IM, IA Steroid Injections Prove Noninferior in Knee OA
Intramuscular injections of glucocorticoids achieve a level of pain reduction similar to that of intra-articular injections in patients with knee osteoarthritis.
07-05-2021 14:31

Survey Offers Snapshot of Nationwide COVID-19 Discharge Practices
More than one-quarter of sites gave little or no guidance for clinical discharge criteria, while 14% gave very specific detailed algorithms.
07-05-2021 14:09

‘Ticks Surprise Us:’ 2021 May Be Big Lyme Disease Year
This winter was one of the warmest on record, and lingering summer heat could add weeks of outdoor activity to animals that carry ticks, which thrive in hot, humid conditions.
07-05-2021 13:58

Torsemide Over Furosemide as First-Line Loop Diuretic for HF
'One thing we do for no reason is use furosemide rather than torsemide as loop diuretic for patients with heart failure,' said an expert.
07-05-2021 13:58

Strategies to Turn the Tide on Racial and Gender Inequity
Dr Jorge Ganem believes we should approach gender inequities and racial disparities through a quality and patient safety lens.
07-05-2021 13:40

Hospitalist Leader on Post-COVID Approach to Career Advancement
Vineet Arora, MD, highlights the importance of trust, staying the course on projects, and the need for systemic change.
07-05-2021 13:36

New Oral Protein Shows Promise for Ulcerative Colitis
A recombinant anti-TNF alpha fusion protein showed safety and effectiveness in mild-to-moderate ulcerative colitis.
07-05-2021 13:26

Our Readers Respond: Require Doctors Be COVID-19 Vaccinated?
A WebMD poll and another from Medscape approach the same COVID-19 vaccination requirement question from different angles.
07-05-2021 12:57

WebMD Poll: Make COVID Vaccine Mandatory for Doctors?
Nearly two-thirds of WebMD readers who answered the poll questions say doctors and other health care professionals should be required to take the COVID-19 vaccine.
07-05-2021 12:45

Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer — Are Sugary Drinks to Blame?
A new analysis has found that two high-sugar drinks a day in young adulthood was associated with more than double the cancer risk before age 50.
07-05-2021 12:29

Studies Highlight Pandemic's Impact on Patients With RMDs
From the Europe-based REUMAVID study to the United Kingdom's CONTAIN study, some common themes are emerging, with lessons to be learned for future practice.
07-05-2021 12:13

Fear of Losing Health Insurance Keeps 1 in 6 in Their Jobs
A new Gallup poll reveals many Americans remain in jobs they'd rather leave -- simply because they don't want to lose their health insurance.
07-05-2021 11:42

A Simple New Definition for 'Metabolically Healthy Obesity'?
'Our new definition may be important not only to stratify risk of mortality in people with obesity, but also in people with overweight and normal weight,' say researchers.
07-05-2021 11:31

CBD for Severe Epilepsy Linked to Early Puberty in a 2-Year-Old
Cannabidiol, purchased online, has been linked to early puberty in a very young child with severe intractable epilepsy.
07-05-2021 11:21

FDA Panel Narrowly Backs Avacopan Approval
The FDA is mulling whether to approve avacopan for ANCA-associated vasculitis largely on the basis of a single trial about which the agency staff has concerns.
07-05-2021 11:15

Birth Control: Types and Considerations for Transgender and Nonbinary People
No matter where you are on the gender spectrum you could need birth control, especially if there’s a chance you could get pregnant and you’re not trying to. Learn about the types of birth control available and what might be best for you.
07-05-2021 10:37

What I Want You to Know About Living With HIV
Learn what people who are HIV-positive want you to know about the realities of living with the virus.
07-05-2021 10:36

COVID Testing a Windfall for Hospitals, Labs, and Others
As the pandemic enters its second year, no procedure has been more frequent than tests for the virus causing it. And it's serving as a financial bonanza for some.
07-05-2021 10:12

Hypertension Worsened by Commonly Used Prescription Meds
Nearly one out of five American adults with hypertension is on a prescription drug known to raise blood pressure, based on NHANES data.
07-05-2021 10:09

Structural Racism Tied to Psychosis Risk in Black People
Social and economic disparities are linked to a significantly increased risk for psychosis in racialized communities, new research shows.
07-05-2021 09:46

