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Five Time Management Mistakes that Wastes a lot of Time

For all those who would like to master their time management skills, must avoid these 5 major Time Management Mistakes.


 1. Procrastination:

Those things which have to be done now are being procrastinated of being postponed. This is one of the traits which is not outside but within us. We have made up a habit that we will do it later as it is not urgent now, we keep on delaying it till one day it becomes burning and urgent, and then we have no choice to act on it. At this point of time, we have to leave aside something that was important but not urgent to complete this task. Many of the corporate executives also get a kick from doing something that is urgent, they love to take pressure, their common phrase is “ohh, don't worry there is still a lot of time”.


2. Do it Myself Attitude:

 "This is too important. Better let me do it." "By the time I show them how to do it, I will finish it myself." There are these executives and managers who always want to be in the thick of the things. They also get a feeling of threat if some one else starts doing what I do. Some have this misconception about their indispensability.


3. No Clearly Defined Goals:

Because we do not know what to do, we keep on doing whatever comes our way. We keep on working very hard but still do not get results or the sense of achievement because we never have defined what we want to achieve. “A journey of thousand miles begins with the first single step.” We all want to take the first step and we are ready to take it, unfortunately we have not defined our journey so we do not know in which direction to take the first step.


4. Not taking Decisions:

One of the major mistakes which waste a lot of our time is in-decision. We keep on pro-castigating our decisions. We do not take the right decision at the right time be it with our professional life or our personal or social life or be it related to our health. And unfortunately many of our decisions are not our decisions at all. They are being imposed on us by our boss, colleagues, family and friends. We also have this urge to be perfect at time and we need a lot of data and testimony to justify our decisions and also always we want to be right at all the time so we remain in-decisive.


5. No Action:

This one is the giant of the time waster which waste chunk of our time. We do not Act on our Goals, we do not take any action on the decisions we make. Many a time people decide to change their habits and behavior but seldom they take any action step on their plan. So no action – no results. Some times people, who do not have clarity of goals, do not see the destination, so, if this set of people act today and cloud sit with a book and pen and start writing down their goal, probably this action step will bring them closer towards their goal.


So if you want to start managing your time, start managing the above five mistakes.  So here is your short brief powerful action plan:



Step 1: Stop Procrastination


Step 2: Empower people around you


Step 3:  Write down your goals of paper


Step 4:  Make those tough decisions


Step 5: ACT now on the above 4 steps.



Wish you all the best. Time management is all about self management. The better you manage your self; automatically your time is managed.

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5/7/2008 | Zubair Qureshi  Islamic Republic of Pakistan
good tips to follow for bettter time managemnets!

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