RSA 2022: Omdia Research Take Aways
The RSA conference in San Francisco always feels like drinking from a fire hose but especially this year at the first in-person RSA since the pandemic began.
01-07-2022 14:00

Microsoft Warns of Cryptomining Malware Campaign Targeting Linux Servers
A cloud threat actor group tracked as 8220 has updated its malware toolset to breach Linux servers with the goal of installing crypto miners as part of a long-running campaign. "The updates include the deployment of new versions of a crypto miner and
30-06-2022 22:36

Who Should Get Vaccinated Against Monkeypox?
The U.S. government will roll out 296,000 doses of the monkeypox vaccine amid the outbreak.
30-06-2022 22:24

North Korean Hackers Suspected to be Behind $100M Horizon Bridge Hack
The notorious North Korea-backed hacking collective Lazarus Group is suspected to be behind the recent $100 million altcoin theft from Harmony Horizon Bridge, citing similarities to the Ronin bridge attack in March 2022. The finding comes as Harmony c
30-06-2022 22:07

Ex-Canadian Government Employee Pleads Guilty Over NetWalker Ransomware Attacks
A former Canadian government employee this week agreed to plead guilty in the U.S. to charges related to his involvement with the NetWalker ransomware syndicate. Sebastien Vachon-Desjardins, who was extradited to the U.S. on March 10, 2022, is accused
30-06-2022 22:06

U.S. FCC Commissioner Asks Apple and Google to Remove TikTok from App Stores
One of the commissioners of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has renewed calls asking for Apple and Google to boot the popular video-sharing platform TikTok from their app stores citing "its pattern of surreptitious data practices." "I
30-06-2022 22:06

Google Blocks Dozens of Malicious Domains Operated by Hack-for-Hire Groups
Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG) on Thursday disclosed it had acted to block as many as 36 malicious domains operated by hack-for-hire groups from India, Russia, and the U.A.E. In a manner analogous to the surveillanceware ecosystem, hack-for-hire
30-06-2022 22:05

قرآن - آیت : 24، سورة صٓ : 38
انہوں نے کہا کہ یہ جو تیری دنبی مانگتا ہے کہ اپنی دنبیوں میں ملالے بےشک تجھ پر ظلم کرتا ہے۔ اور اکثر شریک ایک دوسرے پر زیادتی ہی کیا کرتے ہیں۔ ہاں جو ایمان لائے اور عمل نیک کرتے رہے اور ایسے لوگ بہت کم ہیں۔ اور داؤد نے خیال کیا کہ (اس واقعے سے) ہم نے ان کو آزمایا ہے تو انہوں نے اپنے پروردگار سے مغفرت مانگی اور جھک کر گڑ پڑے اور (خدا کی طرف) رجوع کیا
30-06-2022 22:04

Quran - Verse : 24, Surah : Suad, Chapter : 38
[David] said, "He has certainly wronged you in demanding your ewe [in addition] to his ewes. And indeed, many associates oppress one another, except for those who believe and do righteous deeds - and few are they." And David became certain that We had tried him, and he asked forgiveness of his Lord and fell down bowing [in prostration] and turned in repentance [to Allah].
30-06-2022 22:03

Microsoft Exchange servers worldwide hit by stealthy new backdoor
SessionManager scours memory for passwords, does recon, and installs new tools.
30-06-2022 21:57

قرآن - آیت : 12، سورة الرَّحْمٰن : 55
اور اناج جس کے ساتھ بھس ہوتا ہے اور خوشبودار پھول
30-06-2022 21:55

Quran - Verse : 12, Surah : Ar-Rahman, Chapter : 55
And grain having husks and scented plants.
30-06-2022 21:54

Pemvidutide Promising for Fatty Liver Disease
Weight loss and multiple improvements in lipid parameters linked to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease were seen in a phase 1 trial.
30-06-2022 20:43

Google: Hack-for-Hire Groups Present a Potent Threat
Cyber mercenaries in countries like India, Russia, and the UAE are carrying out data theft and hacking missions for a wide range of clients across regions, a couple of new reports said.
30-06-2022 20:21

Early Post-Stroke Gene Expression May Predict Stroke Outcomes
Genes and associated networks regulating immune response may modulate 90-day ischemic stroke outcomes and be used to predict outcomes. First Look
30-06-2022 20:01