Woman Gives Birth to 9 Babies
'I'm very happy,' the woman's husband, Adjudant Kader Arby, told the BBC. 'My wife and the babies are doing well.'
07-05-2021 09:43

Exercise Plus Liraglutide Good for Weight Loss Maintenance
Reductions in both weight and fat loss seen with exercise and liraglutide was roughly twice as much as what was achieved at 1 year with liraglutide or exercise alone.
07-05-2021 08:54

Support Group for Asian Americans Uses Theater to Cope With COVID
An online, culturally based peer support group that uses theater and other creative outlets is helping Asian Americans cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, new research shows.
07-05-2021 08:08

Topol Talks: COVID-19 Variants Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty
Editor-in-Chief Eric Topol, MD, addresses the ability of current and future COVID-19 vaccines to combat SARS-CoV-2 variants and other obstacles to pandemic "containment."
07-05-2021 07:35

COVID-19 Confinement May Have Caused Myopia in Kids
The COVID-19 pandemic may have contributed to a myopia pandemic.
06-05-2021 20:36

COVID Delay of nAMD Treatment Less Harmful than Expected
Does this suggest that ophthalmologists are overtreating their patients?
06-05-2021 18:59

Infective Endocarditis With Stroke Post-TAVR: 'Dismal' Prognosis
The first study to focus on this complication in a large multicenter cohort has found that two thirds of patients die within a year.
06-05-2021 18:05

Majority of Parents Will Wait on Kids' COVID Vaccine
The survey, by the polling company Invisibly, asked 1258 parents about their thoughts on the COVID vaccine for their children.
06-05-2021 17:19

Better Access to Birth Control Boosts Graduation Rates
Research shows when access to affordable birth control increased rates of pregnancies and abortions also dropped.
06-05-2021 16:55

Endoscopic Device Could Expand GERD Treatment, Reduce PPI Use
In a sham-controlled trial, the GERD-X device had a short operation time and improved both symptoms and quality of life.
06-05-2021 16:16

Look Beyond Liver Biopsy for NAFLD Diagnosis
Researchers sought to compare characteristics of patients with NAFLD who were diagnosed using clinical criteria and those diagnosed via liver biopsy.
06-05-2021 16:15

COVID-Related Mental Illness Rises, Capacity to Treat Falls
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the percentage of Americans reporting symptoms of mental illness has significantly increased, and the capacity to treat these disorders has decreased, a new report shows.
06-05-2021 15:54

Survey: Parents to Wait to Get Kids’ COVID Vaccine
Three-quarters of parents don’t plan to vaccinate their kids against COVID-19 when the FDA gives the go-ahead for younger children, according to a new survey.
06-05-2021 15:45

Ventilated COVID Patient Gets Ivermectin After Court Order
The daughter of a 68-year-old woman, who has been in an Illinois ICU for a month, sued to get the controversial drug the FDA has warned against administered to her mom. A judge granted the family's wish.
06-05-2021 15:39

Mediterranean Diet Could Ward Off Dementia
A new study suggests a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, olive oil and fish may protect the brain from plaque buildup and shrinkage.
06-05-2021 15:17

Bar Owner Accused of Selling Fake Vaccination Cards
"It is disheartening to have members in our community show flagrant disregard for public health in the midst of a pandemic," Tori Verber Salazar, district attorney for San Joaquin County, said in a statement.
06-05-2021 15:17

Should COVID Shots for Teens Go to Developing Countries?
The move to immunize teenagers has spurred an ethical debate among medical professionals: Should those doses set for American teens go abroad instead?
06-05-2021 14:34

FDA OKs Upfront Pembro for Advanced HER2+ Gastric Cancer
The accelerated approval is for first-line use in combination with other agents for locally advanced unresectable or metastatic HER2-positive gastric or gastroesophageal junction adenocarcinoma.
06-05-2021 14:17

Pediatric Topics Cross Continuum of COVID-19
Risk stratification remains key in clinical decision-making.
06-05-2021 14:15

Improving Health Disparities by Acknowledging Structural Racism
'We have to get uncomfortable enough to advocate with urgency,' says Dr Kimberly D. Manning, professor of medicine and associate vice chair of diversity, equity, and inclusion at Emory University.
06-05-2021 14:15

School-Based Asthma Program Improves Care for Kids
Asthma care coordination for children can be improved through a school-based program involving the child's family and clinicians, according to new research.
06-05-2021 13:51

