Salutation to Generous One - The Muhammad

Oh my Master Allah, send Your salutations and blessings eternally Upon Your Beloved, the best of creation Muhammad (sallaLlaho alaihi wassallam) is the leader [as the Final Prophet and the best of creations] Of the two worlds, Of the universes, Leader also of the Arabs and the non-Arabs and their kin Beloved by Allah is he, Then we ask You to be pleased with Abu Bakr and 'Umar And Ali and Usman, the generous one and family of Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wassallam) Oh Master Allah, with the Chosen One, grant us our goals And forgive us for what has already passed, Oh Most Merficul One ================= la ilaha illaLlah (There is no god but Allah) He created the plants and trees He created the birds and bees He created the oceans and seas Some of His many bounties He made us on earth trustees To obey all His decrees Oh Allah have mercy please, Clean away our hearts disease Glorified is Allah in His loftiness We have no lord but He He exists before any existence He will forever exist after eternity Absolute is He above any limits Obligatory it is to prostrate to Him The Lord who bestows life He makes the wind and water surge His blessings are overflowing Successful is he whom He guides He gave the day and night He gave us our sense sight He created the sun so bright And the moon so pure and white He saved from our plight He led us towards the light He led us to the straight path Through his mercy and his might Lord of the earth and the sky Lord the mountains so high Lord of the day and the night Lord of joy and delight English lyrics: Bara Kherigi 2003 Awakening ================ o Allah, send your peace and blessings upon Muhammad sallalaho alaihi wassallam, the last prophet, and upon his family and companions.) o my Lord, My sins are like The highest mountain; My good deeds Are very few Theyre like a small pebble. I turn to You My heart full of shame, My eyes full of tears. Bestow Your Forgiveness and Mercy Upon me. Ya Allah, Send your peace and blessings On the Final Prophet, And his family, And companions, And those who follow him. Lyrics: Bara Kherigi 2003 Awakening