Few small games available for download/play from 2002


Play Mouse
Break the Bricks with the Ball. Don't let it drop.
Side Swipe

Play Mouse
Save your ball by moving side bars from using your mouse.

Play Keyboard
Use Space bar to rotate the Objects. Use Left / Right arrow key to move it, and downwards arrow to drop it faster.

Download chess.zip (442kb)

Champion Chess. - 1 of my favourite game. For Intellegent people.

Download pacman.zip (234kb)

Pacman. - 1 of my favourite game.

Download eggs.zip (252kb)

Eggs. - 1 of my favourite game.
Master Mind

Play Mouse
Match the sequence of colors and the ball by clicking on it!

Play Mouse
Juggle left and right with your mouse and bounce the ball back. If the ball drops you are out!

Play Mouse
Nice Bowling Game

For download chess,pacman and eggs, rightclick thumbnails (pics) and then click save target as.