Prioritize Goals of Older Patients With Multimorbidities
When caring for older adults with multiple chronic conditions, prioritizing patient goals is more effective and efficient than trying to address each condition in isolation, said Mary Tinetti, MD.
06-05-2021 13:30

CDC Gives Guidelines for Simulated Cruise Ship Voyages
The guidelines outline all the requirements and recommendations for cruise ship operators to begin simulated voyages with volunteer passengers before they can restart restricted passenger services, the CDC said.
06-05-2021 13:15

CDC Sets Rules for Trial Cruises With Volunteer Passengers
The CDC action is a step toward resuming cruises in US waters, possibly by July, for the first time since March 2020. Associated Press
06-05-2021 13:13

Evidence or Anecdote: Clinical Judgment in COVID Care
Friendly debate emphasizes the need to weigh evidence for drug treatment of COVID-19.
06-05-2021 13:09

Should COVID Shots for Teens Go to Developing Nations?
The move to immunize U.S. teenagers has spurred an ethical debate among medical professionals: Should those doses set for American teens go abroad instead?
06-05-2021 13:08

Telemedicine Is a Tool — Not a Replacement for a Doctor's Touch
Many new types of telemedicine promoted by start-ups more clearly benefit providers' and investors' pockets, rather than yielding more convenient, high-quality and cost-effective medicine for patients.
06-05-2021 13:00

Diabetes, Weight Loss Drug Works Better With Exercise
A new clinical trial finds the weight-loss drug Saxenda helps keep extra pounds off, but combining it with exercise brings a bigger payoff.
06-05-2021 12:53

Police Violence Leads to High Anxiety for Black Americans
Survey participants had also witnessed community violence an average of more than 10 times during their lifetimes.
06-05-2021 12:32

Obesity Is Deadlier in Men With COVID-19 Than in Women
The association between obesity and in-hospital death, severe pneumonia, and intubation among those with COVID-19 increases with BMI; the link is stronger for men than women.
06-05-2021 12:26

No Extra Drop in AF Burden From Postablation Weight-Loss Program
Although weight loss may have benefited in one type of AF, tight risk-factor management in all patients, not just those assigned to intervention, may have blunted other outcomes differences.
06-05-2021 12:16

HIV Stress and Side Effects: What to Know
An HIV diagnosis will change your life. It brings with it both physical symptoms and emotional stress. But there are things you can do to take charge of your condition, manage your symptoms, and thrive.
06-05-2021 10:34

Do You Have an Addictive Personality?
WebMD explains what an addictive personality is and whether you might have one.
06-05-2021 10:07

Does Penis Enlargement Work?
Are there any treatments that give you a bigger penis? Learn more about penis pumps, penis exercise, penis surgery, and other techniques that promise to enhance size.
06-05-2021 09:36

Novel Drug Offers Rapid Relief From Agitation in Serious Mental Illness
An investigational, orally dissolving film formulation of dexmedetomidine may offer rapid relief of acute agitation associated with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, phase 3 data indicate.
05-05-2021 19:20

Formal Geriatric Assessment Should Be Routine
As the number of elderly patients with cancer continues to rise, primary care providers and community oncologists need to incorporate formal geriatric assessment into routine practice.
05-05-2021 17:59

Docs Mobilize Help For Indian Colleagues Affected by COVID Surge
Clinicians and healthcare workers from across the world are banding together to man hotlines, disseminate public health information, crowdfund equipment, and train young doctors.
05-05-2021 17:26

India Virus Variant Identified in Two Southeast Iowa People
A third coronavirus variant that was first identified in hard-hit India has been uncovered in Iowa, state public health officials said Tuesday. Associated Press
05-05-2021 16:36

Nutritional Support May Be Lifesaving in Heart Failure
Patients with high-risk chronic heart failure given individualized nutritional support in the hospital had lower mortality 30 and 180 days following discharge, a new analysis shows.
05-05-2021 16:25

Tofacitinib: Big Cutaneous Sarcoidosis Response in Small Study
"Not only did patients get better, but they were in many cases able to come off their baseline immunosuppressive regimen."
05-05-2021 16:16

Biden Wants 70% of the US Vaccinated by July 4
But demand for vaccinations is dropping fast. The CDC says that as of April 29, the 7-day average number of vaccinations was 2.6 million per day, down 10.7% over the previous week.
05-05-2021 15:57

