Ransomware Cyber Attack Forced the Largest U.S. Fuel Pipeline to Shut Down
Colonial Pipeline, which carries 45% of the fuel consumed on the U.S. East Coast, on Saturday said it halted operations due to a ransomware attack, once again demonstrating how infrastructure is vulnerable to cyberattacks. "On May 7, the Colonial Pipeli
09-05-2021 01:28

Facebook Will Limit Your WhatsApp Features For Not Accepting Privacy Policy
WhatsApp on Friday disclosed that it won't deactivate accounts of users who don't accept its new privacy policy rolling out on May 15, adding it will continue to keep reminding them to accept the new terms. "No one will have their accounts deleted or lo
09-05-2021 00:50

Apple brass discussed disclosing 128-million iPhone hack, then decided not to
Emails entered into Epic Games lawsuit show execs contradicting Apple talking points.
08-05-2021 16:10

Cyberattack Forces Shutdown of Major U.S. Pipeline
Colonial Pipeline halts all fuel pipeline operations in response to a cyberattack
08-05-2021 14:11

Sheikh Abd al-Rahman Al-Ajlaan Teacher at Masjid al-Haram For More than 35 Years, Passes Away at 85
Sheikh Abd al-Rahman Al-Ajlaan, a famous teacher and scholar of Masjid Al-Haram for more than 35 years has now passed away Friday morning aged about 85 years. On Friday morning, May 7, 2021, the chief muezzin of the Great Mosque of Mecca, the former head
08-05-2021 10:52

Israeli Army Tortures, Fires on Worshipers at Al-Aqsa Mosque During Last Friday of Ramadan 2021
Jerusalem: Israeli army used force to prevent worshipers from entering the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the occasion of Jumu’ah al-Wada ‘. More than 200 worshipers were injured. According to the International News Agency, on the last
08-05-2021 10:25

New Pingback Malware Using ICMP Tunneling to Evade C&C Detection
Researchers on Tuesday disclosed a novel malware that uses a variety of tricks to stay under the radar and evade detection, while stealthily capable of executing arbitrary commands on infected systems. Called 'Pingback,' the Windows malware leverages In
08-05-2021 05:35

Top 12 Security Flaws Russian Spy Hackers Are Exploiting in the Wild
Cyber operatives affiliated with the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) have switched up their tactics in response to previous public disclosures of their attack methods, according to a new advisory jointly published by intelligence agencies from
08-05-2021 05:32

ALERT — New 21Nails Exim Bugs Expose Millions of Email Servers to Hacking
The maintainers of Exim have released patches to remediate as many as 21 security vulnerabilities in its software that could enable unauthenticated attackers to achieve complete remote code execution and gain root privileges. Collectively named '21Nails
08-05-2021 04:47

New Qualcomm Chip Bug Could Let Hackers Spy On Android Devices
Cybersecurity researchers have disclosed a new security vulnerability in Qualcomm's mobile station modems (MSM) that could potentially allow an attacker to leverage the underlying Android operating system to slip malicious code into mobile phones, undete
08-05-2021 02:32

New TsuNAME Flaw Could Let Attackers Take Down Authoritative DNS Servers
Security researchers Thursday disclosed a new critical vulnerability affecting Domain Name System (DNS) resolvers that could be exploited by adversaries to carry out reflection-based denial-of-service attacks against authoritative nameservers. The flaw,
08-05-2021 02:32

4 Major Privacy and Security Updates From Google You Should Know About
Google has announced a number of user-facing and under-the-hood changes in an attempt to boost privacy and security, including rolling out two-factor authentication automatically to all eligible users and bringing iOS-styled privacy labels to Android app
08-05-2021 02:31

قرآن - آیت : 56، سورة الصَّافَّات : 37
کہے گا کہ خدا کی قسم تُو تو مجھے ہلاک ہی کرچکا تھا
08-05-2021 02:29

Quran - Verse : 56, Surah : As-Saaffat, Chapter : 37
He will say, "By Allah, you almost ruined me.
08-05-2021 02:28

