SLAM Attack: New Spectre-based Vulnerability Impacts Intel, AMD, and Arm CPUs
Researchers from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam have disclosed a new side-channel attack called SLAM that could be exploited to leak sensitive information from kernel memory on current and upcoming CPUs from Intel, AMD, and Arm. The attack is
09-12-2023 17:22

Researchers Unveal GuLoader Malware's Latest Anti-Analysis Techniques
Threat hunters have unmasked the latest tricks adopted by a malware strain called GuLoader in an effort to make analysis more challenging. "While GuLoader's core functionality hasn't changed drastically over the past few years, these constant u
09-12-2023 12:46

New 5G Modem Flaws Affect iOS Devices and Android Models from Major Brands
A collection of security flaws in the firmware implementation of 5G mobile network modems from major chipset vendors such as MediaTek and Qualcomm impact USB and IoT modems as well as hundreds of smartphone models running Android and iOS. Of the 14 flaws
08-12-2023 22:52

N. Korea's Kimsuky Targeting South Korean Research Institutes with Backdoor Attacks
The North Korean threat actor known as Kimsuky has been observed targeting research institutes in South Korea as part of a spear-phishing campaign with the ultimate goal of distributing backdoors on compromised systems. "The threat actor ultima
08-12-2023 19:03

Opal Security Scores $22M Investment for IAM Technology
San Francisco startup gets fresh capital from Battery Ventures to compete in the crowded identity and access management space. The post appeared first on .
08-12-2023 17:35

Ransomware-as-a-Service: The Growing Threat You Can't Ignore
Ransomware attacks have become a significant and pervasive threat in the ever-evolving realm of cybersecurity. Among the various iterations of ransomware, one trend that has gained prominence is Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS). This alarming developm
08-12-2023 16:38

In Other News: Fake Lockdown Mode, New Linux RAT, AI Jailbreak, Country’s DNS Hijacked
Noteworthy stories that might have slipped under the radar: fake Lockdown Mode, a new Linux RAT, jailbreaking AI, and an entire country’s DNS hijacked. The post appeared first on .
08-12-2023 15:38

Mac Users Beware: New Trojan-Proxy Malware Spreading via Pirated Software
Unauthorized websites distributing trojanized versions of cracked software have been found to infect Apple macOS users with a new Trojan-Proxy malware. "Attackers can use this type of malware to gain money by building a proxy server network or
08-12-2023 15:22

ProvenRun Banks €15 Million for Secure Connected Vehicle Software
French startup ProvenRun raises €15 million investment to build secure software for connected vehicles and IoT devices. The post appeared first on .
08-12-2023 14:58

WordPress Releases Update 6.4.2 to Address Critical Remote Attack Vulnerability
WordPress has released version 6.4.2 with a patch for a critical security flaw that could be exploited by threat actors by combining it with another bug to execute arbitrary PHP code on vulnerable sites. "A remote code execution vulnerability that is not
08-12-2023 14:53

WordPress 6.4.2 Patches Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
WordPress 6.4.2 patches a flaw that could be chained with another vulnerability to execute arbitrary code. The post appeared first on .
08-12-2023 14:32

Russian APT Used Zero-Click Outlook Exploit
Russian threat actor APT28 has been exploiting a no-interaction Outlook vulnerability in attacks against 14 countries. The post appeared first on .
08-12-2023 13:40

US, UK Announce Charges and Sanctions Against Two Russian Hackers
The US and UK announce charges and sanctions against two hackers working with Russia’s FSB security service. The post appeared first on .
08-12-2023 13:07

Android, Linux, Apple Devices Exposed to Bluetooth Keystroke Injection Attacks
A Bluetooth authentication bypass allows attackers to connect to vulnerable Android, Linux, and Apple devices and inject keystrokes. The post appeared first on .
08-12-2023 11:28