18 Zero-Days Exploited So Far in 2022
It didn't have to be this way: So far 2022's tranche of zero-days shows too many variants of previously patched security bugs, according Google Project Zero.
30-06-2022 19:39

قرآن - آیت : 42، سورة طهٰ : 20
تو تم اور تمہارا بھائی دونوں ہماری نشانیاں لے کر جاؤ اور میری یاد میں سستی نہ کرنا
30-06-2022 19:37

Quran - Verse : 42, Surah : Ta-ha, Chapter : 20
Go, you and your brother, with My signs and do not slacken in My remembrance.
30-06-2022 19:36

API Security Losses Total Billions, But It's Complicated
A recent analysis of breaches involving application programming interfaces (APIs) arrives at some eye-popping damage figures, but which companies are most affected, and in what ways?
30-06-2022 19:31

How traditional security tools fail to protect companies against ransomware
Most organizations surveyed by Titaniam have existing security prevention and backup tools, but almost 40% have still been hit by ransomware attacks in the last year. The post appeared first on .
30-06-2022 19:16

In Two Analyses, MAESTRO-NAFLD-1 Trial Shows Safety of Resmetirom
In main results from the phase 3 trial, as well as those from an open-label extension, the investigational drug also proved its ability to positively influence several noninvasive efficacy outcomes.
30-06-2022 18:47

Oak9 Lands $8 Million in New Venture Investment
Chicago-based Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) startup oak9 has attracted new interest from venture capitalists with Cisco Investments and Morgan Stanley’s Next Level Fund joining a new $8 million funding round.
30-06-2022 18:31

Exchange Servers Backdoored Globally by SessionManager
Malicious ISS module exploitation is the latest trend among threat actors targeting Exchange servers, analysts say.
30-06-2022 18:29

Biden Calls for Filibuster 'Exception' for Abortion Rights
President Joe Biden has doubled down on his insistence that the protections provided by Roe v. Wade should be federal law.
30-06-2022 17:54

قرآن - آیت : 12، سورة الرَّحْمٰن : 55
اور اناج جس کے ساتھ بھس ہوتا ہے اور خوشبودار پھول
30-06-2022 17:52

Quran - Verse : 12, Surah : Ar-Rahman, Chapter : 55
And grain having husks and scented plants.
30-06-2022 17:51

Heart Attack Care Not Equal for Women and People of Color
Over time, even with improvements across the board in care, women and people of color wait longer for treatment of heart attack than their White male counterparts.
30-06-2022 17:31

North Korea Lazarus Hackers Blamed for $100 Million Horizon Bridge Heist
The infamous North Korean Lazarus hacking group is the prime suspect in the $100 million hack of Harmony’s Horizon Bridge, according to new data and research from blockchain analytics firm Elliptic.
30-06-2022 17:27

قرآن - آیت : 36، سورة الْقَلَم : 68
تمہیں کیا ہوگیا ہے کیسی تجویزیں کرتے ہو؟
30-06-2022 17:25

Quran - Verse : 36, Surah : Al-Qalam, Chapter : 68
What is [the matter] with you? How do you judge?
30-06-2022 17:24

Study Reveals Traditional Data Security Tools Have a 60% Failure Rate Against Ransomware and Extortion
Titaniam’s ‘State of Data Exfiltration & Extortion Report’ also finds that while over 70% of organizations had heavy investments in prevention, detection, and backup solutions, the majority of victims ended up giving into attackers' demands.
30-06-2022 16:57

NXM Announces Platform That Protects Space Infrastructure and IoT Devices From Cyberattacks
NXM Autonomous Security protects against network-wide device hacks and defends against critical IoT vulnerabilities.
30-06-2022 16:54

A Fintech Horror Story: How One Company Prioritizes Cybersecurity
A password link that didn't expire leads to the discovery of exposed personal information at a payments service.
30-06-2022 16:54

Industry-Sponsored Cost-Effectiveness Studies Often Biased
Studies with independent funding could provide payers with more ability to negotiate lower prices, particularly among countries that rely on these analyses for policymaking.
30-06-2022 16:48