Montana Tribe Gifts Vaccines to Neighbors Across the Border
The Blackfeet tribe in northern Montana provided about 1000 surplus vaccines last month to its First Nations relatives and others across the Canadian border. Associated Press
05-05-2021 15:48

Peloton, Feds Agree to Treadmill Recall
The recall of the Peloton Tread+ comes after a 6-year-old child was killed and after 72 reports of adults, children, or pets being injured.
05-05-2021 15:38

Pharma Company to Pay $12.6M to Settle Kickback Allegations
Government officials alleged that after the fund opened, Incyte used it to pay the copays of federal beneficiaries taking Jakafi who were ineligible for assistance from the fund. Associated Press
05-05-2021 15:21

COVID Shot in the Arm Not Enough to Keep Pharmacies in Business
Pandemic lockdowns exacerbated long-standing economic pressures on pharmacies — and forced many owner-operated shops to evolve or risk closing their doors.
05-05-2021 15:09

1 in 4 U.S. Teens Has Had a Concussion
More teens are self-reporting sports-related concussions, yet visits to the ER for these traumatic head injuries fell between 2012 and 2018.
05-05-2021 15:07

Painkillers: Warning Signs of Addiction
Many people worry that taking narcotic painkillers will lead to addiction. There are usually warning signs along the way, like the ones listed here.
05-05-2021 14:59

Hit by Higher Prices for Gear, Doctors Want Insurers to Pay
The costs of personal protective equipment and disinfecting offices while seeing fewer patients have some doctors and dentists demanding that insurance companies step up.
05-05-2021 14:51

N Carolina GOP Advances Bill to Ban Down Syndrome Abortions
North Carolina lawmakers on Tuesday advanced a bill to make it illegal for physicians to perform abortions because of the fetus' race or a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. Associated Press
05-05-2021 14:39

Neonatal Nurses, Doctor Help Woman Who Delivered Baby on Plane
"The great thing about this was the teamwork. Everybody jumped in together and everyone helped out," Dale Glenn, MD, said.
05-05-2021 14:36

For Diagnosing Skin Lesions, AI Risks Failing in Skin of Color
There has been "very little representation in darker skin types" in the machine learning algorithms developed so far.
05-05-2021 14:22

Marijuana Vaping More Common Among Hispanic Teens
Hispanic adolescents were more likely to use e-cigarettes to vape marijuana than were their Black and White counterparts in 2020, according to a recent CDC study.
05-05-2021 14:18

Guidance on Talking to Patients About COVID-19 Vaccines
The CDC, the AMA, the AAP, and other major organizations provide evidence on the most effective ways for healthcare providers to discuss COVID-19 vaccination with patients.
05-05-2021 13:59

COVID-19 Severity Starts in Normal BMI Range, Especially in Young
Increases in BMI, beginning in normal ranges, show a linear link to severe COVID-19 outcomes independent of obesity-related diseases, such as diabetes, and stronger among younger and Black people.
05-05-2021 13:53

Corticosteroid Bursts May Increase GI Bleeding Risk in Children
Oral corticosteroid bursts are associated with an increased risk of gastrointestinal bleeding, sepsis, and pneumonia during the month after treatment initiation, according to a cohort study in Taiwan.
05-05-2021 13:28

Study Looks at Diversity Among U.S. Surgeons
For the study, researchers analyzed data on more than 15,000 faculty in surgery departments across the United States between 2013 and 2019.
05-05-2021 13:00

'Malicious Peer Review' Destroyed Doc's Career, He Says
A longtime cardiothoracic surgeon is suing a Texas hospital after he says a sham peer review forced him out of practice.
05-05-2021 12:55

FDA Reviewers: Why We Are Against Approval of Aducanumab
Three members of an FDA advisory committee explain why they do not support approval of the Alzheimer's drug aducanumab.
05-05-2021 12:54

In-Hospital Glucose Management Program Gives Dramatic Savings
Standardized hospital-wide programs initiated at a small community hospital reduced hypoglycemia rates and cut insulin pen wastage, resulting in dramatic savings.
05-05-2021 12:53

Which Type of Long-Term Birth Control is Best for You?
Tired of taking birth control pills? There are lots of other contraception choices that need less action on your part and that you can stop at any time.
05-05-2021 12:36