Founder of Bitzlato Cryptocurrency Exchange Pleads Guilty in Money-Laundering Scheme
The Russian founder of the now-defunct Bitzlato cryptocurrency exchange has pleaded guilty, nearly 11 months after he was arrested in Miami earlier this year. Anatoly Legkodymov (aka Anatolii Legkodymov, Gandalf, and Tolik), according to the U.
08-12-2023 11:11

This Mini Router Gives You Lifetime Wi-Fi and VPN Coverage for $599.99
Connect and protect your whole team with this mini router that offers 10,000 sq ft coverage and a built-in VPN for the low price of $599.99.
08-12-2023 10:30

Cyberattack on Irish Utility Cuts Off Water Supply for Two Days
Hackers launched a cyberattack on an Irish water utility, causing disruption and leaving people without water for two days.  The post appeared first on .
08-12-2023 10:10

Meta Makes End-to-End Encryption a Default on Facebook Messenger
End-to-End encryption in Facebook Messenger means that no one other than the sender and the recipient — not even Meta — can decipher people’s messages. The post appeared first on .
08-12-2023 03:07

Widespread Windows and Linux Vulnerabilities Could Let Attackers Sneak in Malicious Code Before Boot
Lenovo, AMI and Insyde have released patches for LogoFAIL, an image library poisoning attack.
07-12-2023 21:36

Bitwarden vs LastPass 2023: Which Password Manager Is Best?
In this comparison between Bitwarden and LastPass, we explore their features, security, ease of use and pricing. Find out which password manager is best for you.
07-12-2023 21:11

Norton Secure VPN Review (2023): Pricing, Features & Security
Norton VPN’s small server network and lack of notable features make it hard to recommend over other available VPNs today. Read our full review to learn more.
07-12-2023 21:08

Dashlane vs 1Password: Which password manager should you use in 2023?
Dashlane or 1Password? This guide compares the features, security, and pricing of both password managers to help you decide which one is right for you.
07-12-2023 21:04

CISA Issues Warning for Russian ‘Star Blizzard’ APT Spear-Phishing Operation
The US cybersecurity agency calls attention to a Russian APT targeting academia, defense, governmental organizations, NGOs and think-tanks. The post appeared first on .
07-12-2023 20:50

Microsoft Warns of COLDRIVER's Evolving Evasion and Credential-Stealing Tactics
The threat actor known as COLDRIVER has continued to engage in credential theft activities against entities that are of strategic interests to Russia while simultaneously improving its detection evasion capabilities. The Microsoft Threat Intelligence tea
07-12-2023 20:06

New Bluetooth Flaw Let Hackers Take Over Android, Linux, macOS, and iOS Devices
A critical Bluetooth security flaw could be exploited by threat actors to take control of Android, Linux, macOS and iOS devices. Tracked as CVE-2023-45866, the issue relates to a case of authentication bypass that enables attackers to connect to sus
07-12-2023 17:16

Hacking the Human Mind: Exploiting Vulnerabilities in the 'First Line of Cyber Defense'
Humans are complex beings with consciousness, emotions, and the capacity to act based on thoughts. In the ever-evolving realm of cybersecurity, humans consistently remain primary targets for attackers. Over the years, these attackers have developed their
07-12-2023 17:14

Securities and Exchange Commission Cyber Disclosure Rules: How to Prepare for December Deadlines
Starting Dec. 18, publicly traded companies will need to report material cyber threats to the SEC. Deloitte offers business leaders tips on how to prepare for these new SEC rules.
07-12-2023 16:47

Building a Robust Threat Intelligence with Wazuh
Threat intelligence refers to gathering, processing, and analyzing cyber threats, along with proactive defensive measures aimed at strengthening security. It enables organizations to gain a comprehensive insight into historical, present, and anticipated
07-12-2023 16:21

Incident Reporting and Response Procedures Policy
The purpose of the Incident Reporting and Response Procedures Policy from TechRepublic Premium is to establish a clear and efficient process for employees to report security breaches, device loss, or data exposure incidents involving personal devices use
07-12-2023 16:00