High Court Rejects COVID-19 Shot Mandate Case From New York
The court's action follows a decision in December in which the justices declined an emergency request to halt the requirement that does not offer an exemption for religious beliefs. Associated Press
30-06-2022 16:46

Pfizer Plans a Vaccine to Target All Coronaviruses
"I applaud the sentiment that is long overdue," said Eric Topol, MD. "It is crucial that we get ahead of the virus, and the best way is to develop pan-betacoronavirus vaccines that are variant-proof."
30-06-2022 16:28

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Therapy Removed From Market (Again)
Zelnorm, a short-term IBS-C treatment, has been removed from the market. The drug manufacturer cited 'business concerns.'
30-06-2022 16:27

Headed Back to the Water? Keep Swim Safety in Mind
Six-year-old Grant Brown was not a strong swimmer. His mother told counselors that when she dropped him off on his first day at a North Carolina day camp.
30-06-2022 16:22

قرآن - آیت : 10، سورة التَّحْرِيْم : 66
خدا نے کافروں کے لئے نوحؑ کی بیوی اور لوطؑ کی بیوی کی مثال بیان فرمائی ہے۔ دونوں ہمارے دو نیک بندوں کے گھر میں تھیں اور دونوں نے ان کی خیانت کی تو وہ خدا کے مقابلے میں اور ان عورتوں کے کچھ بھی کام نہ آئے اور ان کو حکم دیا گیا کہ اور داخل ہونے والوں کے ساتھ تم بھی دوزخ میں داخل ہو جاؤ
30-06-2022 16:20

Quran - Verse : 10, Surah : At-Tahrim, Chapter : 66
Allah presents an example of those who disbelieved: the wife of Noah and the wife of Lot. They were under two of Our righteous servants but betrayed them, so those prophets did not avail them from Allah at all, and it was said, "Enter the Fire with those who enter."
30-06-2022 16:19

Abortion Opponents Don't Want Patients Crossing State Lines
"Just because you jump across a state line doesn't mean your home state doesn't have jurisdiction."
30-06-2022 16:07

High Rate of Undiagnosed Major Risk Factors in Ischemic Stroke
Almost two thirds of patients with acute ischemic stroke have at least one undiagnosed major risk factor, new research shows.
30-06-2022 16:05

Fauci Says He Had Paxlovid Rebound, Worse Symptoms
The symptoms that he had after he completed the treatment were more severe than those he had at first from the coronavirus.
30-06-2022 15:55

Fireworks-Related Injuries Up 25% Over Last 15 Years: CPSC
The commission said in the report released on Wednesday that fireworks-related injuries have seen a 'significant upward trend' over the past 15 years, increasing by 25% since 2006.
30-06-2022 15:49

Genetic 'Taste Score' Could Help Us Eat Well, Reduce Disease Risk
Tufts University researchers say new findings could advance personalized nutrition, improving diet and reducing the risk for obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.
30-06-2022 15:45

Have you ever found phishing emails confusing? You aren’t alone
Kaspersky explores the ways hackers are able to confuse users through seemingly legitimate email templates. The post appeared first on .
30-06-2022 15:35

Is What You Call Probable…Impossible?
When physicians estimated the likelihood of outcomes in a clinical scenario, 78% committed a common logical fallacy.
30-06-2022 15:32

LockBit ransomware gang promises bounty payment for personal data
The infamous ransomware-as-a-service group is offering money to researchers and hackers willing to share personal data for exploitation. The post appeared first on .
30-06-2022 15:31

قرآن - آیت : 77، سورة الْقَصَص : 28
اور جو (مال) تم کو خدا نے عطا فرمایا ہے اس سے آخرت کی بھلائی طلب کیجئے اور دنیا سے اپنا حصہ نہ بھلائیے اور جیسی خدا نے تم سے بھلائی کی ہے (ویسی) تم بھی (لوگوں سے) بھلائی کرو۔ اور ملک میں طالب فساد نہ ہو۔ کیونکہ خدا فساد کرنے والوں کو دوست نہیں رکھتا
30-06-2022 15:30

Quran - Verse : 77, Surah : Al-Qasas, Chapter : 28
But seek, through that which Allah has given you, the home of the Hereafter; and [yet], do not forget your share of the world. And do good as Allah has done good to you. And desire not corruption in the land. Indeed, Allah does not like corrupters."
30-06-2022 15:29