Church of Barcelona Welcomes Muslims For Iftar Dinner
Islamic populations of Barcelona are restricted from celebrating Ramadan at causal indoor venues due to the ongoing pandemic. Still, for Muslims, a Catholic church has offered up its open-air cloisters so that they can pray and eat together. Volunteers o
07-05-2021 20:11

2021 May Be Big Lyme Disease Year
For the first time, Lyme disease-carrying ticks -- typically associated with woodlands in New England and other forested regions of the US -- have been found in abundance near beaches in Northern California, new research shows.
07-05-2021 20:03

Saudi Arabia Released 49,000MP Pictures of Maqam-e-Ibrahim
The authorities from Saudi Arabia released a close-up view of the Hajr-e-Aswad, which was never seen before. In Makkah’s grand mosque, Masjid al-Haram the detailed pictures of Maqam-e-Ibrahim was released. The importance and history of Maqam-e-Ibra
07-05-2021 19:51

Ajit Pai promised cheaper Internet—real prices rose 19 percent instead
Home-Internet prices rose four times faster than inflation in Trump era.
07-05-2021 18:50

قرآن - آیت : 86، سورة مَرْيَم : 19
اور گنہگاروں کو دوزخ کی طرف پیاسے ہانک لے جائیں گے
07-05-2021 18:48

Quran - Verse : 86, Surah : Maryam, Chapter : 19
And will drive the criminals to Hell in thirst
07-05-2021 18:47

Varenicline Nasal Spray Efficacious for Dry Eye
Nasal spray reduces signs and symptoms of dry eye disease in phase 3 trial.
07-05-2021 18:34

Fecal Transplantation Safe but Ineffective in PsA Trial
A trial found fecal microbiota transplantation in psoriatic arthritis inferior to sham but safe, and investigators said it's worthy of future study.
07-05-2021 17:03

Main Causes of Food-Induced Anaphylaxis Identified
Most triggers remain the same, but soybean may be less important.
07-05-2021 16:46

Kamala Harris' Family in India Where COVID Rages
G. Balachandran turned 80 this spring — a milestone of a birthday in India, where he lives. If not for the coronavirus pandemic, he would have been surrounded by celebrating family members. Associated Press
07-05-2021 16:37

'Precision' Nutrition? DHA Benefit Modified by AD Genetic Risk
In cognitively unimpaired middle-aged adults at higher genetic risk for Alzheimer's disease, those with higher intake of DHA showed greater resistance to pathological structural changes in the brain.
07-05-2021 16:36

قرآن - آیت : 27، سورة الْأَنْفَال : 8
اے ایمان والو! نہ تو خدا اور رسول کی امانت میں خیانت کرو اور نہ اپنی امانتوں میں خیانت کرو اور تم (ان باتوں کو) جانتے ہو
07-05-2021 16:35

Quran - Verse : 27, Surah : Al-Anfal, Chapter : 8
O you who have believed, do not betray Allah and the Messenger or betray your trusts while you know [the consequence].
07-05-2021 16:34

US-UK Gov Warning: SolarWinds Attackers Add Open-Source PenTest Tool to Arsenal
Agencies in the United States and the United Kingdom on Friday published a joint report providing more details on the activities of the Russian cyberspy group that is believed to be behind the attack on IT management company SolarWinds. The report reveal
07-05-2021 16:32

Antibiotic Cut ANCA-Vasculitis Infection Risk With Rituximab
Co-use of cotrimoxazole decreased the risk for infection, which remains high in patients with vasculitis who are treated with rituximab.
07-05-2021 16:13

FDA Blazes Path for 'Real-World' Evidence as Proof of Efficacy
FDA leaders must finalize guidance this year on submitting real-world observational evidence for regulatory decisions on drug and device efficacy, but several elements remain in flux.
07-05-2021 15:58

How North Korean APT Kimsuky Is Evolving Its Tactics
Researchers find differences in Kimsuky's operations that lead them to divide the APT into two groups: CloudDragon and KimDragon.
07-05-2021 15:54

TB Regimen Cuts Treatment Time by a Third
Patients as young as 12 years in this phase 3 trial fared as well with a new 4-month treatment as with the 6-month standard care.
07-05-2021 15:46

