Wed 24 Jun 2009

After extracting and executing sqldeveloper.exe, I received following error

Oracle SQL Developer
Unable to create an instance of the Java Virtual Machine
Located at path:

Resolution for this error which works for me, as follow :-

Open ide.conf file from


In this file, change this line :
AddVMOption -Xmx512M


AddVMOption -Xmx256M

Now, the executable is lauching correctly. No more errors with Java Virtual Machine.


Also check the diskspace where sqldeveloper is extracted and available RAM.
You may need to revert back in future if there is no more issue with original file's setting.


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3/16/2010 | Mike  United States
This is great
4/27/2010 | S.Huang  People's Republic of China
Great Solution, How did you get this ^^
4/27/2010 | fsl  United States
very simple, like u get this Smile
4/28/2010 | Vikas  United States
Cool Man..! Thanks a lot. Smile
5/13/2010 | itujung  Korea
Oh!! Thanks you very much.
8/16/2010 | Cheryl  United States
Great, it works for me too.
Thank you.
10/11/2010 | Mateus  Brazil
Thanks a lot^^ you saved me.
I tried many solutions. But this one worked nicely. Very simples. Thanks
11/4/2010 | Sasha  Russia
Thanks. It is work
12/28/2010 | xj32  People's Republic of China
Thank you very much.It's OK
3/17/2011 | Alex  Canada
Thank you Thank you Thank you
Even the technitian at our suport centre did not know how to fix this
4/12/2011 | Pj  United States
Thanks a lot..great solution
9/3/2011 | parag  India
It worked. Great. Thanks a lot. I also installed IE8
9/30/2011 | peter  Egypt
thanks   aloooooooooooooot really i tired from the stupid people around but here you are master of errors
you are the man.
2/17/2012 | Sergey  Russia
Nice! It worked out.
Thanks a lot.
6/12/2012 | thank u  People's Republic of China
Firstly, thank u so much.
Secondly, why the error could happen
7/11/2012 | Chad  Singapore
Thank you so much!!! this was of great help.

Much regards.
9/20/2012 | Evgen  Ukraine
Works fine!

10/19/2012 | asd  United States
Thank Man.
11/7/2012 | Sachin  India
This fix worked for me.Great man..Thanx a lot
11/13/2012 | damjar  Poland
thank you
11/21/2012 | Kate  Belarus
Thanks a lot from Belarus =)!!!

Spending two days on this issue...and finally get sucsess!!
12/19/2012 | Anu  India
Awesome!! it worked.
1/15/2013 | Diya  India
Thanks a ton.. it worked for me as well
3/5/2013 | Lætitia  France
You just saved my day! Thx!
3/19/2013 | fh  Sri Lanka
Thanks dude, it works..
btw can i know the reason for this issue?
5/2/2013 | Harishankar  India
Hi, Good sollution.....It worked for me.....Thanks a lot
8/7/2013 | Marcello  Brazil
Works great!!! Thanks!
12/9/2013 | michille  United Kingdom
Works perfectly, thanks a lot
2/26/2014 | Jhon  Colombia
Muchas Gracias parcero, Funciono perfectamente
5/25/2014 | Mani Raghavendra  India
For latest versions iam facing same issue, when i try to change the option as you provided we didn't get the option in the ide.config file.
MY PC is WINDOWS7(32-bit)
I am not able to launching the sql developer latest version in my desktop.

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