Governments May Spy on You by Requesting Push Notifications from Apple and Google
Unspecified governments have demanded mobile push notification records from Apple and Google users to pursue people of interest, according to U.S. Senator Ron Wyden. "Push notifications are alerts sent by phone apps to users' smartphones," Wyden sai
07-12-2023 15:54

New Stealthy 'Krasue' Linux Trojan Targeting Telecom Firms in Thailand
A previously unknown Linux remote access trojan called Krasue has been observed targeting telecom companies in Thailand by threat actors to main covert access to victim networks at lease since 2021. Named after a nocturnal female spirit of Sout
07-12-2023 11:45

Meta Launches Default End-to-End Encryption for Chats and Calls on Messenger
Meta has officially begun to roll out support for end-to-end encryption (E2EE) in Messenger for personal calls and one-to-one personal messages by default in what it called the "most significant milestone yet." "This isn't a routine security up
07-12-2023 11:22

To tap or not to tap: Are NFC payments safer?
Contactless payments are quickly becoming ubiquitous – but are they more secure than traditional payment methods?
07-12-2023 10:30

Alert: Threat Actors Can Leverage AWS STS to Infiltrate Cloud Accounts
Threat actors can take advantage of Amazon Web Services Security Token Service (AWS STS) as a way to infiltrate cloud accounts and conduct follow-on attacks. The service enables threat actors to impersonate user identities and roles in cloud environments
06-12-2023 19:08

Windows 10 Extended Security Updates Promised for Small Businesses and Home Users
Already common for enterprises, for the first time, individuals will also get the option to pay for extended security updates for a Windows operating system that's out of support.
06-12-2023 17:45

New Report: Unveiling the Threat of Malicious Browser Extensions
Compromising the browser is a high-return target for adversaries. Browser extensions, which are small software modules that are added to the browser and can enhance browsing experiences, have become a popular browser attack vector. This is because they a
06-12-2023 17:14

Sierra:21 - Flaws in Sierra Wireless Routers Expose Critical Sectors to Cyber Attacks
A collection of 21 security flaws have been discovered in Sierra Wireless AirLink cellular routers and open-source software components like TinyXML and OpenNDS. Collectively tracked as Sierra:21, the issues expose over 86,000 devices
06-12-2023 16:48

Splunk Predictions 2024: Leadership Trends and Emerging Technologies
Ready or not, here comes 2024. From resilience to board priorities, Splunk executives across security, IT and engineering weigh in on what to expect in the era of AI. AI: The hype will pay off, but business impact will take another 12-24 months. C-suite
06-12-2023 16:00

Splunk Data Security Predictions 2024
The AI promises of today may become the cybersecurity perils of tomorrow. Discover the emerging opportunities and obstacles Splunk security leaders foresee in 2024: Talent: AI will alleviate skills gaps while creating new functions, such as prompt engine
06-12-2023 16:00

Scaling Security Operations with Automation
In an increasingly complex and fast-paced digital landscape, organizations strive to protect themselves from various security threats. However, limited resources often hinder security teams when combatting these threats, making it difficult to keep up wi
06-12-2023 15:44

Hackers Exploited ColdFusion Vulnerability to Breach Federal Agency Servers
The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) warned of active exploitation of a high-severity Adobe ColdFusion vulnerability by unidentified threat actors to gain initial access to government servers. "The vulnerability in C
06-12-2023 15:40

Atlassian Releases Critical Software Fixes to Prevent Remote Code Execution
Atlassian has released software fixes to address four critical flaws in its software that, if successfully exploited, could result in remote code execution. The list of vulnerabilities is below - CVE-2022-1471 (CVSS score: 9.8) - Deserial
06-12-2023 14:48