Three US healthcare providers suffer data breach
Following a ransomware attack on the administrative services company, CaptureRx, at least three US healthcare providers suffered a data breach. The attach occurred on February 6, and an investigation was launched almost two weeks later, discovering that
07-05-2021 15:41

5 More Women Allege Sexual Harassment at LSU Med School
A lawyer for women alleging misconduct among leaders at the medical school described their stories as 'the tip of the iceberg.'
07-05-2021 15:12

Failed Transcatheter Mitral Repair Will Require Valve Replacement
Less than 5% of patients who require reintervention for a failed MitraClip procedure were able to be treated successfully with surgical mitral repair, requiring valve replacement instead.
07-05-2021 14:59

قرآن - آیت : 159، سورة الصَّافَّات : 37
یہ جو کچھ بیان کرتے ہیں خدا اس سے پاک ہے
07-05-2021 14:57

Quran - Verse : 159, Surah : As-Saaffat, Chapter : 37
Exalted is Allah above what they describe,
07-05-2021 14:56

Most Organizations Feel More Vulnerable to Breaches Amid Pandemic
More than half of business see the need for significant long-term changes to IT due to COVID-19, research finds.
07-05-2021 14:42

قرآن - آیت : 28، سورة طهٰ : 20
تاکہ وہ بات سمجھ لیں
07-05-2021 14:40

Quran - Verse : 28, Surah : Ta-ha, Chapter : 20
That they may understand my speech.
07-05-2021 14:39

IM, IA Steroid Injections Prove Noninferior in Knee OA
Intramuscular injections of glucocorticoids achieve a level of pain reduction similar to that of intra-articular injections in patients with knee osteoarthritis.
07-05-2021 14:31

Week in security with Tony Anscombe
Ousaban banking trojan targeting Brazil – How to help your kids use safe passwords – DDoS attack takes Belgian government websites offline The post appeared first on
07-05-2021 14:30

Under the Microscope: ISACA Survey on Cybersecurity Workforce, Resources and Budgets
A major survey that like all surveys needs to be examined carefully rather than accepted blindly.
07-05-2021 14:28

Survey Offers Snapshot of Nationwide COVID-19 Discharge Practices
More than one-quarter of sites gave little or no guidance for clinical discharge criteria, while 14% gave very specific detailed algorithms.
07-05-2021 14:09

CISA Analyzes FiveHands Ransomware
The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has published an analysis of the FiveHands ransomware, roughly one week after FireEye’s Mandiant security researchers reported seeing the malware in recent attacks.
07-05-2021 14:03

‘Ticks Surprise Us:’ 2021 May Be Big Lyme Disease Year
This winter was one of the warmest on record, and lingering summer heat could add weeks of outdoor activity to animals that carry ticks, which thrive in hot, humid conditions.
07-05-2021 13:58

Torsemide Over Furosemide as First-Line Loop Diuretic for HF
'One thing we do for no reason is use furosemide rather than torsemide as loop diuretic for patients with heart failure,' said an expert.
07-05-2021 13:58

قرآن - آیت : 15، سورة الْفُرْقَان : 25
پوچھو کہ یہ بہتر ہے یا بہشت جاودانی جس کا پرہیزگاروں سے وعدہ ہے۔ یہ ان (کے عملوں) کا بدلہ اور رہنے کا ٹھکانہ ہوگا
07-05-2021 13:56

Quran - Verse : 15, Surah : Al-Furqan, Chapter : 25
Say, "Is that better or the Garden of Eternity which is promised to the righteous? It will be for them a reward and destination.
07-05-2021 13:55

Strategies to Turn the Tide on Racial and Gender Inequity
Dr Jorge Ganem believes we should approach gender inequities and racial disparities through a quality and patient safety lens.
07-05-2021 13:40

Hospitalist Leader on Post-COVID Approach to Career Advancement
Vineet Arora, MD, highlights the importance of trust, staying the course on projects, and the need for systemic change.
07-05-2021 13:36

Risk to Financial Services and Insurance Organisations increased by 125% in 2020, report reveals
Despite the increased use of mobile device management (MDM), mobile phishing among financial services was at an all-time high last year. A report conducted by endpoint security expert, Lookout, revealed a 125% increase in exposure to considerable risk in
07-05-2021 13:35

