Wed 17 Jun 2009

This is a clothing label from a small American company that sells their product in France. Here's the translation of the French part of the label.

Wash with warm water.
Use mild soap.
Dry flat.
Do not use bleach.
Do not dry in the dryer.
Do not iron.
We are sorry that Our President is an idiot.
We did not vote for him.

Comments:  True. The label appeared on several tote bags and laptop cases manufactured by Tom Bihn, an American company located in Port Angeles, Washington. According to the Tom Bihn Website, its labels are printed in French as well as English because the products are sold in both the U.S. and Canada.

In addition to the basic laundering instructions, the labels read, in French:

Nous sommes desoles que notre president soit un idiot. Nous n'avons pas vote pour lui.

Which, translated into English, means:

We are sorry that our president is an idiot. We didn't vote for him.

"The 'secret' message began as an inside joke among seamstresses and staff at the Tom Bihn factory," the company's Website explains, "and was apparently intended to poke fun at company's founder and president, Tom Bihn."

The key word is apparently.

"I'm going with the idea that it's a joke about me," Bihn told the Associated Press. But, he added, "clearly when you use the word 'idiot' and 'president' in the same sentence people jump to other conclusions."

Especially when it's written in French.


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Sun 28 Dec 2008

Cool rebranding due to financial crisis... 3m, apple, cisco, citigroup, dell, ferrari, ford, goodyear, jones, lg, nike, nokia, xerox, yahoo....


rebrand 3m.jpg

rebrand apple.jpg

rebrand buy.jpg

rebrand cisco.jpg

rebrand citi.jpg

rebrand dell.jpg

rebrand ferrari.jpg

rebrand ford.jpg

rebrand goodyear.jpg

rebrand jones.jpg

rebrand lg.jpg

rebrand nike.jpg

rebrand nokia.jpg

rebrand ssler.jpg

rebrand xerox.jpg

rebrand yahoo.jpg

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Thu 10 Jul 2008
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