Qualcomm Releases Details on Chip Vulnerabilities Exploited in Targeted Attacks
Chipmaker Qualcomm has released more information about three high-severity security flaws that it said came under "limited, targeted exploitation" back in October 2023. The vulnerabilities are as follows - CVE-2023-33063 (CVSS score: 7.8)
06-12-2023 10:53

Navigating privacy: Should we put the brakes on car tracking?
Your car probably knows a lot more about you than it lets on – but is the trade-off of privacy for convenience truly justifiable?
06-12-2023 10:30

23andMe Says Hackers Saw Data From Millions of Users
Personal genetics firm 23andMe said hackers accessed the personal information about 6.9 million of its members. The post appeared first on .
05-12-2023 20:39

Russia's AI-Powered Disinformation Operation Targeting Ukraine, U.S., and Germany
The Russia-linked influence operation called Doppelganger has targeted Ukrainian, U.S., and German audiences through a combination of inauthentic news sites and social media accounts. These campaigns are designed to amplify content designed to undermine
05-12-2023 20:28

Warning for iPhone Users: Experts Warn of Sneaky Fake Lockdown Mode Attack
A new "post-exploitation tampering technique" can be abused by malicious actors to visually deceive a target into believing that their Apple iPhone is running in Lockdown Mode when it's actually not and carry out covert attacks. The novel method, detaile
05-12-2023 20:28

AI’s Future Could be Open-Source or Closed. Tech Giants Are Divided as They Lobby Regulators
Facebook parent Meta and IBM launched a new group called the AI Alliance that’s advocating for an “open science” approach to AI development. The post appeared first on .
05-12-2023 19:42

Generative AI Security: Preventing Microsoft Copilot Data Exposure
Microsoft Copilot has been called one of the most powerful productivity tools on the planet. Copilot is an AI assistant that lives inside each of your Microsoft 365 apps — Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, Outlook, and so on. Microsoft's dream is to take t
05-12-2023 16:59

Application Security Startup ArmorCode Raises $40 Million
ArmorCode raises $40 million in a Series B funding round to help organizations ship secure applications. The post appeared first on .
05-12-2023 16:06

Major Organizations Using ‘Hugging Face’ AI Tools Put at Risk by Leaked API Tokens
Lasso warns of more than 1,600 leaked Hugging Face API tokens belonging to hundreds of organizations. The post appeared first on .
05-12-2023 15:47

15,000 Go Module Repositories on GitHub Vulnerable to Repojacking Attack
New research has found that over 15,000 Go module repositories on GitHub are vulnerable to an attack called repojacking. "More than 9,000 repositories are vulnerable to repojacking due to GitHub username changes," Jacob Baines, chief technology officer a
05-12-2023 15:44

Unpatched Loytec Building Automation Flaws Disclosed 2 Years After Discovery 
The details of 10 unpatched Loytec building automation product vulnerabilities have been disclosed two years after their discovery. The post appeared first on .
05-12-2023 14:23

Mine Lands $30M Series B for Data Privacy Tech
Israeli early-stage startup snags financing from Battery Ventures, PayPal Ventures and Nationwide Ventures. The post appeared first on .
05-12-2023 14:00

New Threat Actor ‘AeroBlade’ Targeted US Aerospace Firm in Espionage Campaign
BlackBerry attributes cyberattack against an aerospace organization in the US to a new threat actor named AeroBlade. The post appeared first on .
05-12-2023 13:45

New Threat Actor 'AeroBlade' Emerges in Espionage Attack on U.S. Aerospace
A previously undocumented threat actor has been linked to a cyber attack targeting an aerospace organization in the U.S. as part of what's suspected to be a cyber espionage mission. The BlackBerry Threat Research and Intelligence team is tracking the act
05-12-2023 13:25

Cybersecurity M&A Roundup: 34 Deals Announced in November 2023
Thirty-four cybersecurity-related merger and acquisition (M&A) deals were announced in November 2023. The post appeared first on .
05-12-2023 12:48