Obrela teams up with ABS to boost industrial defences against cyberattacks
The recent cyber-attack against Oldsmar Water Plant in Florida has increased concerns over cybercriminals targeting industrial organisations and highlighted that the cyber-physical attacks that have been predicted for years, are now happening. In Februar
07-05-2021 13:34

قرآن - آیت : 15، سورة يٰس : 36
وہ بولے کہ تم (اور کچھ) نہیں مگر ہماری طرح کے آدمی (ہو) اور خدا نے کوئی چیز نازل نہیں کی تم محض جھوٹ بولتے ہو
07-05-2021 13:33

Quran - Verse : 15, Surah : Ya-Seen, Chapter : 36
They said, "You are not but human beings like us, and the Most Merciful has not revealed a thing. You are only telling lies."
07-05-2021 13:32

New Oral Protein Shows Promise for Ulcerative Colitis
A recombinant anti-TNF alpha fusion protein showed safety and effectiveness in mild-to-moderate ulcerative colitis.
07-05-2021 13:26

FBI, NSA, CISA & NCSC Issue Joint Advisory on Russian SVR Activity
The report provides additional details on tactics of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service following public attribution of the group to last year's SolarWinds attack.
07-05-2021 13:25

Android App Developers Required by Google to Share More Info on Data Handling
Google this week announced that it is introducing a new policy for the Google Play app store, requiring all developers to provide information on their data collection practices.
07-05-2021 13:04

قرآن - آیت : 48، سورة الزُّخْرُف : 43
اور جو نشانی ہم ان کو دکھاتے تھے وہ دوسری سے بڑی ہوتی تھی اور ہم نے ان کو عذاب میں پکڑ لیا تاکہ باز آئیں
07-05-2021 13:02

Quran - Verse : 48, Surah : Az-Zukhruf, Chapter : 43
And We showed them not a sign except that it was greater than its sister, and We seized them with affliction that perhaps they might return [to faith].
07-05-2021 13:01

Our Readers Respond: Require Doctors Be COVID-19 Vaccinated?
A WebMD poll and another from Medscape approach the same COVID-19 vaccination requirement question from different angles.
07-05-2021 12:57

WebMD Poll: Make COVID Vaccine Mandatory for Doctors?
Nearly two-thirds of WebMD readers who answered the poll questions say doctors and other health care professionals should be required to take the COVID-19 vaccine.
07-05-2021 12:45

TsuNAME Vulnerability Can Be Exploited for DDoS Attacks on DNS Servers
Some DNS resolvers are affected by a vulnerability that can be exploited to launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against authoritative DNS servers, a group of researchers warned this week.
07-05-2021 12:36

DevOps is getting code released faster than ever. But security is lagging behind
DevOps is speeding up software release cycles like never before. But according to GitLab's latest survey, finger-pointing over who should be in charge of security remains an issue.
07-05-2021 12:34

Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer — Are Sugary Drinks to Blame?
A new analysis has found that two high-sugar drinks a day in young adulthood was associated with more than double the cancer risk before age 50.
07-05-2021 12:29

Studies Highlight Pandemic's Impact on Patients With RMDs
From the Europe-based REUMAVID study to the United Kingdom's CONTAIN study, some common themes are emerging, with lessons to be learned for future practice.
07-05-2021 12:13

قرآن - آیت : 62، سورة الْبَقَرَة : 2
جو لوگ مسلمان ہیں یا یہودی یا عیسائی یا ستارہ پرست، (یعنی کوئی شخص کسی قوم و مذہب کا ہو) جو خدا اور روز قیامت پر ایمان لائے گا، اور نیک عمل کرے گا، تو ایسے لوگوں کو ان (کے اعمال) کا صلہ خدا کے ہاں ملے گا اور (قیامت کے دن) ان کو نہ کسی طرح کا خوف ہوگا اور نہ وہ غم ناک ہوں گے
07-05-2021 12:11