Critical ManageEngine ADAudit Plus Vulnerability Allows Network Takeover, Mass Data Exfiltration
An unauthenticated remote code execution vulnerability found in Zoho’s compliance tool could leave organizations exposed to an information disclosure catastrophe, new analysis shows.
30-06-2022 15:17

Token Raises $13 Million for Its Biometric Authentication Ring
Wearable authentication solutions provider Token this week announced that it has raised $13 million in Series B funding. To date, the company has raised $22.9 million. Led by Grand Oaks Capital, the investment round will allow Token to accelerate produc
30-06-2022 15:10

قرآن - آیت : 78، سورة الْقَصَص : 28
بولا کہ یہ (مال) مجھے میری دانش (کے زور) سے ملا ہے کیا اس کو معلوم نہیں کہ خدا نے اس سے پہلے بہت سی اُمتیں جو اس سے قوت میں بڑھ کر اور جمعیت میں بیشتر تھیں ہلاک کر ڈالی ہیں۔ اور گنہگاروں سے اُن کے گناہوں کے بارے میں پوچھا نہیں جائے گا
30-06-2022 15:08

Quran - Verse : 78, Surah : Al-Qasas, Chapter : 28
He said, "I was only given it because of knowledge I have." Did he not know that Allah had destroyed before him of generations those who were greater than him in power and greater in accumulation [of wealth]? But the criminals, about their sins, will not be asked.
30-06-2022 15:07

Diabetes Risk Calculator Spurs Prediabetes Action
People with prediabetes and assessed by their clinician with a Diabetes Risk Calculator were more likely to receive interventions, and less likely to develop diabetes during 1- and 3-year follow-up. First Look
30-06-2022 15:02

Cannabis Use Causes Spike in ED Visits
Data from a population-based study show an increase in all-cause emergency visits among cannabis users compared to nonusers.
30-06-2022 15:02

Vasectomy Requests Increase After Roe Ruling
"It was very, very noticeable Friday, and then the number that came in over the weekend was huge, and the number that is still coming in far exceeds what we have experienced in the past."
30-06-2022 14:59

FDA Warns of Increased Risk of Death With CLL, Lymphoma Drug
The FDA also noted a serious risk of side effects with duvelisib. The agency's warning letter closely follows the withdrawal of another PI3 kinase inhibitor.
30-06-2022 14:46

Pfizer Plans a Vaccine to Target All Coronaviruses
Pizer and its partner BioNTech announced plans on Wednesday to develop a vaccine that will work against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) and the entire class, or family, of related coronaviruses.
30-06-2022 14:36

New Report Raises Question: Can You Get COVID From Your Cat?
News that a veterinarian in Thailand was infected with COVID by a cat she was treating raises new questions about risk of animal-to-human transmission.
30-06-2022 14:33

Zero-Days Aren't Going Away Anytime Soon & What Leaders Need to Know
There were a record number of zero-day attacks last year, but some basic cyber-hygiene strategies can help keep your organization more safe.
30-06-2022 14:00

China lured graduate jobseekers into digital espionage
Student translators were targeted by front company for Beijing-backed hacking group APT40.
30-06-2022 13:49

Google Workspace Now Warns Admins of Sensitive Changes
Google this week announced that new warnings added in the Google Workspace Alert Center will keep administrators notified of critical and sensitive configuration changes.
30-06-2022 13:37

SOHO routers used as initial point of compromise in stealth attack campaign
The attack campaign, possibly state-sponsored, went undetected for nearly two years while targeting SOHO routers to compromise remote workers. The post appeared first on .
30-06-2022 13:35

قرآن - آیت : 5، سورة النَّازِعَات : 79
پھر (دنیا کے) کاموں کا انتظام کرتے ہیں
30-06-2022 13:33

Quran - Verse : 5, Surah : An-Nazi‘at, Chapter : 79
And those who arrange [each] matter,
30-06-2022 13:32

Can the Flu Vaccine Help Keep Older Minds Sharp?
Flu vaccination has been linked to a 40% lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease in older adults, according to a new study.
30-06-2022 13:20