Microsoft Warns of Kremlin-Backed APT28 Exploiting Critical Outlook Vulnerability
Microsoft on Monday said it detected Kremlin-backed nation-state activity exploiting a now-patched critical security flaw in its Outlook email service to gain unauthorized access to victims' accounts within Exchange servers. The tech giant attribute
05-12-2023 12:29

94 Vulnerabilities Patched in Android With December 2023 Security Updates
Android’s December 2023 security updates resolve 94 vulnerabilities, including several critical-severity bugs. The post appeared first on .
05-12-2023 12:11

CISO Conversations: Three Leading CISOs in the Modern Healthcare Sector 
SecurityWeek discusses the role of security leadership with three CISOs in one of the world’s most attacked sectors: healthcare. The post appeared first on .
05-12-2023 12:00

Beware of predatory fin(tech): Loan sharks use Android apps to reach new depths
ESET researchers describe the growth of deceptive loan apps for Android and techniques they use to circumvent Google Play
05-12-2023 10:30

New BLUFFS Bluetooth Attack Expose Devices to Adversary-in-the-Middle Attacks
New research has unearthed multiple novel attacks that break Bluetooth Classic's forward secrecy and future secrecy guarantees, resulting in adversary-in-the-middle (AitM) scenarios between two already connected peers. The issues, collectively named 
04-12-2023 18:46

Make a Fresh Start for 2024: Clean Out Your User Inventory to Reduce SaaS Risk
As work ebbs with the typical end-of-year slowdown, now is a good time to review user roles and privileges and remove anyone who shouldn’t have access as well as trim unnecessary permissions. In addition to saving some unnecessary license fees, a clean u
04-12-2023 17:08

Google Workspace Marketplace: 4 Tips for Choosing the Best Apps
An Independent Security Verification badge is one indication that an app should go to the top of your list when evaluating options in the Google Workspace Marketplace.
04-12-2023 16:36

New P2PInfect Botnet MIPS Variant Targeting Routers and IoT Devices
Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a new variant of an emerging botnet called P2PInfect that's capable of targeting routers and IoT devices. The latest version, per Cado Security Labs, is compiled for Microprocessor without Interlocked P
04-12-2023 16:33

Top Guns: Defending Corporate Clouds from Malicious Mavericks
While applications and cloud infrastructure present different risk profiles and require different security assessments, they must not be viewed separately with regards to enterprise defense. The post appeared first on .
04-12-2023 16:10

Russian Pleads Guilty to Role in Developing TrickBot Malware
Russian national Vladimir Dunaev pleaded guilty to involvement in the development and use of the TrickBot malware that caused tens of millions of dollars in losses. The post appeared first on .
04-12-2023 13:55

North Korean Hackers Have Stolen Over $3 Billion in Cryptocurrency: Report
Recorded Future calculates that North Korean state-sponsored threat actors are believed to have stolen more than $3 billion in cryptocurrency. The post appeared first on .
04-12-2023 13:40

ICS at Multiple US Water Facilities Targeted by Hackers Affiliated With Iranian Government
Security agencies say the Cyber Av3ngers group targeting ICS at multiple water facilities is affiliated with the Iranian government. The post appeared first on .
04-12-2023 12:29

LogoFAIL: UEFI Vulnerabilities Expose Devices to Stealth Malware Attacks
The Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) code from various independent firmware/BIOS vendors (IBVs) has been found vulnerable to potential attacks through high-impact flaws in image parsing libraries embedded into the firmware. The shortcomings,
04-12-2023 12:23

New Relic Says Hackers Accessed Internal Environment Using Stolen Credentials
New Relic said hackers gained access to an environment using social engineering and stolen credentials for an employee account. The post appeared first on .
04-12-2023 12:01

IT Professionals in ASEAN Confronting Rising Cyber Security Risks
The ASEAN region is seeing more cyber attacks as digitisation advances. Recorded Future CISO Jason Steer said software digital supply chains are one of the top risks being faced.
04-12-2023 10:03