Quran - Verse : 62, Surah : Al-Baqarah, Chapter : 2
Indeed, those who believed and those who were Jews or Christians or Sabeans [before Prophet Muhammad] - those [among them] who believed in Allah and the Last Day and did righteousness - will have their reward with their Lord, and no fear will there be concerning them, nor will they grieve.
07-05-2021 12:10

Fear of Losing Health Insurance Keeps 1 in 6 in Their Jobs
A new Gallup poll reveals many Americans remain in jobs they'd rather leave -- simply because they don't want to lose their health insurance.
07-05-2021 11:42

A Simple New Definition for 'Metabolically Healthy Obesity'?
'Our new definition may be important not only to stratify risk of mortality in people with obesity, but also in people with overweight and normal weight,' say researchers.
07-05-2021 11:31

CBD for Severe Epilepsy Linked to Early Puberty in a 2-Year-Old
Cannabidiol, purchased online, has been linked to early puberty in a very young child with severe intractable epilepsy.
07-05-2021 11:21

FDA Panel Narrowly Backs Avacopan Approval
The FDA is mulling whether to approve avacopan for ANCA-associated vasculitis largely on the basis of a single trial about which the agency staff has concerns.
07-05-2021 11:15

VMware Patches Critical Flaw Reported by Sanctioned Russian Security Firm
VMware has patched another critical vulnerability reported by Positive Technologies, a Russian cybersecurity firm that was recently by the United States.
07-05-2021 10:50

Birth Control: Types and Considerations for Transgender and Nonbinary People
No matter where you are on the gender spectrum you could need birth control, especially if there’s a chance you could get pregnant and you’re not trying to. Learn about the types of birth control available and what might be best for you.
07-05-2021 10:37

What I Want You to Know About Living With HIV
Learn what people who are HIV-positive want you to know about the realities of living with the virus.
07-05-2021 10:36

قرآن - آیت : 33، سورة الدُّخَان : 44
اور ان کو ایسی نشانیاں دی تھیں جن میں صریح آزمائش تھی
07-05-2021 10:35

Quran - Verse : 33, Surah : Ad-Dukhan, Chapter : 44
And We gave them of signs that in which there was a clear trial.
07-05-2021 10:34

The Edge Pro Quote: Password Empowerment
Despite being a pain in the neck, passwords may hold a psychological purpose that security pros should take into account.
07-05-2021 10:15

COVID Testing a Windfall for Hospitals, Labs, and Others
As the pandemic enters its second year, no procedure has been more frequent than tests for the virus causing it. And it's serving as a financial bonanza for some.
07-05-2021 10:12

NCSC provides guidance on cybersecurity for smart cities
The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has released a set of security principles for local authorities to help protect smart city technology from cyber threats. Along with the guidance, it is warning that compromise of a single system in a smart city
07-05-2021 10:09

Hypertension Worsened by Commonly Used Prescription Meds
Nearly one out of five American adults with hypertension is on a prescription drug known to raise blood pressure, based on NHANES data.
07-05-2021 10:09

Defending Against Web Scraping Attacks
Web scraping attacks, like Facebook's recent data leak, can easily lead to more significant breaches.
07-05-2021 10:00

Structural Racism Tied to Psychosis Risk in Black People
Social and economic disparities are linked to a significantly increased risk for psychosis in racialized communities, new research shows.
07-05-2021 09:46

قرآن - آیت : 35، سورة مَرْيَم : 19
خدا کو سزاوار نہیں کہ کسی کو بیٹا بنائے۔ وہ پاک ہے جب کسی چیز کا ارادہ کرتا ہے تو اس کو یہی کہتا ہے کہ ہوجا تو وہ ہوجاتی ہے
07-05-2021 09:44

Quran - Verse : 35, Surah : Maryam, Chapter : 19
It is not [befitting] for Allah to take a son; exalted is He! When He decrees an affair, He only says to it, "Be," and it is.
07-05-2021 09:43

Woman Gives Birth to 9 Babies
'I'm very happy,' the woman's husband, Adjudant Kader Arby, told the BBC. 'My wife and the babies are doing well.'
07-05-2021 09:43

11 Reasons Why You Sorta Love Passwords
We asked you to tell the truth about why you secretly love passwords. From the heartfelt to the hilarious, here's what you had to say.
07-05-2021 09:03

