those in the US. Here's why.
19-02-2020 10:17

Unprecedented Response Rate in Advanced Bladder Cancer
The combination of enfortumab vedotin plus pembrolizumab as a first-line treatment for advanced urothelial cancer was called 'very promising' by an expert not involved with an early phase trial.
19-02-2020 09:58

Hydration Unnecessary to Prevent Contrast-Enhanced Nephropathy
Study findings suggest no renal benefit of pre-CT hydration in patients with stage 3 chronic kidney disease.
19-02-2020 09:37

What Do You Think About USMLE Step 1 Becoming Pass/Fail?
The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) program has announced that the Step 1 exam will change from a scored system to pass/fail. Do you think this is a good idea?
Medscape Reader Polls
19-02-2020 07:07

SpaceX Signs New Agreement To Send Lucky Tourists To Space
Thanks to a new deal that SpaceX recently signed, tourists can now experience what zero gravity feels like for themselves.
19-02-2020 04:23

Nikon Adds Facial Detection Feature For Animals In Latest Firmware Update
According to new release, popular camera brand Nikon just released a brand new firmware update that makes sure your furry friend is no longer excluded from photos.
19-02-2020 04:13

Traditional Handwashing vs. Dishwashers: Which Is More Effective?
Which is more effective and efficient between manual washing and dishwashers. Read on to find out.
19-02-2020 04:02

Cygnus NG-13 Carries Cheese Aboard The ISS For The First Tiime
According to the latest release, just this Tuesday, February 18, a Cygnus cargo ship from Northrop Grumman reportedly arrived at the International Space Station to make a special delivery of scientific gear, instruments and cheese.
19-02-2020 03:49

New Cave Excavations Strengthen Theory That Neanderthals Buried Their Dead
New excavations strengthen theory that Neanderthals purposely buried their dead and performed some ancient funeral rituals.
19-02-2020 03:37

Older People’s Memory Could Benefit From Cereal Consumption
According to a new study, our memories and overall brain health can be improved by eating grains and cereals as we age.
19-02-2020 03:16

HIV Drugs Are Being Used To Treat Coronavirus Cases: Here’s Why
The government of Japan has confirmed that they’ll be starting the clinical trials to find possible treatments for the current coronavirus outbreak. However, rather than develop a vaccine, the Japanese government will be testing existing treatments such
19-02-2020 03:03

Coronavirus vs. Flu Virus: Which Is Deadlier?
Is the novel coronavirus deadlier than this year’s flu season? Read on to find out.
19-02-2020 02:49

3 Superfoods And Their Health Benefits
These superfoods have health benefits that are worth their price.
19-02-2020 02:34

Best Foods, Drinks To Consume For Guaranteed Fat Loss
Together with healthy dietary, fitness, and lifestyle choices, these food and drinks are guaranteed to help you lose unwanted fat.
19-02-2020 01:06

Judges Rarely Question Expert Psychological Testimony Despite Potential Errors
A new study said that only 40 percent of psychological assessment tools used in legal trials received favorable views.
18-02-2020 21:26

Panic Attack vs. Heart Attack: What’s The Difference?
Heart attacks and panic attacks have similar symptoms but are caused by entirely different reasons. Read ahead to know more.
18-02-2020 21:13

Effective Tips To Have Glowing Skin From The Inside Out
Here are tips to keep your skin in good shape, both internally and externally.
18-02-2020 20:47

Is Taking Aspirin Daily Healthy Or Harmful To The Body?
Evidence suggests that aspirin's risks outweigh its benefits, especially for those without a prior history of cardiovascular diseases.
18-02-2020 19:51

source : webmd; medicaldaily; medscape