Get 15 hours of basic cybersecurity education online for just $29
This bundle provides a strong overview of the cybersecurity field. The post appeared first on .
30-06-2022 13:00

SOHO Routers in North America and Europe Targeted With 'ZuoRAT' Malware
A remote access trojan (RAT) targeting small office/home office (SOHO) devices has remained undetected for nearly two years, according to security researchers with Black Lotus Labs, the threat intelligence arm of Lumen Technologies.
30-06-2022 12:31

UAE Blocks LGBTQ+ Products Listings On Amazon
LGBTQ-related products will no longer be listed on Amazon’s website in the United Arab Emirates. In a report…
30-06-2022 12:30

What Are the Benefits of a Fourth Vaccination Against COVID?
Immunity against new Omicron variants is getting weaker and weaker. Is another vaccination with the available vaccines worth it?
30-06-2022 12:17

قرآن - آیت : 26، سورة الْفَتْح : 48
جب کافروں نے اپنے دلوں میں ضد کی اور ضد بھی جاہلیت کی۔ تو خدا نے اپنے پیغمبر اور مومنوں پر اپنی طرف سے تسکین نازل فرمائی اور ان کو پرہیزگاری کی بات پر قائم رکھا اور وہ اسی کے مستحق اور اہل تھے۔ اور خدا ہر چیز سے خبردار ہے
30-06-2022 12:15

Quran - Verse : 26, Surah : Al-Fatah, Chapter : 48
When those who disbelieved had put into their hearts chauvinism - the chauvinism of the time of ignorance. But Allah sent down His tranquillity upon His Messenger and upon the believers and imposed upon them the word of righteousness, and they were more deserving of it and worthy of it. And ever is Allah, of all things, Knowing.
30-06-2022 12:14

Headed Back to the Water? Keep Swim Safety in Mind
Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death for children ages 1-4, with 425 such events in 2020, according to the CDC
30-06-2022 12:00

Feature: Securing the Metaverse and Web3
Type:  Story Image:  Link: 
30-06-2022 11:53

WHO Warns 'Sustained Transmission' of Monkeypox Risks Vulnerable Groups
The World Health Organization says 'sustained transmission' of monkeypox worldwide could see the virus begin to move into high-risk groups, such as pregnant women, immunocompromised people, and children.
30-06-2022 11:50

Severe COVID-19 in Chronic Liver Disease Linked With Cholestasis and Secondary Sclerosing Cholangitis
Severe COVID-19 increases the risk for cholestasis and secondary sclerosing cholangitis in patients with chronic liver disease, researchers say.
30-06-2022 11:42

Brocade Vulnerabilities Could Impact Storage Solutions of Several Major Companies
Broadcom revealed recently that some of the software provided by its storage networking subsidiary Brocade is affected by several vulnerabilities, and it seems possible that the flaws could impact the products of several major companies.
30-06-2022 11:42

Skull Lesions in Langerhans-Cell Histiocytosis Usually Resolve Without Treatment
Call it a case of where Voltaire was correct to say, 'The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.'
30-06-2022 11:40

Dua For Studying: For Exams, Memory, Success and Knowledge
Studying or seeking knowledge is one of the things that is often mentioned in the Holy Quran. One…
30-06-2022 11:31

After Childhood Cancer, Racial Minorities Face Worse Outcomes
Childhood cancer survivors from racial minority groups face increased risks of hospitalization for a range of physical and mental health conditions in the years after diagnosis.
30-06-2022 11:23

Vulnerability in Amazon Photos Android App Exposed User Information
Cybersecurity firm Checkmarx has published details on a high-severity vulnerability in the Amazon Photos Android application that could have allowed malicious apps to steal an Amazon access token.
30-06-2022 11:11

Protect your browsing for life with this innovative hardware
The Deeper Connect Mini Decentralized VPN & Firewall Hardware provides reliable and secure network connectivity worldwide. The post appeared first on .
30-06-2022 11:00

COVID Cases Spike in Americas, South America Worst Hit: PAHO
COVID-19 cases in the Americas rose about 14% last week from the previous one, with 1.3 million new cases and 4,158 new deaths reported, the Pan American Health Organization said on Wednesday.
30-06-2022 10:52