Microsoft Warns of Malvertising Scheme Spreading CACTUS Ransomware
Microsoft has warned of a new wave of CACTUS ransomware attacks that leverage malvertising lures to deploy DanaBot as an initial access vector. The DanaBot infections led to "hands-on-keyboard activity by ransomware operator Storm-0216 (Twisted Spider, U
04-12-2023 09:50

2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Security, Orchestration, Automation and Response Solutions
“The security technology market is in a state of general overload with pressure on budgets, staff hiring/retention, and having too many point solutions are pervasive issues for organizations today.” Security and risk management leaders should evaluate ho
03-12-2023 16:00

New Employee Checklist and Default Access Policy
Onboarding new employees and providing them with the equipment and access they need can be a complex process involving various departments. This New Employee Checklist and Default Access Policy from TechRepublic Premium enables the IT and HR departments
03-12-2023 16:00

Breaches by Iran-Affiliated Hackers Spanned Multiple U.S. States, Federal Agencies Say
The Municipal Water Authority of Aliquippa was just one of multiple organizations breached in the U.S. by Iran-linked "Cyber Av3ngers" hackers The post appeared first on .
03-12-2023 02:59

Agent Racoon Backdoor Targets Organizations in Middle East, Africa, and U.S.
Organizations in the Middle East, Africa, and the U.S. have been targeted by an unknown threat actor to distribute a new backdoor called Agent Racoon. "This malware family is written using the .NET framework and leverages the domain name service (DN
02-12-2023 13:59

Russian Hacker Vladimir Dunaev Pleads Guilty for Creating TrickBot Malware
A Russian national has been found guilty in connection with his role in developing and deploying a malware known as TrickBot, the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) announced. Vladimir Dunaev, 40, was arrested in South Korea in September 2021 and
02-12-2023 13:22

Russian Hacker Vladimir Dunaev Convicted for Creating TrickBot Malware
A Russian national has been found guilty in connection with his role in developing and deploying a malware known as TrickBot, the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) announced. Vladimir Dunaev, 40, was arrested in South Korea in September 2021 and
02-12-2023 13:22

Apple Security Update Fixes Zero-Day Webkit Exploits
Apple recommends users update to iOS 17.1.2, iPadOS 17.1.2 and macOS 14.1.2. Google’s Threat Analysis Group discovered these security bugs.
01-12-2023 19:18

Google Workspace Security: DeleFriend Vulnerability Could Allow Unwanted Access to APIs
Hunters researchers noted the vulnerability could lead to privilege escalation. Google said the report “does not identify an underlying security issue in our products.”
01-12-2023 18:52

New FjordPhantom Android Malware Targets Banking Apps in Southeast Asia
Cybersecurity researchers have disclosed a new sophisticated Android malware called FjordPhantom that has been observed targeting users in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam since early September 2023. "Spreading pr
01-12-2023 18:10

Congressmen Ask DOJ to Investigate Water Utility Hack, Warning It Could Happen Anywhere
Members of Congress asked the U.S. Justice Department to investigate how foreign hackers breached a water authority near Pittsburgh, prompting CISA to warn other water and sewage-treatment utilities that they may be vulnerable. The post appeared first o
01-12-2023 17:22

Qakbot Takedown Aftermath: Mitigations and Protecting Against Future Threats
The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI recently collaborated in a multinational operation to dismantle the notorious Qakbot malware and botnet. While the operation was successful in disrupting this long-running threat, concerns have arisen as i
01-12-2023 16:20

Chinese Hackers Using SugarGh0st RAT to Target South Korea and Uzbekistan
A suspected Chinese-speaking threat actor has been attributed to a malicious campaign that targets the Uzbekistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and South Korean users with a remote access trojan called SugarGh0st RAT. The activity, which commenced no
01-12-2023 16:19

