Mon 25 May 2009

See the video....

let me tell their story
that no one else can hear
how can someones laughter
brings me close to tears
and you will never know
cause you are never there
after what we have seen
can we close our eyes again

let me tell their story
you would not think it true
i have not forgotten
so i m sharing it with you
for all the things we know
what have we really learned
though i close my eyes
the images remain
and their story
begins again...

This is a true story
Films Chicken a la Carte by Ferdinand Dimadura

around the world, 25,000 people die of hunger

Think and do positive in your own capacity....It might will be questioned....




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6/19/2009 | Tony Phillips  United States
Wow, I never knew that Food Taste and Hunger. That's pretty interesting...
9/29/2009 | Bamboo Flooring Ideas  United States
It actually make my heart cry and let me realize and be thankful on the thing I have.  Thanks for sharing the video, it is really an eye opener for us, for every individual to be aware on what’s happening in the world and be mindful about the needs of others. Let us join and help together hand in hand.

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