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Fri 26 Dec 2008

Hum laye hain kashti ko toofaan say nikal kay... is mulk ko rakhna tum sambhal kay....

The great leader of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah - On this birth day...


I(Doc Kazi of flickr) got this rare photgraph from Mahmood on Victoria Road. He could not identify the others although the man in the center resembles the Nawab of Jungadh. The British General resembles Gen Musa. Mr Jinnah seems in a relaxed mood ostensibly with his favorite 'Craven A' cigarettes, which finally got him


In 1916, an even younger Mr Jinnah(in front center, mustachioed) presiding over a joint meeting of Indian National Congress and All India Muslim League.



Mayor of Karachi Hakim M Ahsan hosts a reception for the Governor General of Pakistan on Aug 25, 1947.


Quaid visiting PAF base Risalpur, 1947.






Quaid with Moutbaten


Quaid with Liaquat Ali Khan



Nawabzada Nasurallah escorts Mr. Jinnah





The Founder with Field Marshal Auchinleck


The Founder addresses the Muslim League Session, Allahabad 1942


Smiling Jinnah in Bombay



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