Exercise Plus Liraglutide Good for Weight Loss Maintenance
Reductions in both weight and fat loss seen with exercise and liraglutide was roughly twice as much as what was achieved at 1 year with liraglutide or exercise alone.
07-05-2021 08:54

4 Major Privacy and Security Updates From Google You Should Know About
Google has announced a number of user-facing and under-the-hood changes in an attempt to boost privacy and security, including rolling out two-factor authentication automatically to all eligible users and bringing iOS-styled privacy labels to Android app
07-05-2021 08:52

Black Hat Asia Speakers Share Secrets About Sandboxes, Smart Doors, and Security
Find video interviews with some of the coolest Black Hat Asia experts right here, as part of the Dark Reading News Desk this week.
07-05-2021 08:30

قرآن - آیت : 113، سورة النِّسَآء : 4
اور اگر تم پر خدا کا فضل اور مہربانی نہ ہوتی تو ان میں سے ایک جماعت تم کو بہکانے کا قصد کر ہی چکی تھی اور یہ اپنے سوا (کسی کو) بہکا نہیں سکتے اور نہ تمہارا کچھ بگاڑ سکتے ہیں اور خدا نے تم پر کتاب اور دانائی نازل فرمائی ہے اور تمہیں وہ باتیں سکھائی ہیں جو تم جانتے نہیں تھے اور تم پر خدا کا بڑا فضل ہے
07-05-2021 08:28

Quran - Verse : 113, Surah : An-Nisaa, Chapter : 4
And if it was not for the favor of Allah upon you, [O Muhammad], and His mercy, a group of them would have determined to mislead you. But they do not mislead except themselves, and they will not harm you at all. And Allah has revealed to you the Book and wisdom and has taught you that which you did not know. And ever has the favor of Allah upon you been great.
07-05-2021 08:27

Support Group for Asian Americans Uses Theater to Cope With COVID
An online, culturally based peer support group that uses theater and other creative outlets is helping Asian Americans cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, new research shows.
07-05-2021 08:08

Saudi Arabia To Ban International Hajj 2021, For Second Time In The Row
Saudi Arabia to ban International Hajj 2021 for the second time in the row. This will also barred international pilgrims to take part. As the cases of covid-19 Are rising globally, Saudi Arabia is planning to ban international pilgrims from hajj and Sau
07-05-2021 07:48

Topol Talks: COVID-19 Variants Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty
Editor-in-Chief Eric Topol, MD, addresses the ability of current and future COVID-19 vaccines to combat SARS-CoV-2 variants and other obstacles to pandemic "containment."
07-05-2021 07:35

6 Unpatched Flaws Disclosed in Remote Mouse App for Android and iOS
As many as six zero-days have been uncovered in an application called Remote Mouse, allowing a remote attacker to achieve full code execution without any user interaction. The unpatched flaws, collectively named 'Mouse Trap,' were disclosed on Wednesday
07-05-2021 06:20

New Stealthy Rootkit Infiltrated Networks of High-Profile Organizations
An unknown threat actor with the capabilities to evolve and tailor its toolset to target environments infiltrated high-profile organizations in Asia and Africa with an evasive Windows rootkit since at least 2018. Called 'Moriya,' the malware is a "passi
07-05-2021 05:56

New Spectre Flaws in Intel and AMD CPUs Affect Billions of Computers
When Spectre, a class of critical vulnerabilities impacting modern processors, was publicly revealed in January 2018, the researchers behind the discovery said, "As it is not easy to fix, it will haunt us for quite some time," explaining the inspiration
07-05-2021 04:52

New TsuNAME Flaw Could Let Attackers Take Down Authoritative DNS Servers
Security researchers Thursday disclosed a new critical vulnerability affecting Domain Name System (DNS) resolvers that could be exploited by adversaries to carry out reflection-based denial-of-service attacks against authoritative nameservers. The flaw,
07-05-2021 04:49

قرآن - آیت : 223، سورة الشُّعَرَآء : 26
جو سنی ہوئی بات (اس کے کام میں) لا ڈالتے ہیں اور وہ اکثر جھوٹے ہیں
07-05-2021 04:47

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