Discover How Gcore Thwarted Powerful 1.1Tbps and 1.6Tbps DDoS Attacks
The most recent Gcore Radar report and its aftermath have highlighted a dramatic increase in DDoS attacks across multiple industries. At the beginning of 2023, the average strength of attacks reached 800 Gbps, but now, even a pea
01-12-2023 15:56

Staples Confirms ‘Cybersecurity Risk’ Disrupting Online Stores
Office supply retail giant confirms security incident disrupted online orders, communications channels and customer service lines. The post appeared first on .
01-12-2023 15:34

WhatsApp's New Secret Code Feature Lets Users Protect Private Chats with Password
Meta-owned WhatsApp has launched a new Secret Code feature to help users protect sensitive conversations with a custom password on the messaging platform. The feature has been described as an "additional way to protect those chats and
01-12-2023 15:34

U.S. Treasury Sanctions North Korean Kimsuky Hackers and 8 Foreign-Based Agents
The U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) on Thursday sanctioned the North Korea-linked adversarial collective known as Kimsuky as well as eight foreign-based agents who are alleged to have facilitated sanctions evasio
01-12-2023 13:13

In Other News: Utilities Targeted by Hackers, Aerospace Attacks, Killnet Leader Unmasked
Noteworthy stories that might have slipped under the radar: Utilities in US and Europe targeted in attacks, aerospace hacks, and Killnet leader unmasked. The post appeared first on .
01-12-2023 12:48

Teaching appropriate use of AI tech – Week in security with Tony Anscombe
Several cases of children creating indecent images of other children using AI software add to the worries about harmful uses of AI technology
01-12-2023 12:31

Zyxel Releases Patches to Fix 15 Flaws in NAS, Firewall, and AP Devices
Zyxel has released patches to address 15 security issues impacting network-attached storage (NAS), firewall, and access point (AP) devices, including three critical flaws that could lead to authentication bypass and command injection. The three vuln
01-12-2023 11:52

New ‘Turtle’ macOS Ransomware Analyzed
New Turtle macOS ransomware is not sophisticated but shows that cybercriminals continue to target Apple devices. The post appeared first on .
01-12-2023 11:30

US Sanctions North Korean Cyberespionage Group Kimsuky
The US has announced sanctions against North Korean cyberespionage group Kimsuky over its intelligence gathering activities.  The post appeared first on .
01-12-2023 11:01

Zero-Day Alert: Apple Rolls Out iOS, macOS, and Safari Patches for 2 Actively Exploited Flaws
Apple has released software updates for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and Safari web browser to address two security flaws that it said have come under active exploitation in the wild on older versions of its software. The vulnerabilities, both of which
01-12-2023 09:55

Simple Attack Allowed Extraction of ChatGPT Training Data
Researchers found that a ‘silly’ attack method could have been used to trick ChatGPT into handing over training data. The post appeared first on .
01-12-2023 09:54

Make Life Safer and Easier With This Password Manager for Just $15
Store unlimited passwords in unlimited vaults on multiple servers, customize fields, use the tool on your smart watch, enjoy built-in authenticator and much more.
01-12-2023 09:30

TechRepublic Premium Editorial Calendar: Policies, Checklists, Hiring Kits and Glossaries for Download
TechRepublic Premium content helps you solve your toughest IT issues and jump-start your career or next project.
01-12-2023 08:48

Google Workspace Security: DeleFriend Vulnerability Could Allow Unwanted Access to APIs
Hunters researchers noted the vulnerability could lead to privilege escalation. Google said the report “does not identify an underlying security issue in our products.”
30-11-2023 21:10

Apple Patches WebKit Flaws Exploited on Older iPhones
Apple's security response team warns that flaws CVE-2023-42916 and CVE-2023-42917 were already exploited against versions of iOS before iOS 16.7.1. The post appeared first on .
30-11-2023 19:14

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