Heart Disease Often Comes in Pairs
New research shows that if your spouse has heart disease you're likely at high risk for it, too.
05-05-2021 12:06

Who Can Call Themselves 'Doctor?' The Debate Heats Up
A new Medscape poll shows that most physicians -- but not nonphysician clinicians -- think using the title 'doctor' is appropriate but primarily in certain settings.
05-05-2021 12:00

Best 10 Skin Tag And Mole Removers
Skin tags and moles are natural skin growths that are very common. Skin tags are usually found in skin folds but can occur anywhere in the body.
05-05-2021 11:56

Progress Stalling on Malaria Elimination
A report from the WHO reports incomplete success.
05-05-2021 11:02

New Federal Program Reimburses Vaccine Administration Fees
Doctors who have vaccination administration claims denied by certain private insurers can apply to the government's Health Resources and Services Administration for reimbursement.
05-05-2021 10:58

Nearly 10 Million Cancer Screenings Missed During Pandemic
Researchers analyzed data on three types of cancer for which early screenings are most beneficial — breast, colon and prostate.
05-05-2021 10:48

Ohio Surgeon Who Wrote His Own Colorful Obituary Dead at 48
Thomas Flanigan, an Army veteran and married father of three, called himself the "Ginger God of Surgery and Shenanigans." Colleagues share fond memories.
05-05-2021 10:13

Insomnia? Referral, Drugs Not Usually Needed
The chronic condition is underrecognized and often misunderstood. But behavior modification works for most patients and doesn't drain primary care resources, an expert says.
05-05-2021 10:11

Checkpoint Inhibitor Skin Side Effects More Common in Women
A small review found a doubling of the odds, but reasons are unclear.
05-05-2021 09:40

When to Refer Patients With New Memory Loss
Asking how memory loss affects daily functioning and whether the patient has other symptoms can help determine whether neuropsychological testing is necessary.
05-05-2021 09:01

Medicare, Not AMA, Should Set Values for Primary Care Pay
An influential federal commission's wide-ranging report on primary care suggests that CMS develop its own method for assessing the value of clinicians' services and thus lessen its dependence on the AMA.
05-05-2021 05:33

Prominent Chinese Scientist Failed to Disclose Company Ties in COVID-19 Clinical Trial Paper
Last May, Nanshan Zhong published results from a clinical trial that tested whether a traditional Chinese medicine could be used to treat COVID-19 patients. Retraction Watch
04-05-2021 17:56

Restrict J&J COVID Vaccine in Women Under 50?
A new report from the CDC outlines 12 cases of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, 3 fatal, among those receiving the J&J vaccine. An editorial calls for its use to be limited to women over age 50.
04-05-2021 17:49

Text Reminders to Get Flu Shot Could Work for COVID-19 Too
Researchers add evidence to how effective texting reminders about flu vaccinations can be. Experts agree they could do the same for COVID-19.
04-05-2021 17:24

States Announce Reopenings, End of COVID Restrictions
As COVID-19 cases fall and vaccination numbers rise in the US, governors are making plans to reopen businesses, resume public transportation, and lift public health restrictions.
04-05-2021 16:34

Virus Cases Plunge and LA, San Francisco Come Back to Life
The state's signature cities are likely Tuesday to be the only major urban areas in the state to meet virus case thresholds for the least-restrictive tier. Associated Press
04-05-2021 16:31

Hemostatic Patch Cuts Radial Hemostasis Time by Half
Use was also associated with fewer complications, including radial artery occlusion and hematomas, and may streamline discharge after catheterization.
04-05-2021 16:23

Covid 'Doesn't Discriminate by Age': Cases Rising in Young Adults
With older adults vaccinated, doctors say a growing share of their COVID patients are in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s, as more contagious variants circulate among people who remain unvaccinated.
04-05-2021 16:21

US Sets Pandemic-era High for Air Travel, Over 1.6 Million
However, it was still 35% below the number of airport travelers reported on the comparable Sunday in 2019, according to TSA figures. Associated Press
04-05-2021 15:52

Weight Cycling Linked to Cartilage Degeneration in Knee OA
Patterns of significant weight loss and gain are associated with more cartilage and bone marrow edema degeneration in patients with knee osteoarthritis.
04-05-2021 15:51

source : webmd, medicaldaily, medscape