North Korea-Backed Hacking Collective Lazarus Group Suspected to be Behind Recent Harmony Bridge Attack
The notorious North Korea-backed hacking collective Lazarus Group is suspected to be behind the recent $100 million altcoin theft from Harmony Horizon Bridge. Last week Harmony confirmed that its Horizon Bridge, a platform that allows users to move crypt
30-06-2022 10:40

RSAC22 and Infosecurity Europe, Three Weeks, Two Events
In the last couple of years, events were taken online, moved to and conducted using social platforms via video set-up. Events became simpler to attend, but the individual component of the experience was missing – we all wanted to mix with our peers and
30-06-2022 10:33

قرآن - آیت : 63، سورة الْأَنْفَال : 8
اور ان کے دلوں میں الفت پیدا کردی۔ اور اگر تم دنیا بھر کی دولت خرچ کرتے تب بھی ان کے دلوں میں الفت نہ پیدا کرسکتے۔ مگر خدا ہی نے ان میں الفت ڈال دی۔ بےشک وہ زبردست (اور) حکمت والا ہے
30-06-2022 10:31

Quran - Verse : 63, Surah : Al-Anfal, Chapter : 8
And brought together their hearts. If you had spent all that is in the earth, you could not have brought their hearts together; but Allah brought them together. Indeed, He is Exalted in Might and Wise.
30-06-2022 10:30

Canadian NetWalker Ransomware Affiliate Pleads Guilty in US
A Canadian national has pleaded guilty in a United States court to charges related to his role in a cybercrime operation involving the NetWalker ransomware. Sebastien Vachon-Desjardins, 34, is a former Canadian government employee. He was previously sen
30-06-2022 10:20

Cyberattack Hits Norway, Pro-Russian Hacker Group Fingered
A cyberattack temporarily knocked out public and private websites in Norway in the past 24 hours, Norwegian authorities said Wednesday.
30-06-2022 10:18

A conversation with Andrew Clarke, Global Head of Channel and Strategic Alliances at One Identity
The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing work-from-home revolution has thrust identity management to the top of corporate agendas. As such, security professionals can no longer be satisfied with securing their perimeters, they now have to account for countless
30-06-2022 10:14

Walmart Denies Being Hit by Yanlouwang Ransomware Attack
The American retailer Walmart has denied being hit with a ransomware attack by the Yanlouwang gang after hackers claimed to encrypt thousands of computers. According to BleepingComputer, Walmart said that their “Information Security team is monitor
30-06-2022 10:11

YTStealer Malware Found to Steal Accounts From Creators
YTStealer, a new information-stealing malware, is targeting YouTube content creators and attempting to steal their authentication tokens and hijack their channels. Focusing on one goal has given YTStealer’s authors the capacity to make its token-st
30-06-2022 09:54

Diabetic Neuropathy Associated With Chewing Difficulty
Patients with diabetic neuropathy may have difficulty chewing, which may interfere with their ability to follow nutrition advice for optimal blood glucose control, a small study in Japan suggests.
30-06-2022 09:44

Get Mental Health Help in Your Rural Area
Finding mental health help can be harder in rural areas. Find out more about where to find resources.
30-06-2022 09:34

Costco 40th anniversary scam targets WhatsApp users
If the promise of a cash prize in return for answering a few questions sounds like a deal that is too good to be true, that’s because it is The post appeared first on
30-06-2022 09:30

Switch to Prasugrel Safe After PCI in East Asian ACS Patients
Dual antiplatelet therapy with prasugrel seemed as safe and effective as primary treatment and as a substitute for other P2Y12 inhibitors in a real-world Korean registry. First Look
30-06-2022 09:24

Cybersecurity leaders are anticipating mass resignations within the year
A new survey from Bridewell, a cybersecurity services company, found that 95% of respondents are experiencing factors that would make them likely to leave in the next 12 months. Of the 521 critical national infrastructure decision makers who were surveye
30-06-2022 09:09

قرآن - آیت : 27، سورة عَبَسَ : 80
پھر ہم ہی نے اس میں اناج اگایا
30-06-2022 09:07

Quran - Verse : 27, Surah : Abasa, Chapter : 80
And caused to grow within it grain
30-06-2022 09:06

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